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March 2017

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Taxes.kg. How deputy assistants collect them

28/01/14 09:09, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Makhinur NIYAZOVA

Talents and abilities of the relatives and the Kyrgyz VIP persons never fail to amaze. Driver of one of them has supernatural skills, son of another is a genius, and all of the deputies' assistants or consultants are competent in all spheres. The last ones are often criticized for inflated number of assistants and consultants. Besides regular helpers, every parliamentarian has so-called social assistants. The society rightly wonders: what this horde of idlers is engaged in?

 For example, it was reported that in the last two years more than 50 assistants, consultants and advisers to the deputies could get a job in the State Tax Service out of competition. In 2012, 5 consultants and 17 assistants of parliament deputies have been appointed to various positions in the central office of the State Taxation Service and its subordinate structures, including regional ones. At least 35 people, including 19 assistants, 10 consultants and 1 advisor to members of the Parliament of the fifth convocation got job in the Taxation Service in 2013.

 According to the information, presented to 24.kg news agency, special talents of the right-hand men of deputies from all five parliamentary factions and three deputy groups have been discovered.

 SDPK faction deputy Akylbek Sultanov has the largest number of inside men - 5 assistants and consultants along with Nurbek Murashev from Respublika faction who has 3 of them in the State Taxation Service.

The leader of the Social Democrats Chynybay Tursunbekov, his fellow party members Abdymanap Kutushev and Yrgal Kadyraliyeva along with Akylbek Eshimov, Almazbek Baatyrbekov, Cholpon Sultanbekova , Abdyzhapar Bekmatov (Respublika faction), Zhyrgalbek Samatov, Nurgazy Aidarov, Abdymitalip Kochkorbayev, Kurmanbek Osmonov (Ata -Zhurt faction), Bakytbek Dzhetigenov (Ar-Namys faction), Kanatbek Isaev (Yntymak deputy group), Abdulatip Rezhavaliyev, Mirlan Bakirov (Onuguu deputy group) have provided with job two of their assistants each. Asylbek Zheenbekov, Bodosh Mamyrova, Ainuru Altybaeva, Baktygul Mamatov (Ar-Namys), Zhyldyzkan Dzholdoshova , Nadira Narmatova (Ata-Jurt), Malik Osmonov, Kenzhebek Bokoyev, Altynbek Sulaimanov, Nazarali Aripov, Elmurat Obdunov (Respublika), Turatbek Madylbekov, Raykan Tologonov, Saidulla Nyshanov, Akunaly Dosaliyev, Gulasal Sadyrbaeva, Gulniza Beyshenbaeva (Ata Meken), Elmira Imanaliyeva (Reform Uchun deputy group) -one of their assistants each.

 According to the country's chief taxman Iskhak Masaliyev, similar situation is observed in other departments and ministries. And he, as he said, is not happy about this, but can not do anything. "The state service law has such a provision, according to which the assistants and consultants of persons, holding political positions, are taken into state service without competition. Professional skills, of course, are taken into account: economic education, working experience and employment history are very important. However, it is very inconvenient for me as a manager. I stood for competition for all the candidates to the posts in the State Taxation Service," the STS head said.

 He also complained that "it is a requirement that he can not fulfill." "This is a loophole that was though up by the deputies themselves. In late 2013 I wrote an official letter to the Parliament about this problem that basically undermines equality in employment. The similar situation is in all state departments. As a Chief I am not satisfied with this norm and would welcome its abolition," Iskhak Masaliyev stressed.

 However the deputy Dastan Bekeshev believes that STS head plays cunning and such a situation is very profitable for him. "The legislation of Kyrgyzstan has no clear rules obliging the heads of state agencies to hire assistants, advisers and consultants of MPs and ministers without competition. The State service law really has a norm when assistants, advisers and consultants to the ministers and deputies may be appointed without competition. But this provision is not binding, and the head of STS can optionally oppose it," he explained.

 The MP does not exclude the fact that the heads of ministries and departments have their own interest. "This is connected with corruption and clannishness which exist in almost all state agencies. The fact, which was inadvertently revealed in the taxation service, proves once again that the legislation in the personnel system sphere needs reforms," Dastan Bekeshev added.

 The deputy supports abolition of this provision in the legislation in order everyone has equal rights in the personnel policy. However, will he be supported by his colleagues, particularly those, who have already provided not a single his assistant and consultant with posts in various state agencies? It is unlikely.

 Meanwhile, this fact should be recalled. It became known on New Year's Eve, that physicians of Bishkek ambulance station were left without salaries. Doctors, who are working in difficult conditions for miserable salaries, were calmly said: there is no money in the budget. Only after the intervention of the President's Office of the country the money for payment of salaries to doctors have been found.

 "There is no money in budget," in such a way the government and regional administrations cover their shortcomings and outright failures in their work. Subsidized settlements, state employees, socially vulnerable groups are usually queuing with outstretched hands in hope to get what they have to from the treasury​​. No money in the treasury. More precisely, there is some but a little. Taxes shortfalls could be mentioned as one of the reasons. The same parliamentary lobbyists, who are taking the various chief posts, are not able to perform their primary job - to collect taxes on time.

 What some Sagynbek Zheenbekov, one of the appointees of the Social Democratic Party member Akylbek Sultanov, appointed under the patronage of the head of STS department for Kara-Suu district, a former aide to "champion" can boast about? Or put in his office as assistant Uran Burkanov, assistant deputy of Respublika deputy Akylbek Eshimov?

 How much taxes has the assistant of Ata-Zhurt deputy Nadira Narmatova, acting head of the STS department for control over production and turnover of ethanol and alcohol products, Akylbek Karimov collected?

 And what for the son of the former favorite of the deposed president Abibulla Abdugaparov (former first deputy Prosecutor General under Kurmanbek Bakiyev) - Avazbek Abdugaparov who is the assistant of Akylbek Karimov? He is, incidentally, an assistant of the deputy Zhyldyzkan Dzholdoshova.

 All these 53 assistants and consultants of MPs got cushy jobs - all of them now are senior or chief inspectors, heads , deputy chiefs, and at least heads of STS system sectors.

It should be said that in 2013 the STS has collected only 33.4 billion out of predicted 40,426 billion soms, according to January-November data. In December, answering the questions of  24.kg news agency, head of the revenues and declarations processing department of STS Chinara Mamyrbaeva said that "loss of revenues to the state treasury in 2013 exceed 2 billion soms."

 Results of work of other state departments are not much better. Take the same State Service for Economic Crimes Control, where, as the media previously stated, the MPs have a lot of aides and advisers. As a result, the new financial police today have become the most useless law enforcement agency.

 It is naive to hope that a bad practice to employ relatives, friends, fellows, fellow villagers in state offices, regardless of their professional skills, will end. And if they are indeed a genius, let them get the state posts through competition - to show themselves in all their glory during the preliminary selection.

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