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March 2017

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How to survive in Kyrgyz winter?

26/09/14 14:15, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Ivan MARCHENKO

Upcoming winter in Kyrgyzstan promises to be cold as never before. Besides not only because of climatic factors. The water level in Toktogul reservoir is close to critical one. In some regions, there is no gas. Authorities cut off three-phase subscribers, warn of limitations in supply of electricity, advising to stock up on animal dung and coal. 24.kg news agency asked respondents how they are preparing for winter and how they will save families from cold.

Tursunbai Bakir uulu, the MP:

-Relatives, of course, buy coal. And in the city - I do not know... I still hope that Gazprom will live up to our expectations. And although we have not fueled with gas, but at least we will have hot meal.

- Do you live in private home?

- No, I live in apartment. If they turn off electricity, there can be a lack of heating as well. I think HHP will still receive fuel oil in order not to feel cold. I faithfully pay my bills that come for heating. It will be good if electricity won't be cut off. And I'll certainly help with coal to my relatives, living in village. There I have children, brothers and grandchildren. Anyway each year they buy coal. But it saddens me that coal is getting more expensive every year. Coal is still native, its Kyrgyz. The same people extract it, in the same manner. But prices are rising.

The President is right when he said that we will not kneel before neighbors. I think, it is unreasonable to beg and receive world prices gas each year.

Alexandra Sergeyeva, pensioner:

- My sister and I have reached a very advanced age. Both with higher education. We are not rich, and we have a modest pension, like everyone else in the humanities. We live together and we don't ask anyone for help. The only wealth in a private home - a lot of books.

Icy winter is not for the first time for us. We lived with blackouts earlier. Once again we believe the authorities that gas will become cheaper almost half and we thought that much this winter our house finally will be warm. Our heating system is not designed for coal. And we haven't funds for changing something.

How are we going to keep warm in winter? We have two choices: we will have to install cast-iron moveable wood stove and, as in the siege of Leningrad, stoke with books. The second way - to play catch-up in open air. I think it will be an impressive picture, worthy of the Internet.

Dmitry Orlov, expert:

-I live on the 11th floor and there isn't place for coal heating. When there is severe frost, I use heater.

Igor Trofimov, the head of the Human Rights Center named after Sergius of Radonezh and Manas Magnanimous:

- I do not buy coal! I figured that it is more profitable to heat with gas. By the way, those who use gas, do not spoil the environment, and they need to receive benefits. Why in the Soviet time people switched to gas? Because we can't breathe when stove is covered with smoke. But people's health - is also income! It is important people to hest with smokeless fuel. I switched my car to gas.

I am sure that Gazprom will provide us with gas, and everything will be fine. Where gas is absent... That's Naryn. They've got coal nearby, Kara-Keche, and they use electricity! And someone switched to three-phase electricity. Common people can not do this, they need to pay a bribe, negotiate. I think, it is wrong to heat with three-phase electricity in our country. Those, using coal, are heated with electricity, just cunning people.

Vyacheslav Alekseenko, unemployed:

- Vodka - a well-proven means for salvation from the cold. You can take it in and rub with it as well. In the first case there is a guaranteed distraction from all the problems. Because thinking about the difficulties awaiting Kyrgyzstan in the near future, I want to cry. Well, the easiest way is to drown grief in alcohol. If I have a chance, I will certainly leave for warmer climes. For example, in Siberia. At least there people aren't mocked at.

Tursunbek Akun, the coordinator of the Congress on Human Rights in Central Asia:

- We have private sector. We have not bought coal yet, as there is no means. I don't know what will happen if three-phase electricity is cut off... We don't have three-phase electricity, but in any case we are not ready for winter. In some microdistricts there are blackouts and people can not, for example, prepare meal. Winter has not started yet, but people are worrying. Government shrinks from people. They had to prepare even in summer, but were hibernating. Now, roughly speaking, they are awake.

Svetlana Bashtovenko, the chairwoman of the Resource Centre for the Elderly Public Association:

- The mission of our organization - support for the older generation, the elderly. We collect a database of all the elderly who may be left without heating. We are building a dialogue with them, we learn their needs. We will seek funds and help them to go through difficult heating period. Already faced with a situation where gas was cut off. We transported thermoses, candles, matches, charcoal, hot food for the elderly. These issues should not be born spontaneously, but must be reserved and have strategic nature. We must always bear in mind that something extraordinary can happen and we must help people.

Regarding friends and family. My mom is heated by coal for the whole life. I hope she has enough coal to heat the house.

Aliyasbek Alymkulov, the Minister of Labour, Youth and Migration of the Kyrgyz Republic:

- Those objects which belong to our ministry (vocational training), in principle, are ready for winter. We have already stocked with coal. A little bit left, but we will finish by October. So, students will not get cold. And my family ... I'm all done!

Egamberdi Kabulov, a freelance journalist (Jalal-Abad):

-I don't prepare. One can always buy coal: Tash-Kumyr or Kok-Yangak. There is gas in Jalal-Abad. Electric cookers as well. Electricity is cut off rarely and not for a long time - at most once a week for a couple of hours. So, I do not worry too much.

Kalicha Umuralieva, the Chairwoman of Our Right Public Fund:

-I'd love to collect dung and buy coal if I lived in private sector and had a stove. But since I live in an apartment building, then, of course, I do not have these devices. I can only hope for Bishkekteploset. Recently, they have assured us that will provide heating. These are buildings that are connected to Bishkekteploset. But we have a home that is fully transferred to electric heating and cooking. For example, high-rise 16-storey buildings in Asanbai distcrit, buildings on South highway - Mira Avenue. We have everything connected with electricity, and I do not know how they will survive in winter. This is a big problem.

Now this is an outrage! In some apartment buildings the developer has put three-phase meter in every apartment. But at the same time they have heating from boiler room. Nobody is heated with electricity. Now bills by 1 som 20 tyiyn were addressed to one of such buildings, because they have three-phase meters. They filed a complaint and there will be investigation. I think there will be a lot of conflict situations associated with three-phase meters and heating.

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