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March 2017

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How deputies share out government…

03/04/14 10:45, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Darya PODOLSKAYA, Aizada KUTUEVA

Having disintegrated the fourth coalition, 11 days after handing over a mandate to the Social Democratic Party, the deputies formed a new - the fifth one. Its members became, as in the former one, the Social Democratic Party, Ata Meken and Ar-Namys. Respublika and Ata-Zhurt remained in opposition.

Following the main Respublika's member Nazarali Aripov, only eight people agreed to enter into another configuration, while there are 23 MPs in the faction. But the majority beforehand dispersed into deputy's groups, which are prohibited to join the parliamentary majority according to the Constitution and regulations.

As for Ata-Zhurt, its deputies were prohibited to join the coalition threatened with expulsion from the party of Kamchybek Tashiev, about what he officially notified the leader of the faction Myktybek Abdyldaeva.

So, the coalition is established. Ata-Meken faction nominated Dzhoomart Otorbayev as a single candidate for the post of prime minister. He was supported by the parliamentary bloc without any formalities and scandals. And so, the most favorite thing starts - sharing out of ministerial portfolios.

At first, SDPK, Ar-Namys and Ata Meken carried out the reshuffle on quotas for the first tier of the government. Social Democrats got the first Deputy Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs. And Ar-Namys - the Deputy Prime Minister for Security, Law Enforcement and Borer Issues and the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs. The position was offered to Valery Dil. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, as well as the State Registration Service remain up to fraction. Plus, the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism was added to the list.

Socialists remained with their previous quotas. Omurbek Tekebayev seemed to be immodest to ask for some other departments. "We will keep all the structures previously provided to us - the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Justice. We aren't going to replace previously recommended ministers - Kalykbek Sultanov (Ministry of Transport), Kudaibergen Bazarbaeva (Ministry of Social Development) and Almambet Shykmamatova (Ministry of Justice)," Tekebayev stated.

But well-known for their penchant for constant replacements, the members of Ar-Namys showed no such loyalty. The Parliament told 24.kg news agency, deputies began to claim for themselves the warm profitable places in the composition of the Cabinet at the closed session in the office of Felix Kulov. So Abdyrakhman Mamataliev at first saw himself as the Head of the Ministry of Economy (instead of Temir Sariyev), but then changed his mind: there was a good appetite, and he begged the portfolio of the Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs. Earlier on this position was held by Tokon Mamytov.

Heated debate raged around the candidacy of Kamila Talieva. She still managed to remove the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs from the post. But this lady's promotion to the Head the Ministry of Culture, caused outrage not only among the deputies, but also the general public. "I have not seen more uncultured person than Talieva,"Ainuru Altybayeva stated and asked to consider a separate "look morale" of the former colleagues.

Other coalition partners didn't welcome this initiative. "But if the prime minister doesn't agree with any of the proposed candidates, he can put a veto. According to the coalition agreement, he is granted such a right," the leader of Ar-Namys Felix Kulov said to 24.kg news agency.

On the verge of becoming the PM Dzhoomart Otorbayev, known for his softness, hastened to declare that he would not use his allotted veto and will work with those that the Parliament members graciously slipped to him.

Answering questions of 24.kg news agency, Dzhoomart Otorbayev assured that Kamila Talieva is not as terrible as painted. He also noted that he is optimistic about the official, who was entrusted with the country's culture, tourism and information policy.

"Journalists shouldn't fear an attack on freedom of speech. I do not think she (Kamila Talieva - 24.kg news agency note) has any plans to tighten control over the media," the future Prime Minister said.

Dzhoomart Otorbayev - is a great optimist and romantic. Apparently, he doesn't mind that in the short term at the post of vice-premier this lady managed to replace a dozen of assistants, seven secretaries and several drivers. Clerks simply refused to work with her because of emotionality and her exorbitant requirements not related to direct responsibilities of assistant, secretary and a driver.

The scandal ran high in SDPK within the allocation of seats within the Cabinet. The day before the Social Democrats chose candidates for the post of the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs. The member of SDPK faction in Bishkek City Council Elvira Sarieva was recommended for the position of the latter. There weren't debates concerning her candidacy. But when there was a discussion of candidates for the seat of the first vice-premier - Tayirbek Sarpashev or Osmonbek Artykbaev - worthier, more skilled and honest, the deputies nearly came to blows. Eventually they chose Sarpashev.

But the colleagues didn't listen to the exhortations of their young colleague Daniyar Terbishaliev that they shouldn't admit to power the officials having relatives-businessmen in order to prevent joining of a public servant with private capital.

"I meant all officials, without exception. It's no secret that the Minister of Transport and Communications (Kalykbek Sultanov) owns the Vanguard Style Company, which builds multi-storeyed buildings. I also know that she it involved in the construction of schools at state money. A certain commission was formed in relation to the Deputy Prime Minister Tayirbek Sarpashev. His family owned a network of Gradient companies. The former Head of the State Construction Committee Narbaev owns construction LLCs. The Acting Minister of Energy and Industry Osmonbek Artykbaev owns pharmaceutical company and a network of Neman pharmacies. There are a lot of those who use the official position, but it is difficult to prove," Daniyar Terbishaliev explained.

He added that the officials' family-owned companies often win tenders, that generates systemic corruption. "We need to create a commission before approving new cabinet involved in business. We must give full details of the property and determine whether there were facts of winning tenders," Daniyar Terbishaliev said.

The same Sarpashev's Gradient, as the parliamentary commission established, won a lot of tenders after its owner took the position of the member of the government.

As a result, the coalition formed a government. Its composition (except for a few positions) remained unchanged. And the structure has not changed. But judging by the way how the candidates and seats were selected and battles for quotas, a new alliance with a pompous title "For strengthening of statehood" pointedly ignored the recommendation of the President of the State to abandon the trade of posts and made the process of forming the Cabinet into the fascinating auction.

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