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March 2017

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How to reconcile family with career?

10/07/14 10:14, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Tatyana KUDRYAVTSEVA, Suiunbek SHAMSHIEV

For children every minute spent with mom and dad is valuable. This is the only thing that can make them truly happy. Crazy rhythm of life with its meetings, deadlines, jobs involving all hands often leaves no time for modern parents to communicate with their children. Adults can be understood: they do their best, work hard in order their child not to need anything and they could fulfill all desires. But they completely forget that time spent together with parents for kids is much more important than the contents of purse.

Summer - the holiday season. We look forward to the day when we can finally leave everything and relax. Available days are the best way to recall parental responsibilities and pay more attention to your favorite offspring. Correspondents of 24.kg news agency asked the politicians, officials and prominent people of Kyrgyzstan, how much time they devote to their children and grandchildren and what was the last time when they were discussing a film or a book together.

Nuripa Mukanova, Secretary General of the Anti-Corruption Business Council:

-People believe in vain that public people have no time for their children. This is absolutely not true. I have three children and two grandchildren. And I always find time to pay attention to them. For example, in the evening after work, I, as an ordinary woman, wife, mother and grandmother, do only household chores. No work. Also Saturday and Sunday are holy days for me. This time I spend with only my family. I forget almost all problems. We often discuss together movies or read books. Not only these things. For example, just this morning, my daughter and I were talking about dangers of smoking for girls. I believe that it is important to devote time to your family and children. We need to educate our child by ourselves, because we gave birth to them. I really want my children and grandchildren to live in a safe country and were confident in the future.

Oleg Popikov, Bishkek Vice Mayor on Public Issues:

- Unfortunately I don't have time to go with children somewhere outside the city or to the cinema. Sometimes I have to work both, on Saturday and Sunday. But discussion of books and movies we discuss with my daughter every evening. For example, she says what was given for homework at school in literature, and then we discuss a given topic together. The last time it was a work of Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace". Together we searched the difference between the book and the film. In general, despite the catastrophic shortage of time, I always try to find time to communicate with children.

Ainuru Altybayeva, the MP:

-Now, during the holidays, I can happily play the role of grandmother. At all I have 5 grandchildren and I'm happy grandmother. Now I'am looking after two children of my daughter. Granddaughter will enter the 5th grade this year, and his grandson - the 1st. The rest younger grandchildren go to kindergarten. Now we look together cartoons, Russian fairy tales. Very well that during the holidays a lot of good TV programs are shown, often even Soviet films, cartoons, which we can really watch and discuss by the whole family.

Daniyar Shabdanov, the Mayor of Kara-Balta town:

-My son is still small, he is only 2 years old. Unfortunately, I can not spend with him as much time as we would like. On weekdays I almost do not see him. When I go to work, he is still asleep and when I come - already asleep. My position is that often I have to stay at work until late. On Saturday I can not always spend time with my family. We usually try to relax together on Sunday, either go to Bishkek, or to village to our parents. I read book to my son too. Yes, and I love to read as well. Recently I am fond of Kyrgyz and historical literature. I think that everyone should know their history and traditions. My knowledge I will enlighten to my son.

Dinara Oshurakhunova, the President of Coalition "For Democracy and Civil Society" Public Association:

-I have two children. Daughter this year enters the university, and my son finished the first grade. Unfortunately, it is impossible to spend a lot of time with them. But I try to devote the time that remains after work. Of course, it is much less than I spend at work. Because I often have to stay at work, to work at home, besides various seminars, business trips. In this regard I have always a sense of guilt that I do not pay for their children enough time. As for discussion of books, it is almost lack of time. What youth is nowadays? They almost don't read. Most often we discuss films or any telephone "troubles." But I always talk with to children. Of course, it does not look so much that I came home from work and began to preach to them morals. But their lives, interests, opinions always worry me. I always want to know how my kids live.

Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev, the MP:

-I am the father of five children and grandfather already. My youngest son this year will go to the third grade. So I try to pay as much attention for communication with children as I can. For example, my granddaughter is now 2.5 years old. I like to talk with her. She often talks about such philosophical things... As for sharing time, we try to spend it with use. In our family reading books - a tradition. I try to make children read more, but not spend time at the computer. Annually I spend about 100,000 soms to buy books. And at the end of the year we even receive small prizes from shop, which we also spend on books. When children go on vacation, as a bonus for good study I buy books. We just go to bookstore, where he can choose any publication at his pleasure. The last time my son and I bought "100 best football players in the world" book. It was in the run-up to the World Football Cup. Then we had a long discussion when every football player became famous. I think that over the summer we will read many books, including me as well. I encourage others to read more.

Chinara Aitbayeva, the President of "Our Century" Public Association:

- I always try to pay attention to my son. He is ten and a half years old. I spend at least 30 percent of my time with him. Now he is on vacation with his grandmother. And when he was at home, about a month ago, we watched and discussed "Infomania" program. And he has "The Big Book of Knowledge" encyclopedia." There are many articles on various topics. He likes to read it and ask questions.      

Soyuzbek Saliev, the Deputy of Bishkek City Council, Ata Meken faction:

- With the onset of the holidays, and generally, I try to pay as much attention to my children as I can. Joint watching movies - our tradition. Now we are going to pasture with children. I want them to be close to nature at an early age, I try to instill in them love of nature, animals, develop respect for the environment.

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