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March 2017

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Kyrgyz law on banning propaganda of homosexuality: pro and contra

19/01/15 11:49, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anara MAMYTOVA

At the plenary meeting of January 15, the European Parliament expressed deep concern about the intentions of parliament deputies to adopt the Law "On the propagation of information about non-traditional sexual relations." Kyrgyz people once again reminded that "sexual orientation and gender identity - is a matter of personal rights of each individual as human rights guarantee," that the adoption of the law will affect relations with the European Union. 24.kg news agency decided to ask respondents if Kyrgyzstan needs the law, banning the promotion of homosexuality or not.

Alfiya Kostikina, mother of two sons:

- Personally, I am tolerant as much as possible. However, I don't welcome the promotion of this issue. I also wouldn't welcome if straights often carried on the public issues of their sexual preference. Among my friends there are LGBT, but they don't focus on this part of their life, so many are not even aware that they are bicurious. And I respect that approach. What's happening in your bed, applies only to you and your partner.

- And if one of your sons says that he is bicurious?

- Of course, no one wants his child to be bicurious. Just because it is quite difficult for them to live in the society. To say that is terrible - no, I don't think about it. I think that a good example of the father should take its tall. If this happens, I will accept it and won't condemn.

Kanatbek Murzakhalilov, expert:

- The European Union countries, represented by the European Parliament under the auspices of the alleged "human rights" substantially behind the curve, are interfering in the case of a sovereign state. Personally, I support the initiative of deputies to ban gay propaganda in our country. Kyrgyzstan - not the West with its "values and orientations" like same-sex marriage. Our well-established family relations, lifestyle, mentality don't perceive LGBT propaganda. Especially in the canons of all world religions, there is a ban on such cases. I think that parliamentarians will vote for the bill. After its adoption we would expect sharp criticism from Europe and the US, as well as international and local human rights organizations financed from those countries that we have allegedly violated human rights. 

- What would you do if your child one day will say that he is not like the others?

- I can't imagine that even in a nightmare. I sympathize with those who are of "another" sexual orientation.

- What should be done to stop imposing of European "values" to Kyrgyzstan?

- It's time to become a truly independent state, at least in terms of spirituality, ideological values, but economically Kyrgyzstan depends on many countries of the world. Perhaps, there will be financial penalties, but we shouldn't afraid of it. We must preserve our values, people from this kind of corrupting influence. Political will of people, taking the final decision, is needed so that the country not to become a testing ground for various ideological and philosophical values. 

Bektur Iskender, editor in chief of one of the Internet portals:

- Regardless of the fact that the European Parliament proposes, we shouldn't have this law. This law is unconstitutional and directed not against gay people, but against the freedom to express opinions, prohibits generate a positive attitude towards non-traditional sexual relations. And in general, on which laws basis relations are considered to be traditional or not? How can you give a deadline for the formation of a positive attitude to the fact that not illegal? This law won't be used against gays and lesbians, because of the constant risk of aggression the LGBT community is as meek as a lamb. The law can be used against any opponent, because under such a formulation anyone who has ever mentioned homosexuality in a neutral tone can be referred. The bill is ignorant and stupid, and most importantly, is illegal.

Syrgak Karganbekov, entrepreneur:

- God gave "two of every kind" for a good reason. And then, well, what if there will be only gays and lesbians, where will they take children? They won't be able to pair, and then we will come full circle again. Stop interfering into my heterosexual life. Smoking is banned here, for me this is a problem, got into my private life. And then there are gays... Kyrgyz citizens organize rallies because of higher electricity prices, and now gays and lesbians are kissing on the streets. If they want, do it in hiding places, not in public, just for their own sake.

- Your reaction if one day your son says that he is "different"?

- Of course, I would be shocked, but my son is already dating with the girls. So, I don't worry.

Mikhail Levantovsky, poet:

-I do not know, honestly, I am not interested in such things. As for me, this fuss just draws attention to what is, in principle, not necessary - there are enough problems. But no, let's in leather armchairs solve the issues of some kind of propaganda, some of homosexuality. There is nothing to do in the country with dirty streets and miserable pensions. There is no need of such a bill, especially in Kyrgyzstan. Well, see for yourself, who of homosexuals will advocate and what? Theoretically, let's rally. So, they will march to the nearest taxi parking, or, say, Osh bazaar, and back - no.

-How to react if your child says that he is a gay?

-I can not say that I would clap my hands, and would treat it with understanding. What to do? But people say there is a predisposition. Clearly, this is contrary to nature, foundations, but lump everybody under a general umbrella - not a solution. Let's then ban all kinds of music, movies, painting, all inventions that the so-called people of non-traditional sexual orientation gave to the world. Nonsense. We think about wrong things and pay attention to unnecessary.

Tem Kolosov, PR-manager:

-What rot! Of course, such a law should exist, and it would be foolish if Kyrgyzstan, sovereign state, will follow the European Parliament and repeal this bill. I remember the general course of history, biology, where it is clear that "man + woman = child." Humanity is doomed without the formula. What does Europe want to do? And why? "Love" each other, but what is the reason to proclaim about it all over the world, and even advocate that this is normal? When there are such conversations, there appears the phrase of Pavel Volya about Europe... In general, be attentive and don't look up to someone.

Victoria Lotz, the leader of sexual minorities in Bishkek:

-I think, in general, there shouldn't be such a question, because we are also citizens of the country: we also pay taxes, perform the same duties as the other society. We, for example, are tolerant of you, hetero, with your showing off? As there are no bad nations, so there is no bad orientation.

-Don't you think that this kind of relationship - dead-end path of human development?

-No. By the way, there are heterosexuals-swingers having sex not for procreation, there is "antibabies" - people who do not want to have children. And there are many moms, dads among us, we are exactly the same as all of us, and nature has created us as well. We shouldn't be hurt. I am a happy mother and grandmother and almost all of us have children.

-Maybe it's not genetics, but disease or just a fad?

-No, it's at the genetic level. Of course, there are those who think of being gay or lesbian, but "Labrys" and "Indigo" organizations reveal them. We also are working with those who fantasize.


-How does your son react to your relationship?

-The son is unkind to it, but I solve it as follows: it is my life and you will make your own life as you like. I, as a mother, fulfill all my obligations, don't disgrace: I do not drink, do not smoke, not a drug addict, not idler. I am a law-abiding citizen, great mother, elegant grandmother. So my son is proud of me. And when some body asks him about it, he replies: "Yes, I do not like it, but it's my mother's choice." He sees that I'm really a good mother, and that's important.

Dmitry Orlov, general director of East-West Strategy analytical center:

-In fact, it is unprofitable for human rights defenders to have tolerant attitude toward homosexuals. On the contrary, it is advantageous when members of sexual minorities in Kyrgyzstan are beaten and even killed. Therefore, they strongly provoke social hostility towards them. Practice shows that in most cases, protection of the rights of sexual minorities - is a highly profitable business and completely heterosexual people engaged in it. Otherwise, fighters for the rights of homosexuals won't breed worldwide like rabbits.

I want to tell those who oppose the ban of promotion of homosexuality that adoption of the law on this subject, as any other - a sovereign right of Kyrgyzstan. Maybe someone does not know about it, but it's true. We only need a significant refinement here: propaganda should be prohibited among minors. Because if "homosexual brothers" tell adult men about virtues of pederasty, then there is no guarantee that they will go out of there alive. And minors - ideal candidates for recruitment. Especially those who are, for whatever reasons, dissatisfied with their lives.

Claims of the European Parliament to our country about adoption of this law, putting it mildly, are strange. Especially against the background that the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, for example, have the same laws against homosexuality. Yes, I want to ask our human rights defenders, who advocate "West values" in Kyrgyzstan: "Do you also in your every day life bring into your home all trash that you find outside?"

-What will you do if your child tells you that he is interested in "non-traditional sexual relations"?

-I originally took every effort to make this not happen.

-What should we do to stop imposition of foreign "values"?

-The state and people must regain the values which they were taken away in the 90s - the country, ideology, and culture.

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