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March 2017

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Bishkek’s Mayor: anything to boast? 

23/04/14 15:29, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anastasia BENGARD

During the election of Bishkek's mayor, Kubanychbek Kulmatov thanked deputies "for rendered credit of trust." He said that he will try not to disappoint people, and promised to present the first results within 90 days.

At that time, on January 15, 2014, at an extraordinary session of Bishkek City Council, being a candidate for mayor, the former envoy of the government in Chui province called the main directions of work, which should be done in the first place. "The first three we can do very fast by instilling discipline. This is lawlessness on the roads. It is necessary to solve problems with the garbage, activity of Tazalyk municipal enterprise. Dispiriting picture is also with lighting. It doesn't require additional funds, just to make employees to perform their duties. At this moment we don't have even two months," Kubanychbek Kulmatov said.

Later, at one of sessions the city deputy remembered to the mayor of the issued credit of trust and warned that it might finish. "If you gave me 90 days, don't constantly reproach me. You can ask me after the expiry," he retorted.

Today we can say that since he was approved by the Central Election Committee for the mayor's post more than 90 days has past. Has the life in the city changed, has the voiced issues been resolved and if there anything current mayor can boast? These questions 24.kg news agency asked respondents.

Mirlan Zheenchoroyev, the deputy of Bishkek City Council:

- Within 90 days the mayor presented his program, which we are discussing now. Estimation will be given after the mayor's report on his activity will be heard.

- What can you say now?

- I can't say anything now because I don't see any radical reforms. I can't give an estimate to the activities that haven't been done. This activity and reforms are promised to be in the presented program. The question on outsourcing is also raised. However, almost all factions criticized the program because except the word "outsourcing" there is no mechanism of realization of voiced information, concrete terms and sources of funding of the program.

Isa Omurkulov, ex-mayor of the capital:

- Can I remain silent? I think it's unethical for me to give an estimate independently on positive or negative it is. Let deputies and citizens to answer.

Gulnisa Aytibayeva, the mother of two children:

- There are no changes in our district; I live in Alamedin-1. We, tenants of the house, installed a slide at the playground themselves. Till authorities do something, the children will get married. The roads which were fixed year ago, are again in potholes. I hoped that the new mayor will change something, but no. Everything is the same; the roads are again prepared to pothole patching. What the city of pothole patching?

Kulmatov came in very good moment - in January, there were several month till the spring. The problem of garbage could be solved. And what did he do? He started from scribbles and bicycle parking. We even don't have special track for cyclists. It is scary to drive a car, not talking about bicycle. Do citizens need this obscure program? The main thing is life in the capital to be comfort and safe. I understand that sometimes people foul themselves, drop litter not into the garbage cans. However, the blame of Tazalyk also can't be deflected away, it works horrible: its workers empty only tanks and don't collect scattered rubbish near them. In the result, dogs and wind scatter wastes through the district.

Aliya Samatova, manager:

- I think with the new authority the situation has even worsened. The garbage in our district (Sverdlovskiy, at the joint with Lebedinovka village) hasn't been collected for two weeks. Even if they empty tanks, scattered rubbish is not collected at all. I'm quarreling with the Vice Prime Minister Popikov for two weeks, he only promises to solve the problem. I think that 100 days for procrastination and salvation of the problem with garbage collection are too much.       

In addition, still there is no promised light. Everyone is talking about abolishing Bishkeksvet, do anything! Illegal construction is continuing. Traffic lights don't work. No order is on the roads of the capital. It was promised to organize a recreation area near Orto-Sai market, at the crossroad of Yunusaliyeva and Suerkulova. But only two benches were put and a huge pavilion of fast food remained standing there.

The only positive moment is the change of the Vice Mayor on Social Issues Aigul Usubakunova.

Oleg Popikov, the Vice Mayor on city improvement:

- As for my work, it is going on. For example, the four companies have replaced street lighting. Two other companies are upcoming. Kievskaya, Toktogul, Moscovskaya, Umetalieva streets are covered. In two days new lamps will be installed on Frunze Street. What concerns Tazalyk, in his program, the mayor made ​​suggestions on the work of the company, now deputies are discussing it. Then a final decision will be made. There are several variants of solving the problem. Some parts of the private entrepreneurs have already started to be given. The first experience is, both positive and negative. The mayor announced the new ideas we should follow them. Who doesn't work, doesn't make mistakes.

Narynbek Moldobayev, the deputy of the parliament:

- My life in the city is the same. However, I see improvements. For example, free municipal parking. Despite loses in budget, Kulmatov took the responsibility. Lawlessness has stopped. Because parking attendant didn't bear responsibility for anything, including security of cars. I think he (mayor) is far from corruption, he is not timeserver, this is the person who came to work. The city is the whole living body, there is irrigation and lighting and cleanness... There are so many issues that can't be solved for 1-2 months. But I think he is trying hard.   

Edil Baisalov, former Deputy Minister of Social Development:

- I think many people positively reacted on the appointment of Kulmatov as a mayor. Almost everyone I know had great expectations. And probably the expectations were overrated and that's why they didn't live up. But he got ready too slowly...

The question is not about the garbage, potholes or something else. We live in the city, moreover, in the capital. However, there is no such feeling. A lot of phrases like "let's return past Frunze" were said. But then we heard another from the mayor: "The city will continue to develop, our aim is not to hinder." I was surprised. That's why I have mixed emotions. I don't want to call it "disappointment", maybe we just expected a lot. But he is not hurrying. The beginning is not splendid. It is definitely. Time will show.

Elena Bayalinova, the resident of the city:

- Honestly, I've expected more active actions from the mayor. We were waiting for Kulmatov with such hope. But I don't see results. And first of I'm dispirited with situation with garbage. No matter the district of Bishkek, overflowing trash cans are everywhere. There is such impression that household wastes are not collected t all. Once referred to the fact that Tazalyk has no money. But this is not problems of the citizens! To be honest, there is no desire even to go for a walk in order not to get upset by the appearance of the capital. The air is full of dust. Also I don't see that seedlings to be actively planted, because spring is in full play, and still a long way to go. Yes, it can be seen that the mayor meets with someone, visits facilities within the city. But everything should be done in parallel. If they write strategy, in parallel with the theoretical work physical one should be implemented. In order we could feel that the city has a host. But today, I don't have such feeling.

If the host came, it must be so since the early days, but not when the program will be approved. And whether it will be approved and will the means to implement it be found. The previous mayors somehow treated with limited resources. In particular, for some reason everyone remembers Nariman Tyuleyev. Indeed, it was felt that the capital has a host. Good or bad - it's not up to me to give an estimate.

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