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March 2017

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Does Bishkek have host?

22/05/14 10:09, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Suiunbek SHAMSHIEV, Ivan MARCHENKO

Many Bishkek residents laid high hopes on the new mayor Kubanychbek Kulmatov. It seemed that experienced official will quickly sort out the situation and handle the seemingly unmanageable city without gloves. But for four months since his appointment, significant changes are not observed.

One of the most pressing problems - illegal construction. Here and there, high-rise buildings, cafes and car washes appear. Parks often get a scolding. City loses its face, its "green lungs" and it seems no one is responsible for it.

Speaking the day before, Kulmatov noted that the project of the detailed planning of parks is made ​only for southern part. For the rest of the parks there is no such document. Their borders are defined by the general plan, but are not approved by documents. Now illegal buildings take place there. "For example, lands in Karagachova grove are captured. However, there is nothing we can do with it. Now we need to consolidate at least the boundaries that we have," he said.

Does Bishkek have a master? With such question journalists of 24.kg news agency addressed to the respondents, believing that without a strong and forceful leadership, ready to go against the system, it is impossible to solve the problems of a growing city.

Kalicha Umuralieyva, the Head of "Nashe Pravo" Social Fund:

- Bishkek doesn't have real host and has never had. Every next mayor is worse than the previous one. At present the mayor doesn't understand the legal framework that regulates the relationship of citizens in the city and how to solve problems of million city. There was an example of more or less economical mayor - Nariman Tyuleyev. But he also did something that harmed the city. Each mayor has made contribution to squandering of the city assests - land lots.

Mavlyan Askarbekov, the Chairman of Erkin El political party:

- Hosts are businessmen, who parasite the city and rob its treasury. But someone, who would fight for Bishkek, take care of it, saying "I grew up here, and I want the citizens live worthy," unfortunately, there is no such person.

We presented specific facts of what exactly the City Council deputies, City Hall officials created and controlled by the corrupt mafia plundering our city. Representatives of many services are involved in steady organized criminal groups. They resolve issues in the favor of their personal interests. There is no such person who would protect from them.

Aidar Mokenov, the President of the Federation of Badminton and Squash:

- Most likely, the city has several hosts, and maybe, each of them want to achieve positive results, but it doesn't work out. For example, I saw for several times that garbage is thrown in containers from trucks. Obviously, this is from some neighboring areas. It is unclear if it is Tazalyk or private owners. As a result, garbage is not taken out of the city, but simply dragged from one place to another. About 2-3 months ago it was done on the sly. Now they don't feel shy, and one can see it in broad daylight. With the roads the situation is much better than it was before. The problem is, with the new construction, parking and sidewalks. Sidewalks problem is not so expensive. It can be solved, but it is important to do it thoughtfully.

Akyl Raimov, the businessman:

- The situation is comparable to property of older alcoholics, when the owner is just indifferent to his house (or lives abroad and not often is at home). Sometimes, richer neighbors give him something out of pity (such as playgrounds in residential districts of Bishkek). It looks like this: "Hey, neighbor! We decided to throw out an old TV, maybe you need it?" And he gladly agrees. And he rents rooms in his house to strangers. Needless to say, that they don't care about the state of the house, and the room in the backyard becomes something between slums and anthill.

Since the house is on a busy road, the fence is always surrounded by traders. Businessmen wind the prices up to 300 percent and always have a profit, giving the owner of the house a penny for a bottle. And those, it seems, doesn't need much...

Mirzat Adzhiyev, the CEO of ErEp Association:

- Unfortunately, no. The city administration doesn't care about the problems of Bishkek properly and thinks rather of their pockets.

Bishkek need handyman who would really understand that it is the capital of the country, its face! A clear plan for the development of urban infrastructure is needed, in order the areas where one can build new facilities, and where not would be determined. Environmental situation is also a serious problem, although no one says about it. Not only the leaders of the city, but also Bishkek residents should be responsible for environmental protection.

Alybek Akunov, the Doctor of Historical Sciences, department chair of Philosophy and Social Researches of Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I.Razzakov:

- The city doesn't have a host. Institutionally, of course, has: the City Council, the City Hall. But when it comes to making decisions - such as the allocation of land, the crucial role play corruption component. The so-called "crime-sponsored cover" plays a big role. As the "top" will say, such decision will be taken. Therefore, the current mayor is annoyed by the fact that the City Council decides, sometimes contrary to the interests of the city.

Talant Sadakbayev, the president of Independent Engineers Association:

- Of course for 100 days of work, the results won't be shown, it's a small time period to ask for something. However, the mayor must clearly indicate the direction of his activities, indicate the main vectors and clearly explain to citizens what exactly he started to do. As for the statement in the media that all matters related to the issuance of land, including the Ataturk Park, the City Hall lawyers lose; I can say that it was necessary first to analyze in detail the causes of failures in court before claiming about its helplessness. It was necessary to find a weak link. In preparing of the documents by lawyers? Maybe, in the court? Maybe somewhere in the corruption component? In short, good analysis of court cases is needed. Indeed, the current mayor didn't work in the city structure until his appointment. He is familiar with the problems of the city are only superficially. To become a real master of the city, one need to review the governance structure of the City Hall, the authority and, most importantly, strong team is needed. There are many nuances and subtleties in the management of the city. To do this, he must surround himself with professionals who will do all the work. The mayor shouldn't go himself and specify the problems to his subordinates. One needs to consult with the public. It can also help in solving many problems.

Zhamin Akimaliyev, the academician, head of Institute of Agriculture: 

- I remember Frunze city - blooming, green, clean and admired by guests. They noted that, despite the lack of high-rise buildings and large-scale structures, the city has its own face. That time people were saying that the host of Frunze was Turdakun Usubaliyev. Before becoming the first secretary of the Communist Party KirgSSR, he led the capital. And as a habit, always paid close attention to the development of the city. That time mayors worked well, and the control was also proper. I remember there was a mayor Oktyabr Mederov. Since he began his work from 6 am and finished at midnight. And now there is no such work and control either. The President, the head of the government doesn't care about the city. But the capital - is head of the state. In Soviet times, the mayor was actually the second person in the state. But that time people worked for many years. Now they quickly follow each other, and there is no one to ask. The city lacks a real host. For example, such as was Yuri Luzhkov in Moscow.

Alfred Andris, the pensioner, former chairman of Territorial Self-Government:

- There is no only one host of the city. Every second, third - the host. Build a house on the house where they want. Generally, the mayor should be handyman. And not just a handyman but innate handyman. For example, the ex-mayor Omurbek Abakirov began his career as simple foreman. He knew where some pipe is laid and what needs to be replaced. Among mayors of recent years Tyuleyev was handyman. But it was uncontrolled. After all, if there was control at that time, he wouldn't be in current situation. When buses were delivered, everything should be checked. But there was no control. So he got a swelled head and began to build trading houses one after the other.

Soyuzbek Saliyev, the deputy of Bishkek City Council:

- The owner of the city - the mayor. That's why he was chosen by the deputies. It doesn't matter if he is able or not, but he is obliged to solve the problems of the capital. But, logically, how? Citizens elect deputies and deputies - the mayor. And he has to solve urban problems. And if he is not solving, it should be find out why is it so. To consider the subjective and objective reasons. And to make fair decision on the basis of analysis of its activities.

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