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March 2017

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Iron Felix: Box with surprise

15/09/14 09:35, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Makhinur NIYAZOVA, Darya PODOLSKAYA

After the summer vacation, Ar-Namys party decided to show off creativity and at the meeting its leader Felix Kulov took a regular initiative, denoting that its authors are representatives of the youth sector of political organizations. They propose to rename Kyrgyzstan into the Republic of Kyrgyz, or, alternatively, in the Republic of Kyrgyz El. They continue to take innovations. It seems that Ar-Namys members keep a lot of wonderful ideas in their box. In particular, switching the beginning of the school year from September 1 to September 15 and ban hijab in schools. And to return the presidium institute to the Supreme Court. Young activists want to make a number of amendments to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic. The MP explained the introduction of the institute as to "increase accountability of deputies to the electorate and political party from which they are nominated", to enter such an institution as the suspension of mandate of deputy by including a new article to the Basic Law. In general, the fountain gushed. It should be noted that MP plans to ask people for agreement on the whole package of assorted ideas. As everyone guessed, we are talking about the referendum, which, according to the idea of people's deputy, should be held in 2015 - right before the parliamentary elections.

24.kg news agency decided to ask the respondents and the head of the faction how they treat the know-how.

Felix Kulov, the leader of Ar-Namys faction:

-This is not my idea, and the youth of our party invented it. They asked me to announce those proposals in order to have reaction. I don't agree with everything, but I believe that our people have to get used to the culture of plebiscite and submit urgent issues at referendum. For example, to rename the country or not, it can be answered only by the people. The initiative of switching a new school year on September 15 was perceived ambiguously. Two years ago our deputy Tatyana Levina advocated the idea, but then she wasn't supported. Some of the people's deputies suggest starting studies on August 15. In short, there is a lack of uniformity of opinion. Now about revocation of mandate. Personally, I favor to strengthen discipline in parties in order to eliminate mess. And, of course, another story - hijab. In general, all these initiatives should be discussed. I say it again: the ideas aren't mine, they are proposed by our young activists.

Omurbek Abdyrakhmanov, the MP, member of Democrats:

-Felix Kulov is the leader of the parliamentary majority coalition. And this coalition, headed by Kulov, appointed the government. And each of their government is working worse. He has no ideas to modernize the country. They didn't propose a reform in assigned sectors, and now they distract people from the pressing problems, offering to rename the country, instead of developing it. I like current name of the country - the Kyrgyz Republic, and I'm proud of it.

Abdymanap Kutushev, the MP from SDPK faction:

-The current name of our country is very capacious and most suitable. We have been in the history of Kyrgyz statehood, and it now continues. The adjective "popular" discredited in recent history, it is not necessary to resort to its use in the name of the republic. It is better just to strive to strictly observe the constitution and to be a state, in fact, meeting the aspirations and hopes of people, as all civilized countries do.

Begaim Usenova, head of NGO "Institute of Mediapolis":

-I would like deputies not to be engaged in worthless initiatives and be proactive in matters of significance. Otherwise I do not want to comment on.

Shairbek Mamatoktorov, former OshTV CEO:

-It is evident that there isn't life in the old dog. What a delusion does he have? Why doesn't he like "Kyrgyzstan"? It is necessary to develop the country, not rename it! And how then to translate "Kyrgyzstanis"? Kyrgyzelts? Think. In general, those who propose to change the name of the country, the color of the flag or national anthem, are all pseudo-patriots and parasites that live on public money and live in cover. That is why they always think about how to initiate anything. General, it is better to address the issue of energy crisis in winter! Tackle the issue of borders - our soldiers and civilians were killed there. Three faction leaders please sit down and ask the government specific questions. Decide finally the problem with Centerra. Call for the punishment of those responsible, according to the decision of the Parliament, upon the case of Batukaev. You punished one crank Akun, and what about the rest? In general: can not work - dissolve the parliament, there will be those who can! Actually all this flight of fancy, it seems to me, is dictated by the fact that Ar-Namys hasn't a chance for participation in next convocation of the Parliament.

Begaly Nargozuev, the chief editor of Kyrgyztoday online portal:

- The idea to rename the Kyrgyz Republic into "Kyrgyz El" is negative. "Mari El", "Altai E" - such name is more appropriate to subjects of the federation, autonomous state entities. They emphasize their separateness in a part of a large federation, and we are the independent Kyrgyz Republic and that's it. Deputies would better think about changing the life of ordinary citizens. A referendum to change the name of the state was created only for amending the Constitution. Now they are probing public opinion and in the last stage to the issues of the plebiscite they will add a few more items that really necessary for authorities. For example: do you agree that the president can be elected for two terms? Or even make a presidential republic, leveraging the power of the head of state. Last gestures say about this.

Elvira Surabaldieva, businesswoman:

-Alas, I know firsthand about the ideas of Ar-Namys members. For example, Kanybek Imanaliev protects certain Daniyarov that can not calm down and gathers troublemakers, fulfilling someone else's orders. I don't want to speak about renaming the country into "Kyrgyz El". Insanity, and that's it. The desire to postone the beginning of school year from September 1 to September 15 dictated perhaps by the fact that in the regions - unless, of course, gentlemen deputies know it - schools begin to work from the middle of the first month of autumn. Chilkdren are working in the fields, harvest as adults. Although, maybe the residents of cities don't know about it. As for the intention to unseat delegate ahead of schedule, it would be very nice to have a chance to withdraw completely shameless servants of people.

Alexander Knyazev, expert:

-I think that in a situation when the country is on the verge of final catastrophe, when there is obvious bankruptcy of the government and the president, on the eve of cold and hungry winter, such initiatives may indicate only one thing: complete and final failure of political elite, lack of understanding of the situation - in the world, in regions, in the Kyrgyz Republic at all. Now it is necessary to take emergency measures in energy sector, food security, on entering the Customs Union (though in the latter I personally strongly doubt), in addressing border issues. Moreover, much of the required relates to the prerogatives of the parliament. At the same time, this initiative is the evidence of by complete failure of the parliamentary system as such, what was warned repeatedly.

-So you are against the renaming? And do you support the initiators on other issues?:

- Of course I am against: it will lead Kyrgyzstan to the situation as in Ukraine, what is now happening there. All other issues can be discussed with varying degrees of seriousness, but all in its proper time. This is either a conscious distraction from the real problems, or complete incompetence, augmented by imitation of flurry of activity.

Atai Sadybakasov, the public figure:

-The first two points - information noise for distracting attention. Initiative of renaming will fill the hearts of citizens, there is mass indignation in society. Extension of the school year - is not more than a red herring, sawdust, filler, so to speak. About presidium: who initiates creation of a new body also has the right to a piece of cake. It looks like a desperate attempt to stay in a groove, be relevant after - probably inevitable - failure of upcoming elections. Control over the mandates of deputies - the same song. The leader must keep on short leash his "wards": who is guilty or overweening, loses deputy badge. In short, time is rapidly running out and Ar-Namys slowly loses its chances of entering the next convening. And this is only the first step in a series of similar initiatives for those who wish to get a coveted mandate in 2015.

Mira Sadyrova, Bishkek citizen, temporarily residing in Turkey:

-I think it's not the things that MPs should deal with. At the time when we have to deal with more pressing issues there is no sense in renaming our country. Kyrgyzstan is already a small country, but with very large economic problems. I do not think that international community will accept it positively. As for the other initiatives, I noted, academic year begins in mid-September in Turkey too. That's not bad. Other questions may also need to be revised, but, again, not now.

URL: http://eng.24.kg/parliament/169550-news24.html
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