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March 2017

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How many deputies are necessary for happiness? 

27/03/14 11:23, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Tatyana KUDRYAVTSEVA, Eleonora SAGYNDYK kyzy

The Kyrgyz Parliament continues consultations on formation of the majority coalition. Ata Meken and Ar-Namys factions have already declared about their readiness to enter the bloc. However, the MP from Ar-Namys Dastan Bekeshev on his page on social networks stated: "16 people are setting the tone in the Parliament. And 25 - just pawns in someone else's game, because of infidelity to principles of some of them."

24.kg news agency decided to find out why such a small country like Kyrgyzstan needs 120 MPs. How justified are the huge cost of maintaining people's choices in the budget deficit? How justified are the huge costs of maintaining of people's deputies in the budget deficit?

Dastan Bekeshev, the Deputy of the Kyrgyz Parliament:

-I have been misunderstood. In my blog I meant 16 MPs of Ata-Meken faction. They all decided to leave the coalition in advance. They are on velvet. Well, the Social Democrats, of course, in any case, will win. But it is unclear under what conditions Ar-Namys to be included in the coalition.

Back to the question about the number of deputies. 120 MPs in Kyrgyzstan - is it much of little?

- I would not begin to think about it now. The Constitution has a fixed number of deputies until at least 2020. When this period comes, then it will be possible to draw any conclusions and reason.

Lira Usubalieva, the Chairwoman of the "Lustration People's Movement" Public Association:

- Of course, a lot. The Parliament operates inefficiently. They have dismissed the Government twice. So, today we have organized a peaceful rally. We passed the deputies appeal demanding to adopt a law on lustration as soon as possible. When each candidate for deputies or ministers shall pass through it, then we can talk about the quality of work. Current work of the MPs is ineffective. There are really too much of them. They admit they don't know each other by sight. f we talk about the optimal number, I think 45 is enough to work well, 60 - maximum. Then it will be possible to control over their work and our deputies will become more responsible.

  Anton Petrov, pensioner:

- Kyrgyz authorities and, in particular, the Government kept saying that we have budget deficit. No matter what project they start - all depends on lack of funding. At the same time, millions spent for maintaining of talkers sitting in the parliament and can't even confer peacefully. All the time they are at odds and quarrels. There are continuous intrigues. I believe that this money will go bust. There are 7 provinces in Kyrgyzstan. Each of provinces could be represented by three people. Large cities - Bishkek, Osh and Jalal-Abad - more by two persons. There are 27 people at all. It is quite enough number to adopt laws. There are no results from current 120 deputies. The others - ballast.

Zhyldyz Ibraimova, housewife:

-There are 120 deputies and 7 provinces. It turns out that 15-17 deputies fall at each province. It is too much. Better to choose for 5 people from each province, but the most deserving, than those we really don't know. After all, it is really so. I personally know maximum 80-90 of 120, the rest bought portfolios and clamming up or arranging showdowns. The Parliament should include people who will work for the benefit of the people, not schemers and freeloaders, who are eager to sit in the Parliament for protection of their business. They sit at meetings, doing nothing, goofing around. I even don't want to watch news owing to them.

Yrgal Kadyralieva, the MP from Social Democratic Party:

- I don't agree that the current composition of the Parliament so hopeless. Decision about 120 people took in a referendum. I respect all my colleagues, but I admit that only few really cope with the responsibilities. It just so happens that now there are moneybags in the parliament. It's not a secret. We have this mentality: achieving wealth, people begin to seek power, striving for glory. The parliament - a good forum for such purposes. But people supported the election of deputies, since much they took places in the parliament.

As part of the adopted laws I do not agree with the opinion that we are not working. I personally initiated 2 bills and I think that they meet the requirements of people and today's realities. Yes, colleagues initiated high quality bills. Like MP my salaries is 30,000 soms. Some colleagues have up to 90,000 soms. In this regard, I do not think that I receive too much. I do propose to deprive all the deputies of salary. Or establish a minimum, tokenistic, equal for all, as the deputies in Kazakhstan.

Aziza Abdirasulova, the Head of Kylym Shamy Human Rights Center:

- Kyrgyzstan annually spends a lot of money for maintenance of deputies. We keep not only the people's deputies, but also their helpers, including drivers, advisers and lawyers. Each deputy has 5-6 such assistants. There are subordinate organizations of the parliament - business managers, staff of committees. Including business trips, utility and transportation costs. All this is a heavy burden on the shoulders of taxpayers.

The current convocation of the Parliament didn't live up to expectations, does not adhere to the basic ideas of parliamentarianism. The impression is that these 120 deputies specially came to accomplish the mission not to justify parliamentarianism in Kyrgyzstan. Besides the adoption of two draft laws on peaceful assembly and opening of the center against torture our MPs didn't make anything useful. But even these projects have passed through the efforts of human rights defenders and international organizations.

120 members - it is too much. Proponents of this particular number of deputies as the argument cited the fact that it is simply impossible to bargain, negotiate on a particular issue with so many people. But in fact, we can see that if you want all you can do.

Ivan Drobitko, the expert:

-On the one hand, of course, we could reduce a number of MPs. But on the other hand, the reality is that it's impossible. These are lucrative places, and at theattempt to reduce them there will be a great scandal. Therefore, in the near future there can be no question of reducing the number of deputies of the Parliament. Of course, the truth is that out of 120 members of the real leaders are 20-25 people. They make policy decisions and manage others. There is another point. Besides deputies, there are still about 300-400 people in staff, plus Parliament's office. Less money spent for their maintenance than the deputies themselves.

From economic point of view, it is irrational to upkeep such a number of deputies at taxpayers' expense. In terms of efficiency, there is also no sense in such number of lawmakers. Quantity and especially the quality of the laws leave much to be desired. Even if good laws are adopted, the majority of them do not work. At the meeting they set questions of interest of a narrow circle of people, pursue personal interests. Very rarely MPs raise questions really related to the problems of the electorate.

But, I tell once again, we can only dream about decreasing the number of deputies. As if, on the contrary, there can be raised the question of its increase. The only thing is that from a technical standpoint there is an impossibility of performance. Fortunately, the Parliament does not allow placing more deputies. But as to effective work, 60-70 deputies is an optimal number. Then it is easier to monitor their work, to tighten control of session's attendance. It is easier to observe a smaller number of deputies, and the MPs know it. They could work better, as they knew that they'll be controlled.

Ghani Abdirasulov, the expert:

- I would not propose to reduce the number parliament's members in times. But I think 80 would be enough people to work effectively. And I would suggest that one half to be elected on party lists, and the second - by single-mandate constituencies. The current parliament was elected on party lists, and what is good of it? They get into parliament, and then begin to separate. In addition, in the last election to parliament only 34 percent of residents voted. This happened due to the fact that many could not decide which party vote for. And if there is a voting on party lists and single-mandate constituencies and voter turnout is larger, the deputies will work better. Another thing I would suggest is to give 10 seats to representatives of national minorities. In such a situation all the problems in the country will be resolved

Now, many countries are switching to similar formation of the parliament. I am sure that we will come to it too. It is a pity that we lost time.

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