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March 2017

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Kloop is not so black as it is painted by Ministry of Internal Affairs

01/12/14 09:05, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Darya PODOLSKAYA

Kloop portal blocked in Kazakhstan for the distribution of the video of the children trained in the camp of the "Islamic state". Kloop took video from the website of the British newspaper "Daily Mail". Now, they emphasize that the movie has been used "for illustrative purposes only." The Kloop public fund regrets the decision of the authorities of Kazakhstan to block their website and call the Kyrgyz authorities not to succumb to the pressure of a neighboring state, but rather to protect its journalists.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has transferred the material for the study of the Prosecutor General. Note, that for the study, that is, until there is no question of a criminal case, is a standard procedure at the end of which, most likely, Kloop will be announced the prosecutor's warning. However, an allegation of trying to "strangle" the freedom of speech in the bud has already spread. 24.kg news agency decided to ask its respondents to the question: Do our security forces search enemies in the right place?

Bektur Iskander, a representative of Kloop: 

- Actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs demonstrate its impotence in the fight against terrorism, since the only way to respond to the information that appeared - trying to deal with the media. A press release department sent out earlier, shows how there are afraid of a negative reaction from Kazakhstan and are ready for the sake of it to punish any number of its citizens, if only the northern neighbor wasn't offended.

Omurbek Abdyrakhmanov, deputy of the parliament:

- As always, the journalists are to be blamed. And it has become commonplace when authoritarian power looks for blame in the media, which reflect the facts. Of course, I agree that the information should be checked for its accuracy. But we have no articles, including the Constitution, in order to attract criminal liability, even let for spreading false information with reference to a particular source. It is necessary to accept the opinion of a journalist rather than lash out at him with accusations. 

- But the criminal case is not opened yet. A check is being held.

- Our security forces would do better to find out why young Kyrgyz go to fight in Syria. What force them to it: economic insolvency, religious extremists... It's better than to prosecute journalists. 

Gulnara Dzhurabayeva, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission:

- For me, remains puzzling what can be incriminated to Kloop? It seems to me that the real reason lies in another plane. Security officials feel uncomfortable in a public evaluation of their activities. They don't really like the freedom of speech and criticism of the police. Therefore, I think it's such a reconnaissance in force: whether the journalistic community and civil society stand to protect the portal. For this may be followed by other attempts to restrict imitation of freedom of speech. I believe that Kloop is rightly, that draws the attention of the state and society to the facts of involvement of children in these camps. This can lead to dangerous consequences. And here the security forces should thank journalists for rapid reporting.

 Melis Turganbayev, Minister of the Interior Affairs:

- Honestly, I don't quite know what it was about. Personally, I haven't watched this video and don't know what's referred to the Attorney General's Office and what is blocked.

Daniyar Terbishaliev, member of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party:

-Freedom of media - one of the foundations for building democratic state. In the current situation, when the state through such regulations as the Constitution, the law on access to information, guarantees citizens the opportunity to receive a variety of data, actions aimed at restricting or banning any information, can be regarded as threat to freedom of expression and dissemination of information. A similar example is Fergana website. In this issue, we must be extremely careful, given the negative attitude of citizens to institution of government, judicial and law enforcement authorities. Lack of institutional reforms in law enforcement bodies makes MIA a tool in political struggle, including the fight against unwanted media. Before looking for the speck in another's eye, we must pay attention to the beam in our own. Blocking of website or other similar actions can't resolve the problem of Islamic radicalization. We need comprehensive state program based on international experience. If we do not speak out loud about the problem, it does not mean that it does not exist or it has been solved.

Nurbek Toktakunov lawyer:

-What exactly is considered to be extremist activities: training of children in military camp of the banned terrorist organization or distribution of this video? I do not see the fact of distribution, for example. Kloop did its work. Posting this video on the website, journalists signaled that underage citizens of Kazakhstan attend basic training. They did not call for children to study military science. On the contrary, law enforcement agencies of our country and the government of Kazakhstan should declare gratitude to reporters, as they warned that children are in terrorist camps. Who can guarantee that there are no minors of our compatriots, taking into account that we have a huge number of uncontrolled educational institutions with religious bias? And again, only court can evaluate this video and bring the resource to responsibility for promotion of extremism, but not the Ministry of Interior.

-Ministry of Internal Affairs has transferred the material to the Prosecutor General Office for estimation...

-I hope that our main supervisory body will not repeat old mistakes, as it were, for example, with Fergana and won't go on about the government of Kazakhstan, blocking Kloop website.

Shamaral Maichiev, the Chairman of Commission on Media Complaints and the head of the Judge Selection Council:

-On Kloop's part, there are clear violations of journalistic ethics. The video tells about children, but their faces were not closed. I understand that it is reel - not property of the portal, they just posted it. However, it was necessary to retouch faces. We are talking about minors. And then, even if it's not their video and the material of the third party of any foreign agency or the terrorist-coaches, who shoot in their camps, its distribution by other resources - propaganda. I say it again that showing children's faces is prohibited. This is possible only in cases when it comes to helping them.

 Begaim Usenova, the director of the Institute for Media Policy:

-Limitation of this information does not solve the problem. Our competent authorities could contribute to solving the problems, if, on the contrary, they well informed the way how these children appeared there in order parents to know about all existing risks.

After all, here and there we hear the news that many parents send their children to study. For example, in 2012 there was a scandal with sending children in Bangladesh. Not the most prosperous country, and therefore not the most high-quality education. But parents think that their young children receive quality Islamic education there. In this case, there is no oversight of this process. What if instead of quality education they get something else?

URL: http://eng.24.kg/perekrestok/173457-news24.html
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