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March 2017

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Different programs, the same life 

09/04/14 14:00, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anastasia BENGARD

New appointed officials first of all start from visiting entrusted estates. So did the Mayor Kubanychbek Kulmatov, who decided to visit districts of the capital after almost 3 months after his appointment. Sverdlovskiy district was the first in the list. Another visit was yesterday. 

Every new mayor feels Bishkek in his own way. Personal view, and, more precisely, fantasies (because their view of the future usually stay in dreams), they write on the paper under high-flown titles. The program "My favorite city!" appeared several years ago. But officials couldn't realize it because of changes in the strategy for the country's development.      

However, nobody deprived the skills of writing. And then the Mayor's Office worked out the new program of development for 2009-2012 - "Renewed capital". They promised to build 7 schools and 10 kindergartens; to improve sanitation of Bishkek by increasing a number of street cleaners and purchasing new equipment for street cleaning in three years. It was planned to open museum of the city, zoo and even planetarium in order to improve the capital's image.

 But none of it was fulfilled. Schools and kindergartens are still overcrowded. And complaints about Tazalyk, responsible for cleanness of Bishkek, don't become less. It should be noted that tragic events of 2010 had an impact on implementation of the document. It wasn't the matter of development. Thus, this ambitious document was forgotten. At the end of 2012 another program for 2012-2014 was adopted, the name of which was more humble - "Social and Economic Development".         

The City Development Agency told 24.kg news agency about implementation of plans for 2013. "Overall, according to the results of the last year, the implementation of the plan can be estimated by 85 percent. From the planned 63 activities, 32 were implemented, 26 - not fully. The Concept of Bishkek Culture Development for 2012-2014 wasn't approved, the replacement of medium pressure gas pipeline in the area from the street Fuchika up to Biofabrica (Novopavlovka village) wasn't carried out, "Scheme of Utilities" project and conditioning of urban area wasn't worked out, as well as the development of new routings for implementation of municipal order. All this was connected with absence of funding from local and national budgets, as well as shortage of attracted funds," the agency explained. 

"In general it was supposed to finance 46 activities, totaling 3,253.4 billion soms. The monitoring showed: implementation comprised 3,153.4 billion or 97 percent of the provided means. The local budget financed 99.3 million soms (77 percent); state budget - 163.1 million (61 percent) and attracted funds - 2.8 billion soms," the agency noted.

The "great work on reconstruction and construction" of 36.7 km of city roads was taken into account. In 2013 on these purposes 1.32 billion soms were drawn, 1.1 billion of them were attracted from Turkish credit. Several items were considered to be implemented, including autumn weekly fairs on realization of agricultural production at prices below the market. Advantages included "Festival of Flowers and  "Bouquet to beloved city" Flower Arrangement" where 30 businessmen cultivating and selling flowers participated." It was held in the framework of the City Day. Very meaningful event, isn't it? One more implemented point is in "sectoral structure of economy" - "In order to help consumers and business entities 500 pieces of information leaflets on the main articles of the Law "On Protection of Consumers Rights, which distributed to urban services, schools, universities and other organizations were made for borrowed funds."

Kubanychbek Kulmatov rid us of thoughts how to implement the rest of the plan for 2014 and to improve life of citizens. Traditionally after election of a new mayor, the new program titled "The City of open opportunities" was worked out. Almost three month the mayor's office sweated over the document and recently has presented it for the public. After detailed examination the deputies should submit the strategy to approval at the session. 

After presentation the deputies had 2 main questions - how much the realization of the project for 2014-2018 will cost and which structure the mayor's office will have? The latest one is still being worked out. But even journalists didn't receive the answer on the first question. However, Kulmatov is sure: if the city council gives opportunity to businessmen and citizens to realize their potential, the city will get the biggest reserve which hasn't been used till today.    

So, what will be with Bishkek in 2018? This is "the city of open opportunities, where citizens, in partnership with the city government, create a comfortable living environment, it is the city with a dynamic economy and efficient management." "The main goals of future image: Bishkek - safe, comfortable and successful city" the developers of the document noted. "Safety living includes a favorable social climate, low level of threats to public health, trust and tolerance. The Mayor's office and citizens take responsibility for social, personal and environmental safety in the city. State and municipal law enforcement bodies together with public and non-governmental organizations protect peace and order citizens and guests of the capital. Interested citizens will have an opportunity to actively participate in the maintenance of public order and supervise the activities of sanitary epidemiological services of the city," they were dreaming.

To reach the direction of "Safe City" a number of priorities are issued, including activities to promote national teams, use the Internet to generate inquiries from citizens on matters of public safety, to implement a unified surveillance system for crime prevention and strengthen the evidence base. And also create a single call-center emergency for residents and guests of the capital through the reforming of the service 185.

"Comfort of life depends on the quality of the urban environment, which should be adapted for city residents. By 2018, Bishkek will be the city that attracts by comfortable environment, unique appearance and quality of life. Public areas (parks, squares, avenues) in collaboration with initiative citizens will develop into public spaces, aimed at the development of urban culture. Public and private partnership will provide a high level of service and comfort to people of all sections of life in all districts," they promise to citizens.

And success will be the new multibrand of the city. "Bishkek opens broad prospects for enterprising people who are ready to realize personal abilities for successful careers and professional activities. By 2018 Bishkek will become center of attraction of residents investing their time and resources for the benefit of the city. Live and invest in the development will be prestigious and profitable for global and domestic business elite," the authors of the program say.

To reach your destination "Comfortable City" also key challenges are identified. This is "improvement of the transport system, the development of public spaces, green areas, restoration and development of urban culture, politics and visual policy and single architectural concept of the city."

And what? One can only dream that none of the residents and guests will litter, be rude, steal, rob and kill. Careless developers will stop building up playgrounds, sidewalks, sanitary zones. Drivers of minibuses will stop drive fast on city roads, mangling health of dozens or even hundreds of passengers. Drivers, bureaucrats first of all, won't park their cars on sidewalks and lawns. Kulmatov promised them underground parking space. According to him, the project is already being working out. "Light-rail surface metro" we have already been promised, now lets listen about underground parking. And all this will be possible in four years only!

We have a little left to do. "As soon as possible we must reformat the activities of Mayor's office, the mayor said. We need to create a system that is aimed at the develop." It is noted that the existing control system doesn't comply with the general trends of the country development.

Familiar words. Back in June 2009 (!)it was said about the need "to reform the governance of Bishkek in accordance with the requirements of the time." It was discussed at a meeting with the President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Prime Minister Igor Chudinov, when mayor of that time of Bishkek Nariman Tyuleyev presented the "Renewing the capital" project.  

Whether "the control system" is changed so often or it is so difficult to implement it that problem is on the agenda all the time. On the other hand, each new mayor has something to say in his new city development program. But if Bishkek residents see declared development themselves? Or the programs are new, but the living conditions are the same?

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MP Kamchybek Joldoshbayev at a meeting of Parliament, February 2, 2017.

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