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March 2017

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Kyrgyz Parliament: year has passed and there is nothing to remember 

02/07/14 10:05, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Julia KOSTENKO

Another working year of the deputies of the Kyrgyz Parliament came to the end. During this time, they are clearly improved their positions financially, earning another millions that didn't affect the quality of the adopted laws. Again and again the MPs said after the vote that they also have the right to be wrong, or demanded revote, because they did not participate in the process and their colleagues gave the vote for them.

The work of parliamentarians was marked by resignation of the government, many months of discussions of "Kumtor" issue and numerous scandals, skirmishes, accusations. There will be the last year of the Parliament of the fifth convocation ahead and deputies should carefully try to enlist the support of the voters in the upcoming elections.

24.kg news agency decided to ask respondents what they remembered during the work of parliamentarians and their initiatives, which they find useful and delusional.

Bekbosun Borubashev, the expert on constitutional law:

-MPs adopt more than 300 bills every year. But whether such great number is so necessary? Many have noted the unsatisfactory work of the Parliament, including me. Much attention is paid to minor issues, there is a collapse of the parliamentarianism, which hasn't formed yet, corruption is rampant, and there is no strengthening of Kyrgyz statehood. A year has passed, and MPs didn't resolve the large-scale issues.

The most scandalous and corrupt question - "Kumtor". Until now nothing has been done. Deputies created various commissions, canceled them, but there isn't a final document with "Centerra". The Parliament is a source of political corruption. To be substantive, I will give some examples.

Everyone knows that during the elections posts were sold. Independent experts have established that the first places cost $200,000. MPs don't deny it and don't refute the information. How many times did the government change? Though they approved the Cabinet themselves. MPs must be directly responsible for the work of the Cabinet. And then there are lists of people's deputies and their subordinates, whom they promote. In addition, the Basic Law states that in Kyrgyzstan the merger of state, municipal and party institutions are prohibited; formation and activity of party organizations in state and municipal institutions; implementation of state and municipal employees of party work as well. The Parliament - is a state department, then on what basis there work representatives of political parties? The Constitution has a ban. I asked Tekebayev about this, but he could not answer. That's such a mess in Kyrgyzstan. Nowhere in the world there is no such parliamentarianism, as we have.

Chinara Davletova, the employee of the Center for Gender Studies:

-I wonder why MPs postpone a number of bills for the last time, and then in a hurry, adopt them all together. This affects the quality of legal documents. Lawmaking - a complex, laborious work that requires a lot of attention. By the end of the session one can not consider all the bills. Sometimes they hide under the bills personal interests, but not of simple people. For example, the last law, concerning increasing the penalties for violation of traffic rules. One can find alternative solutions. Increasing penalties, only corruption will flourish, against which we are trying to fight.

Kubatbek Boronov, the Minister of Emergency Situations:

-Is it right from my side to assess their work? It is hard to say something at once. Of course, there are shortcomings in the work of Parliament, but from our side there weren't any problems. We had worked well, all the laws were endorsed and agreements passed ratification. It is also the assessment of the parliament.

Zainidin Kurmanov, the ex-speaker of parliament:

-All bills are important. There is a worldwide ranking of importance. The government, when it sends the bill, should mark its degree of importance. Since there isn't such a work, it is difficult to determine what is important and what is secondary. I've been trying to achieve this; however, the Cabinet has not taken into account. MPs work by virtue of their intellectual, organizational and financial capabilities. I have not seen something supernatural in the past year. A year has passed quietly, without incidents and massacre.

Cholpon Kerimbaeva, a citizen of Osh city:

-I do not recall that the deputies adopted some important document. All the year there was only the kingpin Aziz Batukaev within hearings, who mustn't be discussed at the national level at all. Then "Kumtor", for which no one wants to be responsible. Well, and how without Keldibekov? They would rather release him in order the parliament finally began to discuss more pressing issues of Kyrgyzstan. For example, to prevent increase of electricity tariffs. Can someone explain to them that if a person have three-phase meter at home, it does not mean that he should enjoy all three phases simultaneously.

Soyuzbek Saliev, deputy of the Bishkek City Council:

-Parliament focused on all the problems and pain points of the country. Of course, someone may not like shocking, scandalous moments, but nevertheless it is the parliament. Achievement is that the peaks in the walls of the White House aren't broken; the issues are resolved through the ballot and not at rallies. I appreciate their work, no matter how Kyrgyz citizens treat it. Sometimes we want too much at once.

The Parliament has discussed the issue of releasing Aziz Batukaev. The commission found serious violations and parliamentarians recognized them. Someone treat this question as trivial, but it exposed many problems of the prison system, parole procedures. Consequences still have aftershocks. Such things also need attention. Given the time, difficulties faced by MPs, we can estimate work of the Parliament as excellent.

Nurzhan Omorova, physician:

- Useful legislative initiatives can be counted on the fingers, but taken in a hurry, without a thorough investigation and discussion are more than enough. And even if the public was allowed to speak a word, the opinion of experts remained only the opinion and no more. The journalists have sounded the alarm on the law on false report. All took it as a struggle for freedom of speech and self-defense in pursuit of fresh facts. But the law applies to each of us, and physicians as well. Often we are accused of wrong diagnosis, but it is also a false report. Under this law, you can take any unwanted person. However, no one but journalists did not raise this issue, because in general people are not aware and believe that the initiatives of the Parliament will not affect them. But all of us will catch up more than once. Or the initiatives, permitting the government independently raise tariffs for electricity and heat without the approval of the Parliament. Thereby MPs removed the responsibility, putting it on the shoulders of the Prime Minister.

Sometimes it comes to funny, especially when ignorant people try to evaluate the processes, in which they do not understand at all. I mean surrogacy. How people without special medical education can talk about the importance of IVF? Laws, of course, are necessary, but before adopting them at random, it is better to consult with specialists.

Marat Suyunbaev, politician:

-I don't monitor the legislative activity of the deputies. I get a feeling that they particularly don't overwork. In many countries people's deputies go on vacation in the second half of July. Our parliamentarians decided more corporate interests, freed fraction colleagues from difficult situations, released as well. Or with this perspective their work was covered by the media. I'm just talking about what the present situation.

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