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March 2017

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16/07/14 11:42, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Tatyana KUDRYAVTSEVA

New-old composition of the government counted his first hundred days of work. 24.kg news agency decided to ask its respondents what can the Prime Minister and his team can boast of.

Sergey Masaulov, the Head of the Center for advanced Research:

- I do not see anything special in work of the present government. It makes the work that must do. We should always understand why a particular Cabinet is created. We must always be guided by these criteria, and not of what the Cabinet has made or didn't make. Everything that people list, talking about problems - taxes, water and electricity is simply called - there is no definition of the situation. And then the question arises: to what extent this problem has developed within the work of officials? We also should think about whether the Government has means to solve problems. Only then we have criteria of its work estimation.

If we consider the current composition of the government from this point of view, we can say that they do exactly what we need. I don't see anything negative in its work. Most of the problems that exist in the country - it is passing red flag from government to government. For this it is necessary to set tasks in different way and change the system. But not even the Cabinet, but the state in general, face this problem. And the government, as fireman, comes and does what it faces at the moment. Moreover, it is limited on principle in solving those problems that people discuss. They simply can not afford it. And it is not only about financial matters. There are many reasons: organizational issues, concepts that they need to implement, real strategies, rather than those set out only on paper.

Zhyldyzkan Dzholdoshova, the deputy of Ata-Zhurt parliamentary faction:

-Unfortunately, for a hundred days of work we haven't seen anything done what was expected from it. It could not cope with the tasks that were set before it. The country has serious socio-economic situation, there are problems on the borders, with irrigation water, energy. Coming heating season raises concern. There is a possibility that the cabinet will not be able to solve these problems.

However, there are objective and subjective reasons for poor performance of government. The most important - it is formed by a majority coalition of three factions. As a result, minister submits to faction, which nominated him, not to prime minister. What kind of work effectively in such circumstances can we talk about? In addition, our mentality affects the work of officials. People are appointed to different posts not by their professional skills, but by personal acquaintances. This, of course, adversely affects the work. Previously there was personnel reserve.

Kairat Osmonaliev, the expert:

-I probably would have appreciated the work the current composition of the Cabinet without admiration. In my opinion, they worked satisfactorily for hundred days. The Prime Minister stands out, but there is safety in numbers. MFA as a whole worked well. The rest indicators showed no breakthrough. The same composition of the government is formed in such a way that certain ministers take not their posts. It has a lot of random people. This is especially true of law issues.

Premier - decent man, who visited many countries, tries to change something. He actively promotes the idea of Kyrgyzstan's accession to the Customs Union. And there are failures in other matters. I believe that these are the side affects of the party approach to formation of the government. Everybody knows that there was the bargaining for ministerial portfolios. So we shouldn't expect a breakthrough from the current composition of the Cabinet. On the other hand, there were no major shocks, except for situation in the south and problems on the border. It pleases. Our country needs a new team of creative, professional heads of ministries and departments, who would really change the situation.

Hundred days - a short time for assessment of performance of the government. But I still think that if the Prime Minister had more power, if he was given carte blanche in the appointment of ministers, the situation could be better. However, this fact was absent. We have thriving cult of leader, and in this case, we can not speak about democracy. There are only a few examples, when premiers or chancellors themselves could form a team and ask sternly. For example, Churchill.

Galina Skripkina, deputy from SDPK faction:

- I would not now give any assessment of the government's activity. I believe that one hundred days - too short period for making significant changes. Cabinet work largely depends on the economic situation in the country. A hundred days in the economy - too short period. Significant changes have not yet seen. But it does not mean that the government does not work. Any programs are designed for 3-5 years. That's when this period ends they are implemented, then we can talk about performance of the cabinet.

Kanatbek Murzakhalilov, the expert:

- I can assess activities of the government for one hundred days - satisfactory-plus mark. The Cabinet doesn't have any concrete program of actions. The tasks that have been set for previous composition of the government still not satisfied. Take, for example, the same Kumtor. The cabinet has the task of solving socio-economic problems of society. But it can not cope with it.

Zulfia Marat, the independent expert:

- Of course, there are moments that are remembered in the government's work. But it is unclear how to assess progress. On the last day of the Parliament's work the Cabinet regained the right to set tariffs. That is we have the situation, where the political elite decided to waive his right in favor of the executive. In 2011, the Parliament granted such a right, and in 3 years it voluntarily refused from it. It dumped the responsibility for this decision in favor of the executive. Of course, this is achievement. Now, however, it is unclear how the government will dispose of its right.

The second point, which can be attributed to the achievements of the current composition of the Cabinet of Ministers - adoption of the Roadmap for accession of Kyrgyzstan to the Customs Union. But it is questionable. The CU hasn't accepted us yet, the process is slower than it should be. Thus, the results of the Cabinet's work in this direction is not so obvious. On the third hand, we see gas crisis in the south, and social problems are not resolved. And there aren't any ways for their settlement. The government sees a way out of the situation only in additional borrowing from abroad and grants. Search for independent sources of development that will "raise" the republic, isn't conducted. The Cabinet of Ministers decides some strategic objectives, but it is unclear whether it can solve tactical problems.

Moreover, we can't name the current government's composition as new. Because only the vice-premiers and some ministers were replaced. Most part of the Cabinet works for the third year. In a sense, this composition is the longest-lived. However, the results of their work are absent as well. Someone thinks that there are subjective reasons. But I think that the government, in general, isn't able to solve problems of the society.

Tursunbai Bakir uulu, the deputy from Ar-Namys faction:

- I can't say anything good yet. The holy month of Ramadan is now. We shouldn't talk bad things about anyone. So I will not comment on the outcome of the cabinet's work for hundred days. Otherwise I'll break my fast.

Vladimit Pluzhnik, the lawyer:

-Mark for the Government's work - 3 (satisfactory). We can't put good mark. The Chairman of the Cabinet - another theorist at heart and in practice. We all remember his membership in the government under Akayev, when all were fussing with his "matrix" - theoretical plans. Now the same thing happens. High-sounding words, plans for the future. A more complete inability to negotiate with neighboring countries in terms of economy. There are a lot of examples: water shortage in our country, the issue of electricity supply in winter has not even begun to address. Obviously there won't natural gas in the south. Capital nearly dried up by the drought, because trees weren't watered: there are disputes whether to give water for irrigation to the city. These simple insignificant things, but they are important for each of us. They aren't resolved. I understand that one hundred days isn't a step into a prosperous republic. But we can make a conclusion for this period, the work itself: this cabinet's composition is temporary as well. Soon a new Cabinet with its plans will come. And everywhere there are only plans and plans.

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