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March 2017

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Opposition.kg. Cold shower

27/02/14 11:53, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Asel OTORBAYEVA

New opposition movement of Kyrgyzstan represented itself yesterday in Bishkek. There wasn't special announcement, but a lot of journalists arrived in Ak-Keme hotel. They'd like to hear first hand what other opponents of another power would tell to people.

A lot of guards provided extraordinary security measures. The organizers of the event explained to journalists that it was made for prevention of possible provocations. However there weren't any provocations as well as sensations. Innovation wasn't noticed. Well-known to everybody people appeared on the foreground. The leader, as  known, was announced  the MP Ravshan Zheenbekov.      

As all previous oppositions, present one chose traditional victim - president. Only the name changed. Now it is Almazbek Atambayev. He was accused that he "ruined" parliamentarianism in Kyrgyzstan.    

According to Ravshan Zheenbekov and his new old associates, the present president uses state media sources as privates ones, appointed associates and friend for key posts, supports policy of Bakiyev, transfers the sovereignty of the country to Kremlin, selling off all strategic objects.   

According to him, the opposition is going to strengthen parliamentarianism, to fight for establishment of true democracy, decentralization of power and making reforms. He also promised that in the nearest future the new opposition will represent an alternatiuve strategy of the country's development.   

Then all wishing to speak formed a queue. After all, only former officials and deputies comprised new opposition. They are gracefully represented to public - the leader of this or that party, public figure, civil activists, famous political scientists... But journalists saw former deputy minister of internal affairs, former public prosecutors and deputies, other persons, who lost their posts. There wasn't anyone who served to the country consciously and for many years, though following own or romantic ideology, without portfolio and mandates. There aren't such people in new opposition membership.     

Kubanychbek Kadyrov, Azimbek Beknazarov, Omurbek Suvanaliev, Ramazan Dyryldayev, Tursunbek Akun, Talant Mamytov - they all now with prefix "ex".

Nobody of them and even Ravshan Zheenbekov himself couldn't persuade journalists in significance and sincerity of the proclaimed aims neither previously, nor at their first open meeting.

The main reason which induced the backbone enter the opposition remain the same - to get in power again. Opposition leader says: our main goal - to obtain power. Then there is a necessary set of loud promises about decentralization, real democracy...  

Of course, those experts, who note that April events as March of 2005, didn't reach its aim, are right. Kyrgyzstan as before has stable government form, solution of state tasks and "development" of economy, which were set by the first ousted president Askar Akayev.

As before we have tribal relation at the fore, lobbying of one's own by degree of confidence, promotion of affiliated companies and businessmen.  

Perhaps, we can add one "innovation" to this bunch - now it is accounting of party affiliation. But as far as potential majority of political organizations are parties of one leader and their reinforcement - come-and-go people or countrymen, we may not speak about the quality of execution or reforms promoting. Everybody understands that Kyrgyzstan needs opposition. But nevertheless opposition should be of high-quality. It is traditionally formed of offended retired servicemen.

Only naïve romantics far from insidious and cynic intrigues may wait for a progress from such opposition. The official authorities respond to their opponents in the same way - insidiousness and intrigues. Thus, the first and the second parties communicate in their "native language". Both parties need people exclusively in the role of extra. Well, how without slogans about the aspirations of people? It is always a good screen. Safe one.     

But it remain unclear why the initiator of a new opposition Ravshan Zheenbekov, worrying for the future of parliamentarianism which can face "authoritarianism of Almazbek Atambayev", doesn't fulfill his direct duties in the Parliament. The Lord himself has commanded to use a tribune for specified purpose in the country with parliamentary form of government, where deputies are authorized with powerful mandates. Is it crowded for Ravshan Zheenbekov in debating chamber? Or great political game on preemptive tactic started? Or auction?

After all, it is more logical to convince his fellow parliamentarians to voice criticism of the authorities. Why there, in the Parliament, the MP Ravshan Zheenbekov couldn't say straight to the MP Omurbek Tekebayev that, in reality, there isn't parliamentarianism in the country? Scary? Yes, scary. Opposition got used to gathering in the streets. It is so effective.  

However, surely, new opposition felt that the gathered journalists took presentation of the movement without much enthusiasm. As a cold shower for Ravshan Zheenbekov and his partners was inappropriately sounded statement by former Foreign Minister Alikbek Dzhekshenkulov. He said to journalists that he didn't even think to enter the opposition. The only term to join the ranks is the own leadership. Alikbek Dzhekshenkulov isn't ready to share leadership with Ravshan Zheenbekov. After two hours the other former official - general of special service Atrur Medetbekov stated about his withdrawal from the opposition.         

According to him, during preliminary meetings and negotiations "initiators of the union assured that new opposition will not have members of interjacent government." "However they didn't uphold his promise. Today we knew that new opposition movement has in its membership those who are responsible for tragic events of April and June 2010. I and the People's Democratic Party are going to leave opposition movement," Artur Medetbekov stated the day before.  

As previously, there isn't consent in the opposition. The same Artur Medetbekov left it after several days when it declared about itself. Only Azimbek Beknazarov, who has like a hobby of being an opponent and Ravshan Zheenbekov himself, will remain in the opposition at this way.

New oppositionist Melisbek Myrzakmatov and amateur of parkour Kamchybek Tashiyev didn't appeared at the opposition presentation for unknown reasons.    

Ravshan Zheenbekov couldn't tell about the planned reforms in details, just announcing a number of clichés. Her explained that the new opposition movement has been just created, but later they will certainly form a program and clear explanations.  

As usual he charged all journalists, who dared to criticize him for his previous "exploits" in writing of ordered articles. The Deputy is sure that all this is "creativity" is the work of the White House. Of course, Ravshan Zheenbekov didn't present any facts. He has rather poor informationwith facts and arguments at all. But nevertheless journalists hope that Ravshan Zheenbekov will have enough courage and will honestly say why he couldn't resist mass sale of hundreds of public facilities for cheap to private hands. In this concrete case it is difficult to accuse media sources in some "order". Because of course not journalists screw arms of the Chairman of the State Property Fund.        

...In the period when the first ousted president of the country Askar Akayev tasted all flavors of power, the opposition, which also consisted of retirees, spoke about its main error - choice of this man as the leader. The story repeated in times of Kurmanbek Bakiyev. And it repeats at present too. The third round. Perhaps, Kyrgyzstan doesn't need opposition, which makes mistakes all the time? Maybe, an inflow of new, renewed forces having moral right to oppose authorities, is really necessary?   

URL: http://eng.24.kg/economics/170147-news24.html
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