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March 2017

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Car accidents. How to cope with the situation?

15/09/16 08:21, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anastasia BENGARD

Traffic accidents continue claiming lives of Kyrgyzstanis. Only two weeks ago, the day of mourning honored the memory of nine killed in Bishkek - Osh road traffic accident. It was the entire family, including two children. It would seem that a terrible car accident had to alert the drivers. But ... the day before, five people, including small children, were killed in another traffic accident on the same road. Another seven were hospitalized.

 Who is to blame and what we have to do to prevent deaths? Respondents of 24.kg news agency answered this question.

 Marat Amankulov, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport, Communications, Architecture and Construction: alt

- Each case should be dealt separately. But in general, of course, the traffic has increased not only in towns but also on trunk routes. There was a large import of cars until recently. The imported transport is old. RHD cars also affect the accident rate. In addition, discipline of drivers also has its effect. There are constructed many roads, and the speed limit increases. First of all we, as MPs, can strengthen the control over the quality of education, which our drivers get, to check the licenses, the work of inspectors on the roads: whether they fulfill their functions, or sit in the bushes and wait for someone to violate the traffic rules to fine him. Particular attention should be paid to passenger transport. We are going to discuss this situation in the near future at a meeting of the committee.

Konstantin Konkin, a resident of Bishkek:

- Traffic accidents happen because everyone got used to violation of the traffic rules. People know: nothing serious will happen, a maximum - they will have to pay a fine of 500 soms and drive on. Plus the irresponsibility of people who drive in any situation, thus creating inconvenience not only for themselves but also for other road users. If everyone followed the rules and tolerate each other, it would be possible to avoid most of the accidents. Often we just hurry up to green traffic light.

Elena Ailchieva, press officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

- Yes, the number of traffic accidents with grave consequences increases. The worst thing - there are children among the dead. Who is guilty? All of them! First of all, drivers who flaunt, taking a large number of passengers and being not responsible for their lives. It is the guilt of the parents, whose children are sitting on their lap and just fly out of the cars. Adults must remember: children must wear a seat belt or sit in a child seat. It is the guilt, of course, of the local governments. Unfortunately, we have no road marking everywhere, but one that there is not always complies with the requirements and standards. It should be reflective. Mechanisms of lanes separation are not present everywhere, especially on highways (Bishkek - Osh, Bishkek - Karakol). Lighting is not everywhere. The route is almost invisible at night.

There is, of course, the guilt of the employees who did not adequately control the parts of the roads. No one justifies them. Internal investigation of each case with a fatal outcome will be carried out in relation to them. In general, probably, it is necessary to admit that road safety has a strategic character. And the problem should be targeted at the state level.

Erlan Atantaev, deputy chief of Issyk-Kul Department of Internal Affairs:


 - The driver who drove into the oncoming lane and failed to comply with speed limits is always guilty of the traffic accidents with fatal outcome. There are, of course, exceptional cases, when there are technical faults in a car. But there are other problems:  lack of traffic signs, the rules are not respected. According to GOST, every route should have traffic strip. In the neighboring country - China - the oncoming and with-flow lanes never cross, there are partitions in the middle. It is practiced only in some places in our country due to lack of finances.

Road in Issyk-Kul region, for example, has been recently repaired. It can also result in deaths: the road is large, and no one observes speed limits. It is necessary to install partitions in the middle. And patrol police officers are not enough for all the districts. Radars can be used only in daylight hours and they can stand in enlightened places. But many of our streets are not lightened.

 - What should be done to prevent more deaths?

 - To install video cameras everywhere, that still has not happened, fine violators. If drivers know that there is a camera somewhere, they will reduce the speed, observe the traffic rules. Traffic rules are observed only in presence of the inspectors, and everybody drives as he wishes for the rest of the time. People are not trained at the appropriate level. Driving licenses are issued as before. We always talk about the fault of the passenger transport drivers. How many minibuses make traffic accidents! And driver, young man at the age of 21 already has D category. Is it possible? At the time of the Soviet Union, a person studied first, then attended probation for a year, and only then went to work. And now, once he received the category, got behind the wheel and earns the money. He drives drunk and pays a fine of 10,000 soms. We have such a system. We need to change it, starting with training.

Gulnara Moldobaeva, member of the Standing Commission of Bishkek City Council on Housing, Energy Complex and Transport:


 - If we talk about the public transport in the capital, it is necessary to mention the minibuses first. Even in 2013, we have issued a decree, according to which one have to completely renovate the fleet of minibuses. They should not be older than five years, in good condition and meet all sanitary and fire regulations. But even today, three years later, nothing has changed. There is sabotage by minibus owners. Minibuses do not even have city registration - they are registered in Naryn, Osh, Jalal-Abad. I believe that this is unacceptable.

Safety inside the minibuses is another problem. Pickpockets simply got pretty brazen. The driver is afraid of defending his passengers, he has no confidence that he would not be beaten up at the final stop. We raised the issue of placing representatives of the security services there. Today, it is easier for the driver to remain silent, when his passengers are offended. But they are our children and mothers. In general, there should be a driving culture. We should work on prevention. Road patrol service officers simply punish, without explaining anything. For example, they should say that the first aid kit is necessary, not because it's absence will be fined, but in case of misfortune. In addition, every driver should pass public transport, would it be a bus, trolley bus or taxi. The car should take up to 4 people, a minibus - a minimum of 10.

 Tilek Otorov, senior inspector of the press service of the Main Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

 - According to statistics, in the first 8 months of 2016 there have been more than 3,000 road accidents in the republic, which killed nearly 600 people and injured about 6,000. Compared with the same period of 2015, there is a decline in the total number of accidents by 16.9 percent, the victims - by 16.6, injured - by 14 percent.

However, there are traffic accidents with grave consequences, as on the 178th kilometer of Bishkek - Osh road where 9 people were killed, and yesterday's incident in which five were killed. Recently there was even a case when a minibus overturned and 11 people were injured. In all these examples, the driver's fault was preliminary proven. They do not observe the speed limit, go into the oncoming lane and so on. There is only one way out: you just need to observe traffic rules. And in general, the situation on the roads improves. In the past three years there is a reduction in accidents. Of course, it is the result of our work, carried out prevention. We also believe that the road users understand that they should abide by the rules.

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