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March 2017

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 Rally.kg. What Kyrgyzstanis fear of?

10/04/14 09:58, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Darya SYTENKOVA, Darya PODOLSKAYA

The opposition of Kyrgyzstan, headed by the MP Ravshan Zheenbekov, plans to hold a mass rally in Bishkek. They promise, as usual, to bring to the streets thousands of people dissatisfied with Kumtor, government authorities, and someone - just for the company.

It is still unclear, where exactly the protest will take place - Gorky Park or opponents of the authorities and their associates intend to occupy the central square in order to "make the 7th floor hear". However, in the city center some of shops and beauty salons hastily remove their equipment and goods. 24.kg news agency asked its respondents the following question: what do you think about today's opposition rally?

Shamaral Maichiev, the Chairman of the Judges Selection Council of Kyrgyzstan:

- I'm against any rallies. Because we all need to learn to find a compromise. Conditional on all these protests go against Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstan. I understand - some rally against external enemies. But, it turns out that these participants of rallies tell their countrymen that they are different and work poorly. But the same dissatisfaction can be expressed in another way. Not necessarily by gathering on the square.

Tursunbek Akun, the former Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan:

-I'll come for the rally tomorrow, not as a participant, but as a human rights activist. I will control any violations of human rights in order to prevent unauthorized detention and observe the Law "On peaceful gatherings". That is I will monitor.

Zhumakadyr Akeneev, the Honored Economist of Kyrgyz Republic:

-I have a negative attitude to the rally. As an economist, I am aware that such activities adversely affect investment attractiveness of our country, which is already at rock bottom. And all these because of political instability. Even if tomorrow everything will be peaceful and within legal boundaries, what I really hope for, nevertheless photos and video of the protest will be spread in Internet, and all businessmen, who can, and intended to invest in the development of our economy, will just revise plans. Politicians need to understand that if we want to prosper, we must first think about private fund. Business likes stability.

Sergey Ponomarev, president of market trade and services:

-On the one hand, as a citizen I welcome the implementation of the constitutional right of Kyrgyzstan to peaceful assembly. But, on the other hand, as a businessman, I understand that such actions entail economic losses for entrepreneurs. Supply contracts fail, penalties are introduced. Shopping centers lose up to 70 percent of their turnover because of rallies. I would like our politicians to solve all the questions in the parliament, not in the streets. Today's rally will be a kind of indicator of strength of the opposition - how many people they can bring not only in Bishkek, but also in the regions. If there are a lot of people, then the opponents of the government will talk to them more aggressively, if not, the opposition will be open to dialogue. And I would like our politicians to feel their responsibility and entrepreneurs to be more versed in legal terms. If businessmen, suffering losses during rallies, demanded the organizers to compensate them for their losses at court, a number of interested in protests on squares would diminish at once.

Tursunbek Kurenkeev, the President of the Alcohol Producers Association:

-The political instability brings only losses for our industry. But, as a citizen, I am against the opposition rally. Look, because it includes all those who had access to power. We live in a parliamentary country, they were chosen by people, but did nothing at their posts. And now it turns out that they just did not have enough power. We had two revolutions because of severe corruption, and then there were objective reasons. And now there are no such reasons, it is just a struggle for power. Our industrialists are also not happy with all the decisions of the government; it does not solve all questions promptly. We, for example, on behalf of the association offered alternative solutions on many issues. But it does not mean that you need to organize rallies. We must resolve all issues legally. If these people want power, let them go to the polls. We should already have to learn to deal with all political issues in a civilized manner.

Valery Novikov, the director of bread factory:

-For us, producers, any rally - is idle time and losses. Especially scary when they ask to close this or that enterprise. Why these issues can not be resolved within legal framework? At least factory 150 people work in the factory, feed their families. Any instability is reflected immediately, everyone is afraid of losing job. Now, the government must cancel reservation of flour, but this decision may be delayed for 2-3 weeks because of the rally. We cultivate 250 tons of grain in a mill per day. Bread - is such a product that is needed every day, and if the production falls, all citizens will suffer.

Anvar Abdrayev, the President of the Association of Banks of Kyrgyzstan:

- I have very negative attitude towards rallies, because it strongly affects business activity. Any, even just negative information, has influence on banks and investment climate. We plan to hold a large international financial conference with participation of international institutions, leasing companies on May 15. We assure partners that we have a stable situation in the country. Very relevant issues of our economy will be discussed there. These are mobile banking and leasing development. There is a risk that all of our indicators in the banking sector, which began to grow from the beginning of the year, will decline once again. The most vulnerable in the economy is the sphere of trade and services, and there is information that employers started tightening security. And 70 percent of bank loans are accounted for by the industry.

Uluk Kadyrbaev, expert, businessman:

- We as a business are wary of the rally, but if to stand aloof from politics, we do not care about the rallies. At the same time, political stability is important to us. It is necessary all state institutions to work, providing activities of the economy. Business likes peace, but there isn't aggravation. Today we conducted a national alliance of business associations, but no one even thought of the rally. We have neither negative nor positive attitude, but we are for everything to be within the law. We remember the negative experience of 2005 and 2010, so that the opposition and the authorities need to learn to conduct a dialogue.

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