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“I'm flying back to Syria.” SMS of Vadim Arsentiev before trip to Aleppo

07/12/16 12:30, Bishkek – news agency, by Tatyana KUDRYAVTSEVA

Kyamal Baichorov and Vadim Arsentiev - best friends. They met on September 1, 1970 when went to the first class of school №6 in Frunze. The boys lived in the same neighborhood - near the hospital №1. All childhood and youth spent together.

"Vadim always studied very well, was one of the best students in the class. From childhood he was preparing himself to medicine, was going to enroll in the Military Medical Academy in Leningrad," Kyamal Baichorov said.


Vadim's dream came true. He became a doctor. For a long time he worked in the Far East, military doctor at Kamchatka. Then he returned to the Military Medical Academy and was changed the specialization, became a pediatrician.

"Now Vadim - doctor of sciences, professor. He loves his job. Vadim's son followed in the footsteps of the dad and graduated from the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, became a military physician," classmate of Vadim Arsentiev says.


In native Kyrgyzstan Vadim comes every two years. Here his mother lives. Always meets with classmates. Several times Vadim Arsentiev even participated in regattas in Issyk-Kul.


"On his work he spoke not much. When he came in August, said that he is flying to Damascus in June 2016. There he selected the Syrian children for treatment in St. Petersburg. In September, he had brought these children. This even was shown on television," Kyamal Baichorov says.

Again in the war zone in Syria the medic went on November 30. Then he wrote SMS message to friends: "I'm flying again." On December 5, we heard about the shelling of a military hospital in Aleppo. Classmates immediately got in touch with his brother. He confirmed that Vadim was there, and he is wounded.


"Vadim's Mom wasn't immediately informed about the incident. Yesterday I talked to her on the phone. Now Vadim's mother knows everything. Of course, she is upset, but not in a panic, she is receptive to the situation. It is a pity, of course, that it happened. But most importantly, that he is still alive," Kyamal Baichorov concluded.

On December 5 militants struck artillery attack on the Russian mobile hospital in Aleppo. As a result, two female medics were killed. Another doctor - chief pediatrician of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vadim Arsentiev has severely mine-explosive wound to the chest, head and limbs. He underwent surgery. He is in Moscow now. Doctors assess his condition as stable.

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