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Contraception.kg: without bigotry and hypocrisy

25/09/14 14:25, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anara MAMYTOVA

At the initiative of international organizations, among which there are representatives of the countries of Europe, USA, Latin America, dealing with reproductive health issues, September 26, 2007 was named the World Contraception Day.

Recognizing that there is a great need to increase knowledge in this area, the correspondent of 24.kg news agency asked the interlocutors several questions: whether topic of contraception is covered at the proper level in the Kyrgyz Republic, as it should be ideally, and how the population is informed about it in real life and how did the respondents themselves learn about contraception.

Valeria Malevanaya, pediatrician:

- Definitely teachers shouldn't talk about it. And it is difficult for parents to speak with their own child on this subject, telling them the intricacies of intimate process. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce outside school hours with the participation of health workers, who will educate the younger generation, in particular, telling about remedies and why they are needed. Although, of course, it would be more useful if parents tell about this. There will be trust.

Kairat Bekmamatov, student of Eurasian University:

-I believe that the state doesn't inform the public. Well, young people tend to learn more from friends. My friends have a lot of examples, when ignorance led to unplanned pregnancy.

- Ideally, who should inform young people about contraception and consequences of its neglecting?

- It seems to me, in schools, from about sixth grade, it is necessary to introduce lessons, where a school psychologist will tell about healthy lifestyle. Every school needs a specialist, who once a week will conduct lessons on personal and intimate hygiene. But lessons should be individual for every class; joint exercises will not bring result.

-And from whom did you learn about contraception?

- From my friends. Once on TV I watched a commercial about contraceptives and I asked my mother. I was then 10 years old, but she did not answer me, citing my age.

-Anna Ivanovna, mother of 15-year-old teenager:

-When I was a teenager, everything I learned from numerous girlfriends. I didn't talk with mum on this subject, and indeed it is best to avoid them. In our family it was not customary to talk about sex and all that is connected with it. And when my daughter was 14 years old, I suggested her to talk about puberty, contraception, and the rest...

Once, after our conversation, she came from school and said that school psychologist conducted a class hour on this topic. In addition, I bought her some books where in plain language for her age, the process of puberty was described, the danger which threatens the teens at this stage, and how to protect themselves from negative effects. I think that this kind of conversation is up to parents. It is primarily important for parents to provide their child safe life and lives of others.

-Victoria Ismailov, a student KRSU:

- The theme of safe sex in Kyrgyzstan is widely covered, and a lot of activities are carried out for young people: roundtables, conferences, teaching about consequences of irresponsible attitude to the subject. Forewarned is forearmed.

- In your opinion, who should deliver information to adolescents?

- Certainly not parents. Adolescents aged 15-16, as a rule, idealize people, they develop their idols. Some get answers to their questions, read blogs on Internet idols, and their opinion for them is authoritative. Generally, the theme is really urgent, because young people don't think of the consequences, and believe that early sexual relations - it's cool.

- How did you know about contraception?

- I'm curious, read a lot. Moreover, when I went to dancing, our group was invited to perform at the festival. As it turned out, the event was dedicated to the World AIDS Day. There were all sorts of booklets, brochures, badges, volunteers made speech... I interested in the problem, I started to look for answers to questions from special literature. It is important for present generation to understand: the problem of contraception remains one of the most important. It is necessary to be self-taught.

-Azalea Orozbekova, the mother of two pre-school children:

- Of course, all that touches on this subject, I will tell myself to my children, and another thing, the age when I must do it. Today, there are some elements in modern cartoons, and children, of course, ask questions that require answer. As for contraception, then, talking about the difference between men and women, I will still have to address this topic. My eldest daughter is six years old, and I have time, but by the age of 10-11 I will certainly talk to her.

-And did your mom hold a conversation with you?

- Our class teacher talked to us. She periodically conducted lessons with girls, but the topic was more related to characteristics of female body. Therefore, what is contraception, I knew approximately, and what the consequences might be, too.

-Elena Dorokhova, the head teacher on educational work, high school teacher of Sokuluk school №1:

- Of course, teens must be informed by specialist. In our school we conduct such conversations. At first, specialist carried out trainings with teachers, and then class teachers delivered the information to students. However, not all parents approved our impulse and not everyone agreed that educators gave such information to children.

- Well, do parents themselves educate their children?

- Parents have chosen a strange position: we weren't educated, we did not know anything about it, and nothing happened and our children will learn about it somewhere. We, of course, tell them that present time is different and other young people, and if they do not know about it from us, they will get information from other sources that are wrong. In turn, I believe that it is desirable to include such training in education system in school curriculum, at least some points. Now students of 10-11 grades virtually have active sexual life and get the information from Internet, from their friends. But this is wrong, because there are different methods of contraception, and each organism has its own peculiarities.

-Nina Overina, the mother of grown-ups:

- In fact, you are asking three full questions, but they are mixed, like strands of braids that make up a whole. To begin with, as there is public awareness about contraception. The answer is: scholastically, periodically and that is why untargeted. And everything must be exactly the opposite: thoughtful, systematic and targeted.

For young people this is a problem, so let's make special lectures on the subject in high school, in colleges and universities, that is, among students. In this case, do not forget that there are young workers. Let's distribute leaflets in native language. The text must include a warning about the dangers of abortion, promiscuity, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Doctor must clearly answer how to avoid this. Without hypocrisy and bigotry, as Elena Malysheva speaks in her program on Russian channel. But we only groan: young girls of 15-16 years are sexually active! Yes it was, in all ages and times. During these years all girls were already married. That's right, combining two questions, I gave one answer.

And finally, the third - where I myself learned about contraception for the first time. In conversations with my friends, from "Health" magazine. As people say, information is passed from hand to hand, and later started to expand knowledge from books about women's health, being adult.

Unfortunately, new generation can not be attributed to readers, so you have to prepare for them educational comics. It is creative, funny and very helpful, because what is important stays in memory. During the Soviet period, which accounted for my youth, after the birth of the first child, I asked a gynecologist: advise how to protect? And she said that I'll never forget: like everybody!

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