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March 2017

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Combating hard drinking.kg

20/05/14 10:45, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Julia KOSTENKO

Bishkek police offers the City Hall to ban sale of alcohol after 22.00. This offer is due to the fact that alcoholism contributes to the commission of crimes, increases public danger. Since 2010 there is observed an increase in crimes committed in alcoholic intoxication. So, in 2010, compiled 3,895 protocols were drawn, and by 2013 their number had increased up to 16,093.

Only for 4 months in 2014, 58 criminal offenses committed while intoxicated were registered in Bishkek. Consumption of alcohol in Bishkek reaches up to 16 liters per capita per year, which exceeds the level of 2010 by four times.

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister Abdylda Suranchiev doesn't believe that restrictions on sale of alcohol will give tangible results. A similar ban exists in many CIS countries and Europe. Authorities say that the ban has beneficial effects on the public consciousness, but in fact, the ban is valid only formally. Consumers are also divided into two groups: those supporting the restriction, noting that it is not so dangerous in the streets, and those fighting for their right to choose to sip after a hard day. In this regard, 24.kg news agency refers to the respondents with the question, how they relate to a ban on sale of alcohol at night?

Melis Turganbaev, the Chief police officer of Bishkek:

- The public accepts our offer with favour. We are fighting for the city to be safe. Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan have passed such a law long ago, and people have become accustomed. We also began to sound the alarm, as the citizens come to us with a request to ban the sale of alcohol. Particularly acute raises a question of new buildings. Analysis shows: where there is a drunken feast, there is always brawl. There are certain places where you can sit, relax, but there will be a brawl in the street. For example, in the central square there were about 15,000 people on New Year and there wasn't any fight. And all these because we have forbidden to sell alcohol in the area. The same example was observed during the celebration of Nooruz on the racetrack. There were 18,000 people, many didn't have enough space, but there was no criminal incident. Though there is a lot of garbage, not repaired roads, but at least it will be the rule of law.

In addition, we are making a proposal to ban minors walking after 22:00. At the moment the documents are in the Parliament. I think the Mayor and the City Council will support our initiative.

Kubanichbek Kulmatov, the Mayor of Bishkek:

-As a citizen, I support the proposal of the police. Now we consider the statistics and analysis. I think it will be a good measure of influence.

Sergey Ponomarev, the Chairman of the Association of Markets of the KR:

- The older generation remembers how the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages worked at a certain time. It was used by watchmen, drivers, salesmen and even law enforcement agencies, which "covered" them. Those who want to drink will drink even after 22:00, only for big money. Some will have excess profits, while others receive a bribe and cover illegal business. We do not have this level of confidence in the police and not so low level of corruption. With the ban on casinos, for example, it was widely expected that there will be "black" market.

It should be noted that the municipality has no control. Every document has to go through a special working group on regulatory impact analysis of regulations, where I am included as well. Until now, we haven't done such a document. No analysis of costs and benefits.

I am against police offers. The problem won't be resolved in this way. There will be cushy position that someone may have created for themselves.

Aigul Ryskulova, Bishkek Vice Mayor on Social Development, Family and Child Support:

- It is necessary to introduce some measures to fight alcoholism, especially among the younger generation. But can we solve the problem by introducing the ban? In many countries it has been introduced, but no one has analyzed how effective the method was. People liked drinking and continue to drink. Nothing stops them. More acute problem of drinking alcohol near schools, hospitals, kindergartens. Here it should be firmly resisted.

Many will thus earn, selling alcohol of dubious quality, despite the ban. In Soviet times, a point was on Karpinka Street, and everyone knew it. Problem can be solved temporarily and locally. Of course, I understand the police, which alone remain with rowdy at night looking for ways on how to influence them. But we need to begin to weigh the "pros" and "cons".

Tursunbek Kurenkeev, the Chairman of the Association of Alcohol Producers:

- I have a positive attitude to the ban. Of course, it will affect our business, sales will decline. However, this is a positive step, considering what is the situation in the city. Of course, crime cases will reduce.

Anna M., seller:

-We all need to know the limits and not treat all alike. We have a shop of elite alcoholic drinks, and we are working around the clock for the convenience of customers. Our product range includes a lot of gift, collectible copies. Very convenient to get a good drink, going to visit, or to present it as a gift. Moreover we guarantee the quality. Another thing - the sale of 100-gram cups with homemade vodka in each stall. It will be more difficult combating it. If our activities can be monitored, for example, oblige us to close the store at 22.00, then it will be harder to close a stall or a grocery store. Or what about the large markets? Buyer comes, selects products and moves to the checkout, and there he is refused to take the money? Of course, no one seller will work at a loss of himself or a company. And a drunken person purchases in a supermarket after 22.00, and in case of failure, he will start smashing up the counters? We need to regulate the sale, but it is better to do focus on product quality and raise the issue of child alcoholism. Children can buy alcohol in stalls and small shop without problems.

Abdygul Chotbayev, the Colonel General, the Head of the "Combat Brotherhood"Afghan War Veterans Movement:

- I agree that it is necessary to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages at night. However, we must look beyond and increase the list including energy drinks. U.S. intelligence agencies have developed them in order soldiers did not feel tired. Now, various drinks and chewing gums are popular among young people. They need to be banned, not only to sell, but import as well. I am a father myself and know how crimes are committed, as they say, by drunken bench. No matter what a ban is introduced, the illegal sale will still exist. Therefore, the police department, before initiating any suggestions, better start working.

 Azamat Asanaliev, a resident of the capital:

- I believe that such a law is required. Positive aspects are present in the form of what some of people will drink less later in a day, will be less uproars, riots. But there is a big "but": whether the law to be put into force? Every day we see people drink a bottle of alcohol in the street, on the benches at the entrance, near the stalls and shops on hoods of cars. There is a law that drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited. However, is it executed? What can I say about the simple Bishkek residents; near the municipal police department policemen themselves are satisfied with drinking? Or smoking in public places is prohibited too. But drivers of minibuses smoked and continue smoking, and the police silently looking out the window. If people should be punished for breaking the law, just close your eyes or take a "kick back" to look the other way, such laws are not needed.

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