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March 2017

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20/11/14 13:07, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anara MAMYTOVA

It's no secret that since Kyrgyzstan became independent, it has become a kind of testing ground for all sorts of NGOs, foreign political consultants and religious preachers of all stripes. Correspondent of 24.kg news agency asked how to protect our youth from the corrupting influence of dubious organizations.

Alexander Katsev, Professor, Head of Chair of International Journalism KRSU: 

- In order not to get sick, we need vaccinations in early childhood. Since childhood, it should be explained what is good and what is bad. But we swing from one extreme to another. Religious organizations convince that by wearing hijab, you preserve the purity and morality, as if it's the matter of dress. Look what happened in Russia. First one spoke about religious education, and suddenly I see on TV that priests are already talking about the religious upbringing.

Education is replaced by upbringing, and it's the worst thing that can be. Today, school doesn't teach but begins educate rhetorically. They discuss what form pupil should wear instead of teaching arithmetic, biology, languages. The entire lesson he is admonished that he came in wrong pants. Implement jeans in a school uniform, and the question comes off, everyone will wear them. There are basic things that don't need confrontation. 

I am convinced that schools and universities first of all must learn how to work with reference books, develop artistic, aesthetic taste. Reading Darya Dontsova, we must remember that there is Dostoyevsky. We need to teach the child that the knowledge gained in schools and universities won't be enough for lifetime. It should be supplemented and not parasitize on the Internet. To teach moral attitude to the Internet from kindergarten. No one do this, hence the profanity. A concept of secularism, serious education at the level of national culture, religion and so on are needed, but it should be done by literate people. We have the same mosques, 80 percent of imams don't know the Koran, and traffic cops don't know the traffic rules.

Look at poor wheelbarrow carriers... Build vocational schools around markets, feed them, educate them and send in the community, but before that, calculate how much turners, bakers needed in a particular village and district. But no one wants make calculations. If our education minister defended his thesis on epic of Manas, he should understand that Manas studies - is the science of the study of Manas, and it is necessary only for philologists and journalists. But signing a decree on compulsory learning it... We, as always, destroy all the good initiatives.

We have very bad situation with specialists engaged in something they don't know, as our most international and incompetent parliament in the world. If the teacher talks about the military reform, and general - about what culture should be, I understand that they are actively loafers. Needless to say, if the President, I emphasize, is a member of the Writers' Union, believes that the epic of Manas - a literature... I, for example, have a thought, that the same is with the economy? Or when a highly official in sorrowful days when Chingiz Aitmatov passed away, crying, said how she loves "White Ship", and called the name of the boy... Then I realized that she didn't read this novel.

A couple of days ago, several Slavic organizations, speaking against the arrival of George Soros to the KR, held a rally at the walls of the US Embassy with placards in Russian, but not writing them in Russian. It became clear that the protesters don't understand anything in any activity of Soros or in the situation in general.

Michael Ageyev, Internet entrepreneur:

- In my opinion, we should increase spending on education and improve its quality. If we spend more money on education, increase the salary of teachers, people will be more motivated to go into this profession and, accordingly, to teach better.

- Depending on the country, funding universities, do literate teachers educate young people by principles or not?

- They don't give any principles, just different approaches: Western, Turkish and Societ, access to information and qualified education.

- Which approach is better, in your opinion?

- It is difficult to estimate. When I studied at the Kyrgyz-Russian University, a training program was badly outdated. As things stand now, I don't know, but I think that the Western model of education is still effective. Of course, we can talk about sports, alcohol, cigarettes, but if the youth is educated, then these questions will be removed. 

Maksat Chakiyev, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism of the KR: 

- Only work and idea can save the youth. Social and cultural projects, as in Soviet times, today don't distract the youth from the negative influence of foreign cultures. Theatres and Gyms today are not popular among the youth, especially in the regions.

Youth has a great vitality, it can send both to creation and to destruction. In case of lack of demand for energy it is suppressed, and then the personal degradation begins, or looking for ways to implement in any direction where it will be in demand - in politics, religion, and criminal organizations, and so on. The Soviet leadership effectively dealt with this problem by creating national projects such as Baikal-Amur Mainline, hydroelectric power stations, virgin soil, where young people were actively involved - there was an opportunity for self-realization, well, and a little romance.

Modern younger generation mainly pursue material aims. The state does not help to realize dreams and as a result - active emigration of young people participating in any political or other negative actions, where they splash their energy. It is necessary to develop clear national idea for them, with which they could live, learn, work purposefully, even abroad.

Youth needs to feel part of something global, large-scale, historical, and most importantly, responsible. They should feel involved in high mission. Today, this mission is absent.

Sultan Raev, the ex-Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism:

 - Of course, the Ministry of Youth works well in this direction, but this is the problem of not only this agency, it is the number one problem of our entire state. Since independence in Kyrgyzstan, the entire generation was left without a guide, and the youth was left to itself. There is a need for systematic approach, and it is primarily education, culture, spiritual and patriotic education. The younger generation runs to religion and not fully understanding it, got into sects.

Now such powers as Russia and the US have ideological content and such a small country as Kyrgyzstan needs it more. Starting from the Ministry of Culture to the ministries of education and defense - all must deal with problems of the young generation.

Otherwise we get problems in demography and security, look, young Kyrgyz fight in Syria... Young people need to be focused, it is necessary to create the conditions.

Nurlan Mamakeev, producer:

-You know, young people don't have time for it, because they earn money. And slackers fall under the influence of unknown kind of organizations and attend any meeting. Believe me, busy people have no time to sit and listen to the things that they are told. Young people need to be engaged in order to not suffer from idleness.

-Who should take and motivate young people?

-This is concern of the Ministry of Youth. This agency should think.

-Parents should first help their children and guide them, don't they?

-Well, but if parents are in Osh, Naryn, Talas? Children come to study in the city and left unattended. Freedom! They do what they want. Of course, one can not say that someone specifically must deal with problems of youth, the state and the parents should act together. Parents can not leave children unattended. After all, many of them simply do not know where they are and what they are doing. We need to create TV show about the life of young people and show it on central TV channels.

- Do you think that the situation will change after showing such TV programs?

- At least it will make them ponder over. We have an idea to make a series of social reels. We will show girls, who deal with unclear things at nights, arrive in some cars and come into strange buildings, left with strangers...

 - Why exactly girls? Young people also come by cars with adult woman and disappear in unknown direction...

- Mostly girls, it's understandable... The social reel will be called "Where is your daughter now?" We plan to show it on local television, focusing on regional channels. After watching it, maybe parents will remember that they have children, will pone them and start to take interest in their life.

Mar Baidzhiev, writer:

-One salvation - to introduce religion studies at schools and universities for children learn Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. For making students more educated than any priest, but for that we need good teachers of the same religion, who would present either Old Testament or the Koran, as science. I, for example, can't be fooled, because I know classical religion and it is necessary for young people to clearly define who preaches and what. Regarding NGOs and organizations of all kinds, the state should control and regulate the process. For example, if tomorrow I start baking pies, I must receive a certificate of quality and here is the same thing. We shouldn't play with this, otherwise some forces will use it and there will be a tragedy.

Sabina Aidarkulova, the champion of Kyrgyzstan, multiple winner of international tournaments in Ballroom and Latin Dance:

-The first step is to raise the level of education and self-education. And if you have some spare time, take yourself in sports or clubs that will help develop your human personality. And, of course, parents. They need to know where their child is and what he or she is passionate about. You should also consult with the older generation, they have life experience, finally parents will never advise their child something bad.

Anastasia Mikhailova, teacher of history, pensioner:

- Today it is difficult to protect young people. Emissaries of all shades are hunting for their souls. It is especially difficult because we have already missed several generations of middle age, whose idol is consumption. Unfortunately, it didn't bring them happiness. In order to change the situation, emphasis in work with youth should be done on girls and young women. Exactly they become mothers and wives, they will determine moral climate and intellectual potential of a family. No wonder that the issue of hijab specifically refers to adolescent girls. Someone is very aggressively fighting for this category of young people. At the time, Russian revolutionaries realized that success of their work is determined by women. They proclaimed high slogans, and the most intelligent, clean and courageous women followed them. And the revolution triumphed. How it affected the country - another matter. But the history shows the lesson: if we can inspire girls with idea - we will be able to save generation and make any breakthrough.

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