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March 2017

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29/06/15 08:48, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Kanykei MANASOVA

Summer and vacation time gains momentum. Recall the study of WTM Global Trends, stating that holiday without technology soon will become one of the main trends of the global tourism industry. In the next three years, the growing popularity of digital detox direction will be the main trend of the tourism industry. The phenomenon has become so mass that the term digital detox was recorded in the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. More and more people admit that they dependent on their gadgets and can't give them up, not only at home but also on vacation. The purpose of a digital detox - clear a person's thoughts of information and to remove debris from the constant psychological pressure "involvement." many players of premium class are actively promoting the concept of such holiday, for example, organize recreational trips for employees of large corporations.

24.kg news agency interested its respondents whether they are ready for a vacation without the Internet and why.

Radislav Safin, the illusionist:

- To tell the truth, I can't imagine even one day without access to the Internet. The fact that, in connection with our new obligations under various contracts I need to maintain regular dialogue with our partners, and e-mail or correspondence in social networks - the most convenient options of communication. We are discussing the details of the agreements, our future performance, and more. If today we could exchange messages via carrier pigeons at the same rate, I would easily get rid of the modem. But now the World Wide Web so deeply entered into the life of active people that turn off the computer or the phone is equivalent to "turning off" from life. Besides, all these gadgets are not annoying, even if I'm on vacation. Moreover, they are essential to me.

In general, my work is constructed in such a way that I usually work on holidays, because of this all the days of the week mixed up in my mind for a long time. For me there is no difference - today is Monday or Sunday. Meanwhile, I know people who are annoyed when they are disturbed during their lunch break or after work or on the weekend, and God forbid to call them during vacation. I don't have any problems with this. I don't suffer when someone calls me at ten o'clock in the evening, or want to meet when I am on vacation. Work - is an integral part of my life. I'll tell you even more: I was surprised by the people with whom it is impossible to get in touch, except on weekdays from 9 to 9. These are people, not shopping malls...

Lira Samykbaeva, employee of "Soros-Kyrgyzstan" Fund:

- Am I ready to rest without the Internet? Of course, I am! Another question is whether others are ready to take a break from writing endless e-mails to me... Unlikely. Some have already learned how to write heartbreaking answers to "answering machines" letters and not to answer them becomes a sacrilege.

But only three or four years ago I managed to go deep into the mountains (on jailoo in Sary-Zhaz, for example), where there is no electricity, no cellular communication, no the Internet. Where you go to sleep at 8 p.m, because it's getting dark. Why should we sit in darkness then? And you get up early, at six in the morning, because you had a good sleep. And your biological clock adjusted to your originally defined the rhythm of nature. And the wings grow because you don't have concerns, usually coming from the e-mail.

You begin to re-learn to talk with ordinary people eye to eye. Talking about the most ordinary things: feelings, dreams, plans for the evening. And you don't catch yourself thinking that it would be necessary to clarify in Wikipedia the height of Sary-Zhaz jailoo above sea level. Immediately the kids from the courts of other shepherds run up to you, and my hand reaches for the computer to show them a different world. Infinite. Digital. I wish that they don't lag behind urban children and develop freely like everyone. Although, maybe it's we who already need freedom?

Sultan Raev, the national writer of the Kyrgyz Republic:

-In fact, I have a rest without the Internet. I like solitude. On vacation I take a laptop, some books and ... disappear from human eyes. I deliberately I do not connect to the Internet - so I'm leaving the bustle of information. The world has become informational empire, where in addition to useful things there is a lot of stuff. Of course, it is also difficult to live without information. But I believe that rest and information world - incompatible concepts. This, of course, is purely my point of view. I don't want to impose it on somebody. However, only when a person is alone, he has a greater opportunity to understand himself, communicate with himself, hear the world, see nature. Can you really see the bottomless blue sky in the daytime or night sky full of stars during workdays? No, we all run, hurry, plan... Freedom from information helps me a little bit to stop the rapid flight of time.

I like to relax in two places: in Kadji-Say, the old Finnish house, and in an abandoned pioneer camp "Asyl", in Sary-Oi village. There is no chic and comfort. Probably because I do not understand. There are creaking iron beds, remaining from the Soviet era. Naturally, all the amenities are outside. I read, write and swim for the whole day. I don't disturb anyone, and the world also does not bother me. Some pages of my novel "Kara", which caused a great resonance among readers, were written in old Finnish house on the south shore of Issyk-Kul. This house - is a piece of my soul, my spirit "sarcophagus." There I am in solitude harmony with the environment. I think this year I will have the same vacation. And here, I think the Internet is unnecessary. It just distracts or brings me to a very different field... to the mad world of "information swamp."

With hand on heart, I can say that, despite the long years of takuing high positions, I've never rested in luxury resorts, business and premium class. I like Spartan way of life. In short, if I rest, then without the Internet.

Kristina Glazunova, the artist:

-I can say that this issue is very important for me right now. With a growing number of ideas and projects, the number of people involved is growing as well. Rest is obtained only in nature. I like Suusamyr: there is no possibility to get in touch in principle. The first couple of days at the cottageI don't connect to the Internet as well. At such moments, I find a lot of interesting things. Often in this state there appear ideas, about which I then inform on the web.

Emil Dzhumabaev, film director, writer:

-I, thank God, do not depend on the Internet in sense of "intoxication." Just use it as a mobile phone or an alarm clock, and that's all. So I can rest or not to rest without the World Wide Web. One old book says that "the Sabbath was made for mannot man for the Sabbath". I have the same attitude to the Internet (and not only to it). Of course people should free from the "bondage of information": it kills independent thinking, and the most subtle energies of the inner world, drains human spirit, and then leaves him with a devilish laugh.

Dastan Bekeshev, the deputy of the Parliament:

-In theory, when you rest, you should be completely disconnected from work and other matters. Otherwise, the work becomes part of holiday. But at the same time the Internet became a part of our holiday. We are happy to share our impressions on social networks. Personally, I find it difficult to relax without the World Wide Web. I try to periodically check email, to answer citizens, watch news and just keep track of events.

Bakhadur Muslimov, the programmer:

-Of course, ready, if all close people are beside me, not on the Internet. And I need to communicate with my parents and even with someone on a regular basis. So in my situation I can't live without the Internet.

Besides, I do not have a strong need to waste time on social networks. I visit them, mostly sitting on the bus - road is long. I also read sports news. But this can be replaced by newspaper. The Internet is not bad, if it is used skilfully. This is a wonderful invention, without which it is difficult to imagine the modern world. The main thing is that you will use the Internet, and not it will use you.

Marlen Solyanoy, the press secretary for the Ministry of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic:

-Yes, I am ready to spend my vacation without the Internet. When I leave on vacation for the Issyk-Kul lake, the mountains and other remote areas that are far from our capital, I never use it, because I am busy with enjoyable pastime with friends, doing a variety of sports games, mountain climbing, observing natural beauty, photographing, talking face to face without any gadgets. In general, the Internet is only a hindrance in these cases.

Andrey Ryazantsev, the astrologer:

-Yes, I am ready to rest without the Internet. The rest is given to us for relax, not thinking about business or news. And if you are online on vacation, you will continue to receive messages that return you to work. As a result, you can miss a lot of pleasant events happening around on vacation.

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