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March 2017

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Why gay parade seems to deputy?

13/06/14 13:43, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Darya PODOLSKAYA

The deputies found another reason to dismiss the government. At this time, the stumbling block became a bill, which is called by modern citizens, anti-gay.

Three deputies - Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev, Ulukbek Kochkorov and Torobai Zulpukarov - decided to fight with representatives of sexual minorities. They developed a bill that would ban same-sex love propaganda. As the authors note, their initiative has one, but a great goal - to protect traditional family, human, moral, and historical values ​​of Kyrgyz society.

"It is proposed to limit the dissemination of information, forming a positive attitude towards nontraditional forms of sexual relations. We intend to prescribe the law on peaceful meetings that the country forbids to hold gay parades and other similar events. But sanctions and prohibitions against homophobia are not provided," Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev noted.

In addition, we plan to amend the Criminal and Administrative Codes, that was determined the liability of legal entities and individuals in case of violations of this anti-gay law.

The document was sent to the committee on law and order and fight against crime. And arrived at the meeting the representatives of the government have criticized the document, saying that it is contrary to the Constitution and violates the rights of citizens. Position of officials has sparked enthusiasm and applause of the civil society activists, but outraged the deputies. The parliament members demanded solidarity from the government clerks in this delicate topic and habitually threatened with resignation to the team of the Prime Minister Dzhoomart Otorbayev.

"Comments on the draft law were signed by the Vice Prime Minister for Security Abdyrakhman Mamataliyev. But I am more than confident that Mamataliyev is crossed up. He really didn't understand under what he signed. When we asked the heads of these sectors apparatus of the Cabinet, who came to the committee, the position of the entire government is reflected in the comments or just Mamataliyev, we were told that the entire government," Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev said.

Mamataliyev himself admitted that at first he didn't understand the essence of the claims. And that homosexuals cause complex feelings and rejection in him, the true horseman Abdyrakhman Mamataliyev. "Yes, I'm against gays," the official said to reporters. But the Vice Prime Minister Mamataliyev despite all antagonisms supports the government's decision, which sent to the deputies its comments. So to say, the feeling of common touch is above all personal animosity towards sexual minorities. "I am against gays. But there is the government's position, and I have to adhere to collegiality," the Vice Prime Minister found it necessary to clarify.

Then he said that he supports deputies too. "I think that they misunderstood me. There are remarks of purely legal nature. You just have to be aligned with proposed by the deputies bill the other regulations. And that's it," the official tried to "hit the ball".

But parliamentarians didn't suit such an explanation. Ata Meken faction member Bakytbek Kalmamatov asked how to deal with the media, which transmit information, for example, with the actions of supporters or representatives of sexual minorities, whether it is possible to classify it as propaganda. Representatives of the executive nodded toward lawyers. Like, it must determine whether such information is propaganda. "You write that nobody forbids the organization of meetings. What kind of position? We must dismiss such Cabinet," Bakytbek Kalmamatov protested too advanced and civilized government.

"Till when will we protect the rights of obscure people?" he angrily said. He was supported by a member of SDPK faction and well-known lawyer Galina Skripkina.

"I can't understand what moral and ethical values ​​guided by the government. Link goes: there is no an article about lesbianism in the Criminal Code. So, if it is not prohibited by law, then let's solve it? This is permissiveness, manifestation of the state of powerlessness. Read Manas epic poem - here's an example of conservation of family ties, values," Galina Skripkina says.

What is the impotence of the state, the deputies didn't explain.

Recall, this is the second attempt of deputies to implement anti-gay law. In February, civil society criticized the authors of the document. Document was withdrawn and explained to sympathetic nervous LGBTs that they did so for technical reasons.

In May initiators made ​​a second attempt. NGOs have raised a wave of protest. Representatives of civil society, as it were in the first time, declared discrimination against persons with different sexual orientation. They spoke of flouting the Constitution.

In its turn, the Human Rights Watch organization (HRW) has accused Kyrgyzstan of deterioration in human rights. In its report, Western experts say that the country violated the rights of sexual minorities. They are forbidden to organize actions and report them to the media, in the West it is regarded as a blow to freedom of speech. And recommend to deputies to withdraw the document.

"The Kyrgyz authorities should immediately stop the recent retreat from human rights, and to take measures to protect freedom of expression, association and assembly, the HRW say. - The human rights situation in Kyrgyzstan will be under scrutiny during the annual human rights dialogue between the EU and the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as under the supervision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), decides whether to grant Kyrgyzstan status of "Partner for Democracy," Human Rights Watch note.

According to it, in recent months, Kyrgyz officials actively use homophobic rhetoric and even went to the introduction of legislation to criminalize the dissemination of information about the LGBT community. "The authorities also didn't take any significant action when activists are harassed and threatened. Kyrgyzstan likes to talk about what is a regional leader in the field of human rights, but recent troubling developments are contrary to the obligations of the Republic in this area," international experts stressed.

There are NGOs that imagined that the deputies' reverence towards Russia, pushing anti-gay law. Recall, the State Duma of the RF adopted similar document and it was signed by the President Vladimir Putin last year. Naturally, such a move by the Russian Federation was critically accepted in a democratic Europe.

It is not clear weather Kyrgyzstan listens to insistent recommendations of pro-Western values guardians. While controversial bill was supported by the relevant committee. It's up to the Chamber and the president who can veto to decide.

However, NGOs have no doubt that the document will be signed, and, again, connect it with the pro-Russian policy of 7th floor of the White House. Local human rights activists see specter of adherents of the Kremlin everywhere.

Interesting is another thing. When the Parliament adopted the law on wrong message, against journalists first of all, but the Parliament tries to convince that it is not like that, human rights activists kept silent. In egalitarian caused no overt questions on the issues of freedom of speech.

Something tells: "indignation" by anti-gay initiatives of deputies' corps is not more than an indicative share. Our NGOs don't give a hang to problems and difficulties of sexual minorities. Nobody they will defend them except them themselves. But human rights activists made some fuss and wrote couple of petitions can count on another batch of grants. And if these so-called anti-gay amendments will enter into force, than number of NGOs can expect not one grant - almost a lifetime. Or, at least, until the abolition of the amendments...

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