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March 2017

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Parliament.kg: Leave not remain

29/08/14 14:28, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anara MAMYTOVA, Darya PODOLSKAYA

On September 1 MPs of Kyrgyzstan will solemnly open the next - without a doubt, noisy - political season. By the way, this is the last year in work of session of the fifth convocation. In 2015 there will be elections to the Parliament and, as experts predict, composition of the parliament will renew by 70 percent. So only time will show whether it is so.

24.kg news agency decided to contact their respondents with the question of what they expect in the final race of the people's representatives, and hear about the legislative initiatives that the deputies are going to issue in the coming months.

Cholpon Dzhakupova, the head of "Adilet" Legal Clinic:

-Any expectations are always associated with assessment of activities. This parliament will go down in history as the most irresponsible of Kyrgyzstan. Their age had the most scandals. Just remember these high-profile meetings, when MPs were trying to hear a report from the government officials and the Attorney General about Aziz Batukaev. Yes, but what is the use of it? Of course, not depuries let Batukaev leave the country, but they - under the Constitution - had to give a political assessment of the actions of the executive branch. There were many commissions, created for this convocation. And where are the results? Only recommendations and poor reports. I can describe current people's deputies as idlers avoiding responsibility. See how cleverly they have shifted the question of tariff increase on shoulders of the Cabinet, and foreign policy was relegated to the president. This suggests that the parliamentarians themselves do not want to be responsible for anything, and point to other officials. I'm not even talking about failure of judicial reform and competition in the Judge Selection Council, which the deputies turned just a mockery. Therefore I expect from that they at least will leave their posts with dignity, without scandals, once they weren't able to express themselves in their work.

Zainidin Kurmanov, the former Spokesman for the Kyrgyz Parliament, the Doctor of Historical Sciences:

-What can I expect from them? Oh, nothing! Let them work for the benefit of motherland. Productively and actively. I do not expect any far-sighted and effective legislative initiatives - but at least I understand perfectly: this year is the final in activities of this convocation, and the MPs will start (if not already started) to prepare for the next elections. And I consider it is incorrect to criticize them now. Still they are my former colleagues...

Ulugbek Babakulov, chief editor of "MK-Asia" publication:

- I think, in the final season stupidity of our deputies won't hit us. What could be more... However, given the latent possibilities of parliamentary souls, initiatives and proposals that will shock the public may appear. As usual, they will relate to obtaining certain benefits for themselves and their beloved relatives, arrangement of their homes, cars and other things. In light of the upcoming parliamentary elections, some members will make statements with a view to attract the lumpen, marginalized and jingo. Beautiful words will actually be hollow rhetoric, but it is this ringing and expect parliamentarians. In short, for the remaining term of the individual MPs will try to excuse the jargon, "glossing over shoals" that after an MP they are not brought to justice, others will engage in populism and collect points to qualify for the next convening. But whether they will be good - I doubt, because if current members were capable of creation, we would see its quality.

Alla Izmalkova, the deputy from SDPK faction:

-I won't say for the whole faction, because we have not met yet, but what I know what I will do. At the moment I am in Panfilov district at the meeting with local residents. People lost their harvest due to water shortage. I understand that the aid would not be in legislative format, but we should talk to the government and seek some delays in payment of loans. Well, what I always used to do - support for large-scale production.

Mars Cherikchiev, a member of the Public Supervisory Council under the Ministry of Economy:

- As a rule, the very last day before summer vacation the MPs make quite not completed decisions, and it bothers me. I expect parliamentarians to devote all year for this convocation to the future election campaign.

And the fact that last year of the convocation will be similar to the last day of work before the summer break. The difference between this convocation from the rest: it is longer than the previous ones. And people will assess them - hopefully, objective one - within the election of the next year.

Cholpon Sultanbekova, the Vice Spokesperson of the Kyrgyz Parliament:

- Oh, I can talk for hours, I have plans! Firstly, I intend to raise the issue of social benefits. The government promised benefits for mother-heroines, but they receive nothing, even though the law was adopted long time ago. In my opinion, it is necessary to make some adjustments.

Currently we are developing a bill on patrons. For example, the state on its own does not build and support those who invest money, does not provide benefits. As the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Youth Policy, Development of Physical Culture and Sports, I wrote a very good bill that had "a great success" in three readings. But for some reason the President of the Kyrgyz Republic has written objections. I want this year to return this bill and try to overcome veto.

Igor Shestakov, the political analyst, expert:

- First of all, I expect the deputies to focus on election populist rhetoric. Although I believe that this still can not be avoided. The country's economy now faces acute problems, especially energy and mining sectors, thus robust solutions that will support the strategic sectors of the country will be important. If next party and factional games start, it will only have a negative impact on socio-economic situation of the population. On the whole, as shown by the last 4 years of the Parliament's work, it is difficult to expect any constructive steps from it. Basically we saw the party struggle over the division of strategic resources of the country.

As a result - change of three cabinets of ministers, where there were not professional, but party cadres. Ideally, deputies should decide to reduce the deputy corps - at least twice. Such a small country like Kyrgyzstan, it makes no sense (and financial capacity) to maintain such a great number of "servants of people", their assistants and staff. In this case, the amount does not determine the quality.

Zhalil Saparov, the Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Jalal-Abad regional center of journalism:

-And what we should expect from them? They will be loyal to the president and his policies till the end. They will only do something to modify (see out) until the end of the parliamentary term, and will turn a blind eye to all problems of ordinary citizens. And they will do everything to return to their seats in the parliament. And in Kyrgyzstan they can not do something normal, because they don't have overall level for this.

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MP Kamchybek Joldoshbayev at a meeting of Parliament, February 2, 2017.

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