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March 2017

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08/02/16 07:42, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Nurzhamal GANYEVA

MPs have once again surprised by "necessary and important" ideas. This time, deputies propose a special law to limit the number of guests at weddings and celebrations up to 100-150 people.

The draft law On regulation of traditions, celebrations and ceremonies in the Kyrgyz Republic was drawn up by representatives of Ata Meken faction and the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan. The authors clarify that the law is aimed at "eradicating the facts of excessive lavishness, pomposity, unhealthy panache during weddings, family celebrations, funeral ceremonies, events dedicated to the memory of the dead, among the state and municipal employees."

The document consists of a dozen pages, which describes in detail how much guests should be present at a particular event, what to gift and when to organize feasts.

 Ordinary citizens of Kyrgyzstan, to put it mildly, are confused by such a proposal. Execution of the law raises a lot of questions, while the initiators propose to entrust an authorized body with the task.

 Whether the state should take cerebrations under the tight control - 24.kg news agency turned to the citizens of Kyrgyzstan with such a question.

 Azamat Adilov, president of For Democracy and Civil Society Coalition:

- I do not see any reason to adopt a law now, because there are many pressing issues in the country now that require urgent solutions. For example, reform of the courts, the Ministry of Interior, the fight against corruption, social issues.

 Besides, mechanism of execution of the law it is not entirely clear. There is a high probability of corrupt elements.

- How serious is the issue of lavishness at weddings and celebrations?

 - People organize costly feasts in the detriment of their financial position only in order to show others how much they are self-sufficient. I think the trend is changing, people started more rationally use the finances. I would like the deputies to adhere to the principles of human rights and freedoms in making laws.

Ainura Chekirova, executive director of an analytical center:

 -  The initiative is quite topical in terms of waste and improper financial management by the population. But in this case, the distribution of financial resources, the choice of location and the number of guests is a personal decision of every citizen. A limitation in this is a violation of constitutional rights.

 The state should not limit but motivate a person to a particular behavior. If the draft law is adopted, the so-called "shadow" market will appear. There are more pressing issues in the country that need to be addressed, rather than to think about the number of guests at a wedding.

 Oleg Bondarenko, a writer:

- The question itself that the celebrations should not be turned into something unimaginable is right. But the issue resolving method- with the help of the law- just amused me. In my opinion, this shows the total incompetence of those who are drawing up such bills. It is impossible to abolish that is connected with the long-lived traditions of the people and social status.

There is a certain "social law" in psychology: the poorer people live, the more money they spent on a variety of celebrations. In order to normalize the situation in the country and to deal with waste, we need to improve the social and economic life and to educate people.

If the law is adopted, we will get the following picture. Since the number of guests at a wedding is limited, the celebration will be divided into several parts. And it seems to me, it could lead to much more spendings.

I write stories and bring some situation to the absurd in them, the proposal of deputies is a great idea for a new story. I will use it for sure.

Ernest Abdyzhaparov, a film director:

- Everything related to national traditions should not be limited in any case. The people themselves must determine the extent of celebrations. Pseudo-care of the poor people, who can not hold lavish celebrations, is unfounded. I witnessed that exactly such feasts in the 1990s have helped many people to feed themselves.

Pomposity and lavishness at the weddings must be fought through education, training, upbringing but not the control.

I believe it is a choice of each person- to hold a large one or a modest feast. For example, a man has only son, he had always dreamed of a big wedding for his child. Why someone has to limit him in this desire? Blessing of the people is of paramount importance for the Kyrgyz.

-What was the wedding of your son?

 - We have agreed with the bride's side that the celebration would be modest. Although, I had to sell my property to organize it, but I do not regret it, it's my choice.

 Mukar Cholponbaev, ex-MP:

 - First, let these elected officials give up their official cars, assistants and do not interfere with the traditions and customs of the people. As for restrictions in the number of cars at weddings, I agree, but how many visitors come to a funeral or to a feast - is not their business. MPs will soon pass laws about conception of a child? Are there some limits in the end?!

 - What is the reason for the frequent "ambiguous", even absurd proposals of MPs?

 - In such a way they want to show that they, allegedly, care about people.

 Damira Niyazalieva, ex-Deputy Prime Minister:

-This bill is not an innovation because such a regulation exists in Tajikistan for about five years. Kyrgyzstan is a democratic country, so such a law is unlikely to be effective, it is unsustainable.

 I agree that a public servant should live modestly. But other mechanisms should be used to eliminate wastes at weddings and celebrations. The deputies would better to have proposed a law to help the disadvantaged people.

Zamir kary Rakiev, head of the Education Department of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan:

 - The idea of the bill is good, religion is also against wastefulness. Some people take loans to hold a wedding. However, limitation of the number of guests at a celebration is not quite right, because a person may have a lot of relatives. The bill should be worked out more carefully.

Ilichbek Ergeshov, Vice Mayor of Osh:

 - I fully support this initiative. A lot of money is spent on feasts in Kyrgyzstan. On the other hand, we have no right to interfere in spending of a private capital of a person. But if the people feast so excessively, the government should take it under control. This law is intended to protect the social interests of the citizens and contribute to poverty alleviation.

Enforcement of the law is doubtful, because our people are freedom-loving. So we, the officials from the highest echelons of power, should by our example show modesty during celebrations. This behavior should be promoted through the media, the elders' council.

 - Will the adoption of the law lead to corrupt practices?

 - Corruption will be there as long as there are unscrupulous people.

 -  Are you ready to show an example of modesty?

- Absolutely. I am , so to say, the second man in the city, but I live in the usual rented apartment,  and do not have own car. For example, when I arrive to Bishkek, I use public transport. I go to Bishkek from airport by shuttle bus №380 for 40 soms.

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