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March 2017

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Who is to take Energy Minister post?

10/10/14 08:19, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anastasia BENGARD, Julia KOSTENKO

Two weeks before the start of the heating season, the Minister of Energy and Industry Osmonbek Artykbayev has resigned, admitting that he can't deal with the complexities of the industry brought to a critical point. He failed the second attempt to raise the energy from its knees. Recall, in 2010 the owner of a successful pharmaceutical business Osmonbek Artykbayev already headed the energy sector. In May 2013, Artykbayev again was appointed as the head of Ministry of Energy. One and a half years wasn't enough for him to make the system work. On the contrary, the situation has worsened to such an extent that the government honestly admitted: autumn-winter period 2014/2015 will be critical with all the consequences - outages of three phase meters, the transition to alternative fuels, and possibly blackouts.

Resignation of Artykbayev followed after a statement of the President Almazbek Atambayev, who chided the government passivity and fear of officials to take responsibility. However, he considers Osmonbek Artykbayev to be fair and honest leader, but in the current situation as the Minister of Energy and Industry sees a professional manager directly from the energy sector, deeply knowing all the problems and nuances of this field.

Together with Artykbayev, the deputy minister Kubanichbek Turdubayev also left his post. They refused to take responsibility for the failure of 2014/2015 heating season.

24.kg news agency asked the respondents: who can head the industry and not to give the citizens of Kyrgyzstan to freeze in the winter in such severe time.

Kozhobek Ryspayev, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex and Subsoil:

- I have no information about the resign of Artykbayev. I have not seen official documents yet. Therefore, I'm not ready to comment.

- Do you see deserving professionals?

- I'm not ready to answer. You put the question squarely, I can't say it without any preparation. One needs to think, to see who will be able to cope with this kind of work, who are professional in this field.

Askar Eshimbekov, General Director of Severelektro:

- The question, of course, is very difficult. I think that Kubanychbek Turdubayev worthy to take the post of minister.

- But he resigned too...

- That's what I didn't know. He is a highly skilled professional in the energy sector and could improve the situation.

Mirbek Batakanov, former director of Bishkekteploset:

- I withdrew from business, I am retired. It is difficult to say who will lead the sector. The situation is very difficult.

Alla Izmalkova, deputy of the parliament:

- For me, his resign, of course, became shocking news. Honestly, I didn't expect it from Artykbayev, I thought he would stand up to the end, even with mistakes. But in such a hard time, he had to try to pull out of the energy problems, even with unpopular measures.

And who can lead the sector? I will really admire this man. Someone wrote that only suicidal can head this post. In some ways I agree with this opinion. The situation is very complicated. Minister of Energy should be a high professional, who worked for many years in the industry. Cause only in this case, the person has the ability to find a way out of such situations.

Rasul Umbetaliev, independent expert of fuel and energy complex:

- The president forced Artykbayev to leave his post. He himself would hardly resign. There were a lot of signals that the situation is deplorable. In such cases we say: it is better to leave 5 years earlier than 5 minutes later. He's a good performer, but a bad reformer. We are to expect one of the most difficult periods in the history of heating in Kyrgyzstan.

Learning about retirement, I immediately thought that the Ministry of Energy and Industry may be headed by Kubanychbek Turdubaev. But he followed the Minister, leaving his post as well. He is a man of reformation. He spoke about the problems in energy sector transparently and openly. However, when talking about energy sector, we forget that the ministry is still engaged in industry as well. Therefore, one power engineer would not be enough. Another good candidate - Abdylda Israilov. But he, too, resigned and left OJSC "Electric Stations". Of course, there are a lot of candidates for the post of minister, but it would be kamikaze. The ministry won't remain without management.

Marat Kazakpaev, political scientist:

- I think that the president was right to intervene. Still, the government is to blame for the circumstances, although there were good objective reasons (drought, etc.). We need sea changes and professionals. And there are such people, but the name can not be called. It is about time of need for new faces. In each ministry, in the same Department of Energy, there are professionals. And if you sort out the old names, they won't correct anything, they have outlived their usefulness. Unfortunately, our parties and factions shuffle and pull people in terms of loyalty, but it does not work anymore. The president understands it as well. And it is right, that Artykbaev left the post: he is unable to innovation. We need a new, unfamiliar person.

- What would happen if the deputies delay the electoral process?

- Again, they will be pulling out of their range people like Shykmamatov, who works only for Tekebayev. In general, it will simply ruin the country. We should give a chance to new people.

Biynazar Berdikeev, the head of private distribution company:

- Man on a vacant place is already prepared.

- Who is it?

- I think it will be Turdubaev. The situation in the industry is not so complicated. We got out of more difficult situations. The system works, there are specialists. Even due to absence of the minister and his deputy the work does not stop. The Head of the Ministry of Energy - as ceremonial bystander. He did not take any drastic decisions, couldn't remove someone from office in energy companies.

More suitable for the post of minister is a candidacy  of Akylbek Tyumenbaev (the executive director on implementation of OJSC "National Electrical Grid of Kyrgyzstan" projects - 24.kg news agency note).

Azamat Arapbaev, MP:

- There is a statement by the President that minister of energy and industry must be professional manager, directly from the energy industry. I fully agree with it. But I can not yet determine possible candidacy. The current situation is such that we expect the shortage of electricity, especially in winter. We can not avoid it. The President instructed the government to increase electricity imports. I hope that the Cabinet will achieve it. Otherwise, limits or outages of electricity supply are inevitable.

But, with full responsibility, I declare that it is not fault of Artykbaev and not the fault of power engineers. It is, firstly, the existing weather conditions and, secondly, growth of residential electricity consumption by population and enterprises.

- What do you think, how long will candidates for this position be selected? After all, the heating season near at hand.

- The resignation of the minister shall not affect operation of power system. This question can not be delayed. I think that deputies will not postpone their choice.

Nurzat Abdyrasulova, the chairwoman of the supervisory board on initiative of transparency in fuel and energy complex under the Ministry of Energy and Industry:

-One of the worthy candidates - Kubanychbek Turdubaev. He knows the problem from inside, how the industry is organized. Energy sector needs a strong-willed person, professional. Of course, there are a lot of skilled people in the system, but I wouldn't voice them.

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