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March 2017

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Saving in trifles – economy in big deal

30/10/14 11:20, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anastasia BENGARD

Once I read this message in social networks: "A pack of cigarettes for 50 rubles a day robs you of 18,250 rubles a year. For the money you can go for a week in Prague. I don't smoke, but why am I still not in Prague?!". This observation suggested an idea, why not to try too. In som equivalent, of course, it will be a significant difference. But it's possible to save during a year on something nice, for sure.

Do you save on anything? "I'm trying to save time, money and effort, but don't know how to do it," - Bishkek resident, teacher Marina admits. - No one taught us this. Time management - time management method - the country still doesn't have it. So the situation when the end of the month you borrow money, and you can only regret about the lost time, happens frequently. Savings - is also a skill. And in the absence of the ability - a rare talent."

Many people don't know, but exactly 90 years ago, representatives of savings banks from 29 countries gathered in Milan at the I International Congress. At that meeting, the idea to annually celebrate World Saving Day on October 31 was born. Later it was renamed to the International Saving Day. In 1989, it was formalized by a directive of the United Nations.

The underlying idea was to save the world through the economy and thrift in general and every single person in particular. Dedicate this day, according to its creators, to saving not only in the narrow financial sense, but in the broadest sense of the word: time, energy, nerves, careful attitude to things and other resources.

Someone from the Kyrgyz saves money on the car and the other manages to collect money for a flat. Young family of the Nazarovs for two years was able to save money for a one-room house in the center of Bishkek. "Now even friends ask us for an advice," Svetlana smiling.

"But I just say: it's all individually. Our parents helped us financially, plus the money presented to the wedding. As a result, almost half the required amount immediately appeared. The rest we have collected: each month we saved the whole salary of my husband and a good portion of mine, leaving only 6-8,000 per month. I note that we have salary above average. But again, we lived with my parents and didn't pay for anything, but sometimes bought food," the girl says. - But we saved money on ourselves. Cinema, cafes, travel, clothing - we could afford everything. Also, I saved 2,000 from my salary every month on emergency supply technique in order to be able continuing collecting money for repairs after purchasing an apartment. We got married in September 2011, and in August 2013 bought an apartment. So it is possible to collect money for two years."

And who doesn't have such a caring and wealthy parents? There are cases when mom and dad give daughters in marriage as early as possible, shifting the burden of responsibility on the young son in law. Well, it's good if he is educated, independent and is able to support his family. But there are many cases when people have nothing to feed the children, not saying about collecting money for an apartment. By the way, according to the National Statistics Committee, in 2013 about 37 percent of the population or 2,135,000 people lived on the breadline. Of these, 73.6 percent - the villagers. In extreme poverty lived about 159 million, almost 80 percent of which - the villagers.

 That's really who can learn the ability to save! However, the country periodically calls all to save water, electricity and gas. Population in the south in spring appreciated all the "charms" of life without natural gas. Now officials warn citizens about possible "rolling blackouts," if we are going to include heater in each room on occasion and without. Somewhere in the region people tell outages last for many hours. And you can start even with a small - get in the habit to turn off the light in corridors and toilets (that is where light bulbs burning for days).

"All human life is linked with economy. Any society, enterprise, state is obliged to engage in savings, this is normal. The purpose of life. And not necessarily choose and appoint some dates for it," the doctor of economic sciences, professor Aiylchy Sarybaev believes.

The only thing, perhaps, when people shouldn't save - health. "Fighting against result of the disease is very expensive. Therefore, having healthy lifestyle and physical activity is more advantageous,"the professor Sarybaev encourages. Health, by the way, is almost in last place in the value system of Kyrgyzstanis. The director of "Kyrgyz Alliance of Family Planning" public association Baktygul Bozgorpoeva stated about it recently.

In the first place, as she said, citizens are thinking about purchasing of real estate, gold, clothes... Even "if someone gets sick cow, then the person is ready to go for medicine for a thousand kilometers and bring it to animal. They will spare no money for it, because the cow can be eaten," the media quoted her. At the same time it is not customary for citizens to attend, for example, gynecology and urology for prevention.

...Internet says: idea of International Day of Saving was to ensure that all banks were open and public has the opportunity to transfer their savings to accounts. In Germany, for example, the date is celebrated on the last working day prior to October 31, because it is a weekend in some areas. Many banks and shops time to special promotions, announce discounts and fantastic deals to this day. If you believe the media, even children in schools and kindergartens happy to talk about the economy.

"On this day, children can bring their savings to a bank as a small contribution in the last year and get small gifts as a reward: money boxes, chests, key chains, soft toys, books, and more. Thus, the state rises the young generation in the spirit of economy, and from an early age children learn the basics of correct and favorable money handling. Knowingly in Germany there is a joke: the Germans don't save money, they save. And everyone can learn from them," journalists write.

"Honestly, a couple times I heard about such campaigns of banks in Germany on the radio heard, but not lately. Yes, and before, people, especially children, reluctantly run to financial institutions, - our countryman Vladimir, residing in Germany, says. - The parents or relatives, often godparents, open an account for a child, where they make contributions on a monthly basis. For such an account there are symbolic baby gifts from the bank. But all this is not a gesture of goodwill of bankers, just business."

Whether this day is celebrated in our country? In the Ministry of Economy and the Union of Banks of Kyrgyzstan honestly admitted that they hear about this day for the first time.

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