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March 2017

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Parliament.kg. When little wit in head makes much work for heel

08/01/15 10:47, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Aizada KUTUEVA, Darya PODOLSKAYA

At the end of 2014, 24.kg news agency traditionally made its own top list of the most useless and stupid initiatives of legislators.

Now journalists decided to ask its respondents about actions, decisions, statements of deputies they consider the most absurd.

Alexander Katsev, head of the Department of Journalism of KRSU: 

-What statements of deputies I find absurd? All of them! We have 120 active loafers. Why do I or you should feed them? Do we have extra money? No. They're rich, but not us. It was already agreed to the fact that a candidate for parliament is not obliged to have higher education. This is the question about the initiatives. And to implement the Manas studies lessons in schools? This is a guarantee that children won't have a desire to learn Manas, read this epic. Remember Leo Tolstoy who is included in the school curriculum. Only those who intended to enter the philological faculty, or those who simply like to read acquainted with his work. The rest still think that Tolstoy wrote "Mumu". This whole mess is because our lawmakers deal with matters of not their specialization. Well, teacher can't be in charge of the military reform, and a physicist from the village school can't write the Constitution. This is called absurd.

Vyacheslav Shapovalov, the national poet of Kyrgyzstan:

- It is enough to recall the speculative cries on preserving the national culture of one or the other "defender" of the native language (remember Urmat Amanbaeva, and other "linguists of cool life"). Once someone has to get into the tabloids, he starts "protecting" the language which doesn't ask about quite illiterate action.

I remember how many sticks deputies shoved in the wheel of our group for the preparation of the national development program of state language. Broke job of thoughtful and conscientious Minister of Education and Science. And how many times they interfere into the reformers of science and education, covering the care of its own personnel behind-the-scenes plans!

Unfortunately, the current "Parliament team" is remembered not so much by business initiatives but grumpy, petty and arrogant interference in the work of the State in society. That's a pity! Indeed, there are many very important and truly talented people of different generations in the Parliament.

Mavlyan Askarbekov, civic activist:

- There are many such initiatives. You can add to this list endless commissions that are created in the Parliament on any occasion. From the same series is the idea to change the attributes of state symbols - the flag, anthem, coat of arms. In the treasury of stupidity I would also add the offer of Omurbek Tekebayev to create a blacklist of journalists who met with the "thieves in law". Sorry, but, deputies not only meet with these criminals, but also drink tea with them, hook them money. I believe that is very biased by Omurbek Tekebayev - to initiate such a list. Then he should enlist his colleagues, who deal with gangsters, to this list. 

Galina Ketova, actress of Russian Drama Theater named after Chingiz Aitmatov: 

- The funniest are all proposals to create a commission to view films and cut out scenes that might seem pornographic. This, no doubt, is the first place of stupidity. While it may be not stupid, but the trick: great job - sit, watch movies and get pleasure and salary. Another really liked was about kissing. It is amazing! In fact, all of this -attempts to return morality by prohibiting. But the laws of nature don't work, and the forbidden fruit is always sweeter. To develop in society some spiritual values, not the corruption, we need creative process. For example, promotion of moral literature. Or theaters. And support the development of classical music in the country. But breaking is not making. And I don't think that the deputies themselves are fans of high art.

Kamil Ruziyev, member of the Coordinating Council of the National Center for prevention of torture KR:

- There are many such initiatives. For example bill of deputies on foreign agents (NGOs), which wasn't supported by the Ministry of Justice. The bill of deputies on the use of environmental protected areas for grazing and harvesting herbs. There is also a bill of deputy Nadira Narmatova on changing the law "On the National Center of torture prevention of the KR". She initiated it allegedly because of inadequate mechanism for coordinating council elections. There have been in the majority of representatives of the Uzbek nationality, allegedly not having the appropriate level of training. In this case, two representatives of the Uighur nation she presented as Uzbeks. Although the elections were conducted in accordance with the law and in the presence of the deputies themselves, as well as the Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic. It would be nice if Narmatova raised the issue of torture in the parliament, including human rights defender Azimzhan Askarov, sentenced to life imprisonment.

Bermet Bukasheva, journalist:

-Collapse of parliamentary factions and fact that people leave them - in groups or singly, says that it is the party system, which we put on, proved to be great. Pants fall off, exposing the lack of any party ideological principles in Kyrgyzstan - they really do not exist. Here elections are coming in the next year. And how should people vote? Vote for new parties, which will deceive once again, which they still do not know, which crumble once again as a house of cards? Or for previous ones, which have not developed as real ideological institutions, as organizations that have rallied their supporters on the basis of their commitment to certain views on structure of the state, on commonality of world outlook? On the other hand, you can not go back, because it is a return to tribal relations or bribery of voters. It so happens that we first stitched a suit, and now it is fitted to a right figure. Parties need to become parties really and form their lists so that then we will not be ashamed.

Zulfiya Marat, member of the advisory board on corruption control under the General Prosecutor Office of the Kyrgyz Republic:

-Describing the overall parliamentary activity, I can say that it made me disappointed. The body that could show its best side, didn't justify the confidence. Deputies are mainly engaged in idle talks, discuss petty details in the bills. Or develop such regulations, which do not affect life of citizens. Moreover, sometimes they pass laws to detriment of the public. Get, at least, the fact that the Parliament has been farmed out the right to determine tariffs to the Government. Where are the assurances from authorities that the tariffs will be the same? After all, they are already growing and it annoys people. Instead of solving immediate problems, deputies are concerned with identification of animals. They can not even properly collect biometric data of citizens, and still they want to identify animals. I also think that initiative of the deputy Dastan Bekeshev on corporal punishment for minor offenses is frivolous.

Anes Zarifyan, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine KRSU:

-Nonsense in statements of our politicians, especially legislators, gives me an inexhaustible source for satirical verses. In particular, a remark of Ata-Zhurt faction member Kurmantai Abdiev about circus horses. I even scribbled some poems about it and ended it as follows: "... when female deputies clatter like horses, male deputies neigh like stallions." Another initiative of Dastan Bekeshev impressed me - to introduce the institution of corporal punishment. I would, honestly, support it, but with one condition: people's representatives - who does not fulfill their promises, would be publicly sent there by kick in the pants. The suggestion of Myktybek Abdyldaev also didn't leave me indifferent - it turns out that Kyrgyzstan has such a lame economy, that falcon (Akshumkar) on the emblem is imaged without one leg. But we thought: what is the cause of our troubles? ...

Roman Vaytsel, expert:

-Actually, to be honest, I regularly observe the work of the parliament - it's not for the faint of heart. It is good that journalists still cover such events and add irony herewith. They even slightly moderate the process and results of the "work" of our Parliament. To be honest, most of decisions of the Parliament strongly underdeveloped or they are initiated and adopted in selfish interests of certain groups of deputies and their business. If you give a few examples that come to mind, it is the following.

Ban of right-hand drive cars. The Road Patrol Service can not itself and does not want to solve the problem, does not want to reform itself, to stop selling rights. Therefore, they a whipping boy, and this is a right-hand drive car. To be honest, it all depends on a driver. Those who can not drive or violates the rules will create many threats to society not only at the right, but also at the left wheel. I speak as a user of the right-hand drive car: while driving under the rules there are no problems or interference, including the lighting. But the cost of left-hand drive cars is $2-3 thousand more literally out of the blue. For an average not rich population of the country it is a very significant difference.

All decisions on Kumtor, except the first one, are absurd. It is quite normal practice that at the beginning of the project great benefits were given to Canadians. After a certain period of the first agreement, the KR would significantly increase its share and gain control of the project. The question of nationalization - it's all out of the ordinary. Then no investments will come, and those who work in the country, will be "diversified" and, if possible, will move to neighboring countries. Our MPs decided to ruin at least some sort of profit increase, achieved by Satybaldiev. First let them prepare normal lawyers for participation in international courts.

And always parliamentarians get on nerves, when they like to raise linguistic topic - instead of dealing with the case and solve social and economic problems of citizens. Such MPs should somehow be spotted in the media and show themselves to voters. So they start to discuss themes, for which they lack intelligence.

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MP Kamchybek Joldoshbayev at a meeting of Parliament, February 2, 2017.

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