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March 2017

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25/08/14 08:48, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Makhinur NIYAZOVA

At an extraordinary meeting of Ata Meken parliamentary faction the Interior Minister Abdylda Suranchiev, under the onslaught of deputies, admitted that in the fight against organized crime, the security forces are failing, and members of Organized Crime Groups (OCG) have infiltrated all branches of government. The Interior Minister announced the list.

It was supposed that the information would be a bombshell. However, there wasn't an "explosion" because the data, announced by Interior Minister, didn't surprise the society. The well-known facts once again confirmed the inability of law enforcement agencies to establish order in the country and rein in crime. What's next? Whether the deputies will change soft armchairs on hard berth? Or the minister will have to answer for his long tongue? 24.kg news agency asked its respondents about it.

Felix Kulov, the leader of Ar-Namys parliamentary faction:

- The Ministry of Internal Affairs, after publication of the list, made ​​a statement in the five media outlet, from which it follows that Bakytbek Dzhetigenov studied with Almaz Bokushev in the Institute of Physical Education and continues to maintain friendly relations with him. What's the crime? What should he do? Dissociate from him as a classmate? This is absurdity, obscurantism and lack of not only professionalism, but even professional pride.

Our voters say that the law enforcement system only substitutes the fight against corruption by big names. They voice famous names, but really, there isn't any struggle. In addition, the public is outraged that there is a fuss about OCG, and they can't cope with the real crime. It is not the leaders of organized crime groups, not Batukaev, not Bokushev chasing people on the street, rob bags. The task of the police - to suppress crime, not hide behind these names. They name the same groups for already 20 years, have created a special department, but the real crime has no any confrontation.

Dmitry Fedorov, retiree of the Department of Internal Affairs, colonel:

- Perhaps the minister was just let down. Only court may recognize a person the member of OCG. It was also stated about the people who are included into the operational (information) register. Such specialized accounting really includes nationals suspected of involvement in organized criminal activity. However, the validity is most often based on not always reliable information. Any person may be not there at the wrong time, or to be born, live, study with the wrong people. This accounting is used only for inform support of the fight against crime and doesn't stipulate for closed (unwritten) and facing such registration restrictions of the rights and freedoms. The very question can be raised on the background of activation of political parties in the regions. Conflict of compromising evidences.

He needs to explain what was meant. The fact that these people were brought to the attention of the police? So what? Are they under suspicion? Prove. In the meantime, they are clean, like any citizen, until their guilt to be recognized by the court. In addition, it is unclear why the names of the two most prominent MPs who are also relevant to OCG, known as Hop and Jaws, weren't voiced?

The Minister will be accused of incompetence. And in this case, if his actions aren't admitted as direct prosecution of a felony.

Kalicha Umuralieva, a member of assessment commission of the Road Patrol Service of the Interior Ministry:

- Ata Meken campaign stated that main slogan is the fight against organized crime, but it turned out that there is a member of OCG their ranks - Altynbek Arzymbaev. Were any adequate measures against him taken? The Minister Suranchiev voicing surnames caused the fire itself. But there is nothing new for us. In each village, people know who and what is doing, and will show who is a member of OCG, who sells drugs and who buys stolen goods... So he did not discover America. Another issue is that no one is a criminal until he is convicted. If now the listed go to the court with the claim of Suranchiev, he will have to provide evidence. I think the Minister has it, otherwise he would not have to disseminate information. After all, the police often proves and brings a case to the court, and the Justice releases them. Examples - Kamchi Kolbayev and Aziz Batukaev. In the absence of statehood as such, this step can be regarded as self-defense. What moral right do MPs demand from the Minister, if they can not put things in order in their ranks and cleanse from OCG? Now let's see how the parties will clean the ranks of this ballast. Let the government show its true face. But I doubt that the parties will be able to exclude members of organized crime groups, who helped in the election and brought them to power.

Mavlyan Askarbekov, a civic activist:

- Actions of Ata Meken party remind the old man who is convulsed. It reached its political peak in 2010. Death of innocent people in Bishkek and Osh, looting and intrigue, the collapse of the coalition - this party is completely discredited. Dzhoomart Otorbayev, the protégé of Tekebayev, only worsened the socio-economic situation and caused even more irritation of the population.

The voiced information won't cause any react of neither the deputies nor the ministers, nor the president, even though exactly the head of state is responsible for the power block.

The public knows how a member of Ata Meken, named Jean (Altynbek Arzymbaev - 24.kg news agency note), became a deputy, even held press conferences. But there was no reaction. This list - nothing. If the Ministry of Internal Affairs publishes the list of MPs, who is prosecuted for criminal cases, we will see drug traffickers, smugglers, bandits-athletes and ordinary financial frauds, who are related to organized crime groups. This new phase of confrontation between Tekebayev Atambayev.

Erkin Sadanbekov, the lawyer:

- List is revealed in time: we can feel the upcoming elections. Otherwise, why would Omurbek Tekebayev, being in recess, dealt with explaining this issue? As for the list, the fact that these deputies and officials are involved in organized crime groups, is not yet proven, that is, everything is still quiet in the air. Operational information, which is collected by police and National Security Committee employees, is not the evidence of involvement of a person in the organized crime groups and can not be the basis for criminal proceedings. This may be a trivial report of neighbors, agents or detractors. Such information should be checked before voicing in Parliament. Citizens, included in the list, can sue the Ministry of Internal Affairs for dissemination of such kind of information. At the same time, today there are a lot of deputies and officials in the regions, about whom people say that they are involved in organized crime groups. This is the work of MIA - to catch and prove, as it is done in civilized countries, and not to state the facts. The investigation limps with evidence base. Courts also delay consideration of such cases.

Timur Shaikhutdinov, a representative of "For reform and result" Civil Union:

- I find it difficult to judge all these cases separately, because they do not have full information. Discussions about involvement of individual deputies in criminality exist in society for a long time. On the one hand, we must welcome the public words of the minister with specific names, on the other - there are questions: Why were they silent before? Why we don't hear about the criminal cases? Does the Interior Department have information about those, who appear in the list, other information - in addition to dating or family relationship? Because the fact of dating itself is not a crime. These and other questions require an official explanation.

Minister's words must be accompanied by more information, and if we are talking about elements of the crime - even criminal proceedings. Also, there is such a thing as presumption of innocence, and official voicing accusations, must understand the full measure of responsibility for his words. By further actions of law enforcement agencies, their degree of professionalism can be assessed.

Political parties that represent these "public servants" are obliged to announce attitude of the Interior Ministry to the information. If the facts are true, they should purge the ranks at their level and not give people, associated with criminals, any possibility to run for parliament in future. To do this, they do not need the court's decision, they need political will.

Sheishenbek Baizakov, the retired general:

- This list is not news. More Kalinin said that the police - a mirror image of society, and society - a reflection of the rulers. Representatives and involved in OCG exist only among the deputies, but also in the police, the Prosecutor's Office and the security services. Ministry of Internal Affairs can't cope with organized crime groups alone, it requires coordination of all services. Organized crime should become a headache for not only the police, but also the National Security Committee (since their penetaryiuob to the authorities and local councils - a threat to national security), the courts and the prosecutor's office. And now it turns out that all the buds fall down only on the Interior Ministry.

I do not think that Suranchiev sounded the information in order to score political points. He does not need it. Neither he, nor someone else would have necessarily made ​​public the list. In addition, criminal past of many from the list is well known, and not just for the police. Another thing why Ata Meken raises this issue now. Elections are upcoming, and political points must be scored immediately. Omurbek Tekebayev This so-called exposure is playing into hands of Omurbek Tekebayev.

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