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March 2017

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Government.kg: drudgery

15/05/15 08:09, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anara MAMYTOVA

In late April, the Kyrgyz parliament approved Temir Sariev as a head of the Cabinet. Before his appointment to the high post, he said that his new government won't sleep at all, and the ministers will have to work 24 hours a day.

"You will feel a new way of working in the first days. We won't have such notion that Saturday - a day off," Temir Argembaevich assured.

24.kg news agency asked the Heads of state bodies, what do they think about it. Are they optimistic as Prime Minister is? Are they ready to share the desire of the new head of the government? And how soon will the society feel the results of such hard work?

Alina Shaikova, Chairman of the State Registration Service:

- The agency is working in this mode from the previous year, and prescribed pace has led to the result - timely implementation of the project for the biometric registration of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

- And how will the citizens feel it?

- The result of our work for the citizens will be the possibility of obtaining services in the field of registration without providing a huge number of inquiries. If a citizen provides a large package of documents now, when we create the Unified State Register of Population, containing biometric data, these papers won't be necessary. In the Unified State Register integrated other databases - address, passport, civil status and PIN. I hope that by the end of this year, the services in the area of ​​registration will be provided on the identification of a citizen.

Taalaibek Tolubaev, General Director of "Electric stations" JSC:

- Subordinated units of Electric stations never finish their work at 5 p.m. The company operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, without days off. This is the specificity of work. We have worked, are working and will work around the clock and all year round. The public of the country, of course, feels our work: the light is on, citizens' houses were warm in the winter, hot water the whole year, except for the period when there is repair work.

Asanbek Alymkozhoev, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic:

- Actually, we are military men, and comment on the words superior is incorrect.

- Okay, I'll ask the question in another way... (dial tone, recall) 

- Asanbek Tunguchbaevich, perhaps the connection cut off. Or you interrupted the conversation on purpose? I reformulate the question...

- How can I comment? If he (Temir Sariev - note of 24.kg new agency) said so, then I am ready to work.

 - How soon the citizens will feel the results of your round the clock work?

- If the leadership strictly requires, we must do it.

- And why didn't you work so previously?

- I'm on a business trip and can't speak.

Melis Turganbaev, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic:

- I'm already working 24 hours a day, I'm used to it, don't know about the others.

- Are you optimistic? Ready to work flat out?

- Of course, I'm ready to work for the people. I have no Saturdays or Sundays, I sleep only five hours a day.

- One should take care of his health....

- We train, exercise, there are no complains about health.

- And when will the people feel the results round the clock work?

- They will feel it greatly. Now there are no problems - the police is with the people, the people with the police. The reforms give the first fruits: Police Stations are built with the help of the local population, thus not a single tyiyn was spent from the state budget, all financed by rural district. Gorgeous defensive bases, showers, toilets are built.

- Does the crime rate decrease?

- Well, crime is everywhere: in America, and Africa, and Europe. The number of robberies, street hooliganism has decreased. But the increase in crime and its decline doesn't depend on us. We can't regulate it, everything depends on the economic level of life, unemployment...

Oleg Pankratov, the Minister of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic:

-On the first question: the executive branch should be based on a strong vertical. In this regard, the decision of the Prime Minister can not be a subject of discussion and should be executed. A public assesses the work from the first day, but the first results are usually summed up after 100 days, perhaps then we can talk about the first results.

What prevented to work like that earlier?

-The question is not to me, because I was not a leader.

Zamirbek Osmonov, the Chairman of the State Tax Service:

-I absolutely agree with the statement of the prime minister and I am ready to work in this mode. Cabinet should really work very hard. We have entered the EEU, and we are waiting for new conditions, new challenges and risks. Soon there will be elections, preparations for winter, we need to prepare. There is a political decision to increase teachers' salaries. It requires a lot of money.

-And when the public will feel this hard work around the clock?

-Time will tell. But tax authorities always work in this mode. By the way, we made a proposal to the government to announce May 30, Saturday, as a working day for financiers, after all, collection of taxes. Given that the budget and the government need money for social programs, I'm not saying about projects on development and construction of roads, we have to work as never before.

Kubanychbek Kulmatov, the Mayor of Bishkek:

-In this mode we are working for almost a year. There are many problems and they should have been resolved earlier. Unfortunately, today we are reaping the fruits. I am not saying that nothing is done, most of the meager budget funds were spent not for development, but closure of social problems of the city. In this regard, we redraw the budget for development, capital investment, so necessary today for our city. For his part, the president helps to solve traffic problems, attracting foreign investments on favorable terms. The Prime Minister Temir Argembaevich actively helps in the way that current distribution of the budget is good enough for the city - more than 7 billion soms. At least 68 percent of them cover social issues. In 2013, 136 million were directed to all capital investments, in 2014 - 365 million soms, and in 2015 - already 800 million. This is what the city did not have enough - to refocus resources and pay more attention to development of the capital.

-And how soon the public will feel the results?

-In Bishkek road works have already started, we have developed a concept of development of the road network of the city. We have begun to implement it. And in order to change the situation, the city needs $250 million.

With regard to public lighting, there are found two sources of financing for replacement of all lighting and creation of a unified system of street lighting. This is a work for 2015-2016 years. Regarding garbage, which everyone is fed up with: the problem is being solved. Do you know that in 2012, the credit was taken, all procedural questions are nearing completion, and we will begin construction of waste sorting line and attract private companies for collection and removal of solid waste.

More serious situation is with urban transport. We want to support our private haulers to establish normal partnership to have rights and responsibilities, comfort and safety of movement, the issues of technical support of vehicles.

In short, three areas have developed very well. As for the latter, the concept is also worked out and as far as our partners are ready we will begin a gradual replacement of minibuses with bigger buses.

Why we don't see the results? Maybe because of the coming systemic changes. The role of the mayor's office has to change, it should not be a businessman, the municipality should only create sites and conditions for private companies. That is why our program is called the "City of Opportunities" with involvement of domestic and foreign investment.

Abdyrakhman Mamataliev, the Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan on Security, Rule of Law and Border Issues:

-Yesterday we went to Batken and worked intensely for 12-14 hours per day. And in my opinion, working twenty-four hours a day is physically impossible. But we have some civil servants who work inefficiently and wait for time is over to hurry home. The Prime Minister must have had in mind this point and encourages civil servants to work efficiently, regardless of personal time, they talked about it. There is no need to perceive everything literally.

-And when the public will see the results of this work?

-The government will always be a subject to criticism both from public and the Parliament. I do not remember that the government was praised somewhere, except perhaps in North Korea. And around the world the Cabinet is criticized, but we understand this attitude and continue to work in order to stop criticism, and make it objective. Then sometimes journalists "press" us for nothing, including respected by me Makhinur Niyazova.

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