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March 2017

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How Head of State Registration Service was elected

25/02/14 15:10, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Julia KOSTENKO, Darya PODOLSKAYA

The decision of Ar-Namys faction to choose from the bunch of doubtful candidates for the post of the Head of State Registration Service instead of Askar Torobayev his brother Bakyt Torobayev from "Onuguu-Progress" Deputy Group was unexpected, especially for the Leader Felix Kulov himself.

Previously 24.kg news agency reported that this post was predicted to the policeman Sultan Alchikenov. Among the favorites there were also Alina Shaikova, the consultant from one of the international projects, previously worked in Infosistema State Enterprise. Torobayev was in the list of knock-out candidates. He even was supposed to take rejection. The members of the faction even didn't hide that the third son of flour king of Jalal-Abad province gives $10,000 to each deputy (according to other sources, $5,000) in the hope of support. But Torobayev, of course, denies this information calling it a rumor.   

Shortly before the beginning of candidates presentation hearing, Ar-Namys faction members, having turned journalists out of doors, assembled the meeting. According to the shouts bringing out of tightly closed doors, it was clear that there is no agreement between the Parliament members. The deputies went out of the hall, talked with each other, whispered with candidates, waiting for reception over and over again.

The first to lose his nerve was Kanybek Imanaliyev. He announced to journalists that he won't participate in this show and won't vote. "For the last two years three executives of the Register State Service had changed and this fact doesn't do credit to Ar-Namys faction." The question on appointment of the State Registration Service Chairman rouses censure in society. The first chairman Emil Aliev as the person who made a lot for the party, resigned voluntarily. Erlan Saparbaev, appointed by Felix Kulov, was fired on the initiative of the leader of the faction. We even didn't hear his report on executed work," Kanybek Imanaliev said.       

As the member of Parliament notes, "by its ambiguous activity, the State Registration Service compromised itself and became one of the most corrupted bodies in the state." "Citizens can't get their passports in time, but only several people make profit on it. It casts aspersion on the faction. Our protégé has short-sold us twice. We, in our turn, short-sell our voters. I call on my colleagues not to make the same mistake in third time," Kanybek Imanaliev added.  

"According to the Article 89 of the Constitution, appointment and dismissal of chairmen of administrative departments is under the Prime Minister's competence; I suggested deputies to give opportunity to the head of the government to choose the candidate on the post of the State Registration Service Chairman. Besides, the Chairman of the State Registartion Service must be professional with spotless reputation, who is ready to take political responsibility for irreproachable work and be able to bring discipline in the whole structure, to streamline the workflow and transfer functions on vehicles and drivers registration back to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But my suggestion wasn't supported by colleagues, that's why I refused to participate in this voting," the official concluded.     

However, criminal cases are initiated against 6 out of 16 candidates. Having scared for their tainted reputation, they stand down their candidacies. So, Abdirasul Akmatov, Kubanychbek Mambetaipov, Eldiyar Ubaliev, Almazbek Karabalaev, Nurkamil Madaliev withdrew their candidacies. Lately, probably, having talked with the deputies, Abdirasul Akmatov changed his mind and again threw hat in the ring, hoping that Ar-Namys members will support him.    

In lobbies of the Parliament 24.kg news agency reported that the deputy from the faction Anarbek Kalmatov persuaded another candidate Eldiyar Ubaliev who also stood down his candidacy into participating in elections and promised to vote for him. Note that Ubaliev executes duties of the head of the Service and that allegedly there is incriminating evidence against him. 

Before the hearing of candidates' reports, Felix Kulov, having realized that he won't be able to carry his ticket - Sultan Alchikenov, he said to the journalists that "someone is preparing fracture of the faction" and was indignant at the members of his parliament unit are suspected in fund raising from the candidates. "The deputies had questions to the candidates. Now we will give them opportunity to justify themselves. The decision to hold transparent elections of the Head of the Service led to certain insinuations towards the faction. There was information that somebody raises funds. This theme was discussed in closed meeting. Because of that reason Eldiyar Ubaliev stood down. The candidates are outraged at such rumors. I had to call everyone and hold negotiations. It happens because everyone is fed up by the corruption system. Good intentions are presented in shadow light. We also discussed direct appointment in the State Registration Service. The more we open the more hatred we receive. One of the candidates brought public members. They walked about the cabinets and blamed in bribery. They tried to enter my cabinet too. I agreed to meet on one condition - if the candidate stands down," he said.        

Having frightened the former state secretary of dissolved State Agency for Information Resources and Technologies Almazbek Karabalaev also stood down. He said that journalists bad mouthed him on purpose. Although Media Outlet just published data of Accounts Chamber. According to the results of audit, Karabalaev was proved guilty in "connivance". But he didn't provide weighty arguments to rebut Accounts Chamber's data, having made only a statement that "it's all not true." At the same time he is afraid of be hit by the brick and unknown people will write bad words on his car's hood. Who threats him and for what he didn't clarify. It seemed to him that he was pursued and threaten. But who needs retired mid-level official, who didn't show himself, is still unclear.          

Those who performed at the meeting, Ar-Namys members listed in the so called state personnel reserve. Regardless of tainted reputation of several candidates (for example, Salmoorbek Dyikanov with his nationalistic outlook) or the brother of one deputy Azamat Arapbaev - Erkin, who confessed that he doesn't know anything about the Register State Service and if he or other deputies won't like anything, he is ready to resign.    

Tribal relations drew attention during the contest. It is referred to two ladies, applying for the post of the Head of the Register State Service - Alina Shaikova and Ainagul Chylabaeva. The last arranged a catfight. After the session of the faction, when her members left for voting she began to argue with Alina Shaikova.

Ainagul Chylabaeva came to the contest by family contract. Her son, Rakhatbek Mamaev also runs for the post of the Head of the Register State Service. 

Now several words about the voting and its results that showed once more that Felix Kulov doesn't have authority among members of his faction, who prefer money then "own" faction. The head of the faction wanted Sultan Alchikeev become the Head of the Register State Service. But the most voted for Askar Torobaev. 

As it is said in lobbies, the Torobayev's clan was generous and spent a lot of money for advancement of their relative. However, Kulov prefers not to admit the fact of bribing of his deputies, trying to assure journalists that they are weak and have weakness for promises. "I don't think that they took money. There is something else," Felix Kulov continues to persist.   

Not expecting such results, members of Ar-Namys faction, at the last moment decided to outwit and sent three more candidates for approval of the Prime Minister Zhantoro Satybaldiev - Alina Shaikova, Dair Kenekeev and Sultan Alchikenov.

Now it is the problem of Prime Minister. 

URL: http://eng.24.kg/parliament/170514-news24.html
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