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March 2017

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Five years later. Something to boast of?

08/04/15 07:47, Bishkek – by Makhinur NIYAZOVA, news agency

Today is five years of the April events. Another change of government cost Kyrgyzstan too much: about 80 people were killed, more than 300 injured on April 7, 2010 at the central Ala-Too Square and near the Government House.

Recall the main slogan of the opposition was the overthrow of the family-clan regime, reduction of tariffs for electricity and heat, freedom of expression, the fight against corruption and crime. Family was expatriated. The situation with clans is more difficult - they feel fine and continue to march to power. About tariffs is clear - they are not reduced but to be promised to increase. Freedom of speech is declarative, as before: those who are out of favour deprived accreditation and dragged through the courts. Corruption has no intention to leave the high offices. And crime in the new government is in favor, as in the former one. It is politely met, supplied with new documents and escorted in the airport. The remaining authorities have no reason for complaint: Themis is favorable to them, the victims refuse their testimony, and police traditionally have figures of questionable statistics...

Meanwhile, the court on April events is continuing for five years. In "the case of the shooting of "peaceful demonstrators", where the military special forces "Alpha" GKNB and "Arstan" State Guard service are accused, it seems, no one is trying to find the real culprits. Even the relatives of those killed and injured don't attend the process anymore. They are increasingly on the officials. From the last there was financial assistance on tragic date, benefits and promises.

24.kg news agency decided to ask the respondents what changes have occurred in the country over the past five years, whether they believe that the so-called "April revolution" achieved its goals?

Isa Omurkulov, ex-mayor of Bishkek:

- I believe that the revolution achieved its goals. A new basic law of the country, which has no unity of command, is adopted. Republic is led by more than one person, this function is distributed between the government, parliament and the president. Another question - how do they work? Today, the country is developing on the other way: there is transparency, freedom of speech, no one is pursuing, rapes, kills. Another question is how officials and deputies react to freedom of speech? The Government has accumulated a lot of questions - Parliament is also not very responsive. Any citizen may have questions to the president and the government, they should ask them.

After the events of April 2010, we were able to stabilize the country, to adopt the Constitution, to hold democratic elections to the parliament, to keep the situation. Today it is easy to criticize, but that time there was a fire, arranged by the previous government, chaos and law enforcement agencies were inactive. We must continue to put things in order, so everything was transparent. The authorities should ensure transparency, fairness in elections-2015.

Omurbek Tekebayev, leader of Ata Meken party:

- The Revolution of 2010 - very important and great event, and to assess its scale the time is needed. It is known that from a distance something big is seen better. Five years - even in historical scales is sufficient period of time, today one can make a preliminary assessment. Recently the European tour of President Almazbek Atambayev has finished. All the countries he visited praised the political system of the Kyrgyz Republic and emphasized that we are building a parliamentary democracy in the region, where authoritarianism is widespread, promised assistance and wish us success. This is international recognition of the status of the April events. We have introduced a parliamentary form of government - a revolutionary change, like no other in the region.

Now we can confidently say that the interim government coped with its tasks. Look at Libya, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine, where constitutional reforms haven't even started and there is bloody fratricidal war. In KR the interim government for three months could carry out constitutional reforms.

And most importantly - the Constitution as a result of the events of April decided the issue of transfer of power - peacefully, through elections, relatively fair. This happened in 2012, when Roza Otunbayeva handed the presidency to Almazbek Atambayev. This autumn parliamentary elections will be held, when the government can change.

Toktaiym Umetalieva, human rights activist:

- Revolution is easy to be started but impossible to be finished. We started, but didn't come to revolutionary changes. We have received parliamentary ochlocracy, changeling and forged Constitution that no one wants to explore. We couldn't get the responsibility of the political elite. Political lustration didn't receive. Looting, which began in 2005, continued in 2010. From physical looting we went to the legislative. While we don't stop it, it's early to say about any changes.

The judicial branch of government is paralyzed, has no power - the executive, the deputies - mixed lobby. We are still in a transitional period of restoration of state authority. We have opened the doors to everyone and some riffraff rushed here from all sides, exposing national security to the risk. Representatives of political and oligarchic from outside circles, who are interested in our subsoil. So far, nothing to rejoice. The only achievement - women in power, and those with low professional qualities.

Meerbek Miskenbaev, chairman of the association "Aikol Ala-Too":

- How can we achieve the goals when hucksters and criminal elements are sitting in parliament? Perhaps in the future there will be decent people in Parliament, who will appoint the government and lead the country to prosperity. I can't say anything bad about the President. If we talk about the positive changes I would note that there is no raid, citizens are free to criticize the government. In economic terms, there is no much improvement, but it doesn't depend on the authorities of Kyrgyzstan, it happens on a global scale - because the dollar rate. There is still work to do. We are waiting for the achievements of the parliament, good people to come to the government and carry out reforms in all spheres.

Osunbek Zhamansariev, representative of relatives of those killed in the April events:

- So far there are disputes, what was on April 7 - a coup or revolution. In any case, this is a change of power. But people didn't protest in order one group of people left and were replaced by another. Participants of the events waited for radical changes. Revolution 2010 - continuation of the events of 2005. Bakiyev was accused of having stolen a revolution of the people. Now we are in the same situation, people have more questions than answers.

It is known that the President's Office has prepared a change in the Basic Law, to conduct the so-called repair of Constitution. We support these initiatives to correct the negative aspects and give a chance for the country to develop. But today, we haven't reached our goals.

The only thing I will note, we have introduced corporate governance. West welcomes this, neighbors - not really. Deputies and ministers are being sent to prison. Plus strategic facilities and industrial enterprises with state shares are developing. But what most citizens waited - lustration - didn't happen.

Rabiga Sydykova, Bishkek resident:

- The main objectives are not achieved. Crime is increasing, pedophilia, violence. But there is one positive thing - freedom of speech. Currently there is no harassment of journalists by the authorities. There is also a backlash when journalists raise the subject. Today in the mainstream media - the defenders of the people, and the rest are concerned about the completion of own pocket.

Bektursun Orozmatov, ex-official:

- Of the whole army of corruptionists only Tyuleev is in prison. There are no global changes. One group of politicians replaced another, and only ordinary citizens suffer in the struggle for cushy position.

Mikhail Paramonov, taxi driver:

- Prices rose, the dollar rate is growing... Taxes for private cabs are raised. If right-hand cars are prohibited in taxi driving, then one can put head in the noose.

I think that the revolutionaries achieved their goals. When driving near the Ataturk Park I realize that not only mansions, but luxury high-rise buildings are being built. Obviously that they are belonged not to a usual man, but those who are in power. And they build them not on the salary of minister or deputy.

Mavlyan Askarbekov activist:

- I participated in the events of 2005 and 2010, so I can definitely say that to call them revolutions - a lie. Five and ten years ago it was rising of the people, which have been successfully used by some people that are in power for the last 20-25 years. In 2010, those who came to power promised that tariffs will be decreased, fight corruption and eradicate it, stop the sale of strategic assets and hold the nationalization of illegally sold, bring to responsibility the officials of Akayev and Bakiyev regimes... But nothing was done. Case on the bank cells has not been completed, as well as looting and universally observed raider seizure of buildings, offices, villas, plots of land, the question on Kumtor is still not resolved, the "thief in law" Batukaev was seen off. In addition, we observe a breakdown of social and economic situation in the country. Rate of som fell sharply. Today, the energy crisis is obvious. One of the points in the promises was the return of former socially-oriented tariffs for electricity, but the cost increases by 20 percent quarterly. Today, we pay 70 tyiyn while consuming up to 700 kilowatts, now will be an increase up to 84 tyiyn. We began to import electricity, whereas before we were exporters.

Because of the failed policies of the interim government the Kyrgyz Republic is in debt and has claims in international arbitration and courts at almost $1.5 billion. Several dozen young Kyrgyz died in the last 5 years at the borders, the delimitation and demarcation issues are not solved. There are many facts, they are endless. Analyzing this, I can't say that there were positive changes. Surprising fact that Satybaldiev, Karashev, Otorbaev, against who we were in 2005 and 2010, have come to the government. It is irresponsible to say that the April 7, 2010 - the day of the revival of the Kyrgyz Republic, as stated in the slogans on banners. It is self-deception. We don't blame the members of the interim government, but we are talking about their responsibility. After all, the lives of ordinary people haven't improved, but getting worse every year. If to turn a blind eye to the disease, it won't disappear, it will progress.

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