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How to become successful?

09/09/14 09:55, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Anara MAMYTOVA

Every year when September comes, a new generation goes to the country's educational institutions. Children and young people dream of becoming literate, educated people, master certain skills and abilities to succeed in the community. The correspondent of 24.kg news agency asked those who had already won the recognition of the contemporaries about what young people should know to become successful. It seems appropriate to acquaint readers with their opinions on International Literacy Day, which is celebrated on September 8.

Svetlana Suslova, poet, translator:

- I think that the main thing for a man - self-education according to interests. In any case, a person from childhood should know what attracts him, and soak in everything. Without it, neither school, nor university will help. I knew since third grade that I wanted to be a poet, writer. That's why I was reading a lot, trying to absorb everything in this area. Some kind of global interest is needed and to add everything that relates to it to one's armoury. The are a lot of knowledge, lots of books, a lot of teachers, which can be found if you want, but the main thing - is a goal. Aim in life, plus self-education.

- What can you advise to the current young generation?

- Interest, love and lust for life. Because now there are a lot of indifferent people. One person looks at life, surprised by its beauty and diversity, and another one is bored, blindfolded with his troubles, about which he is always thinking. One should be opened to the world; it's the only thing I can advise. Lust for life and be aware of your aim. As for success in society... You know, I don't want to have success in any society. Secondly, society can often lag behind those phenomena which in the future are estimated as the salt of life. For example - the same impressionists. They were scolded, but they got ahead of society, despite liking. You just need to know your purpose and aim as precisely as possible and do as much as possible on this path. And the success... - it comes now, or won't come at all. The main thing - to find yourself, to express and to be satisfied with your live. Society can be different. There are those whom I don't shake hands, and the success in such a society sickens me.

If you live by God's laws, one should be true to itself, his dreams and principles. I have a poem "Winter Night", there is an exact answer there.

Eldiyar Kenensarov, "Asia MIX" team captain:

- The question is extensive, and it is very hard to say the one thing. I think in order to succeed, you must have the most important skill that comes on a subconscious level - constant desire, search and acquisition of new experiences, new information. If a person constantly educates himself, he doesn't think how he looks like, what other people think of him. This is a quality of self-sufficient people.

People tend to get a diploma. But many people don't enjoy with their job. For example, I realized that I chose the wrong profession on my third year in university. And some don't see clearly, and are unhappy the whole life.

- And what is your specialty?

- I am an expert on financial risks. Finance and credit.

- Did you graduate from university?

- And quite successfully. I participated in the Olympics on the physics, I also liked the economy. And there were subjects that I frankly didn't like, such as chemistry. Teacher knew that I study well, and I just pulled up me on this subject. I would like to wish the young people learn to concentrate, because in the mind of many people is chaos, and sometimes it's impossible to understand their actions.

Ludmila Zakrzhevskaya, coach, referee of the international class WDSF for Ballroom and Latin Dance:

- I won't discover America if I say that the young people should have basic computer literacy skills, knowledge of foreign languages in order to become successful​​. And the younger generation could skillfully navigate our complex world, had a creative mind and a positive attitude to all life conflicts that occur. It is very difficult for a man focused on his own problems. If you approach everything creatively, then there will be success certainly.

What to wish the young? Not to rest on their oars and constantly improve, move forward, because it is very difficult to keep up with everything that is happening in the world, you need to be at least half a step ahead of your time.

Marat Ibrayev, opera singer:

- General school education is compulsory. Well, then, as it is said - "call of the heart". If a man determines his calling then he will reach the greatest success. But it shouldn't be like this "everyone learned something and somehow little by little". Today's young people don't read books, but books are living source of inspiration for sustainable growth. You can find answers to all your questions in one book.

Alexander Voinov, President of Kickboxing Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic:

- The knowledge that we acquire at school is very important for children. This is the base. But we need to refine ourselves continually, because if we don't do this, we won't become professionals and successful people.

Our youth is informed, but, unfortunately, is not sure in future of the country. I think that we need to teach them to love their homeland, whatever it is, patriotism. It is necessary for young people to understand: these are they who will create the history and future of the republic.

Vyacheslav Shapovalov, poet, translator, literary critic:

- Asking about the skills needed for people getting started in life these days, you can respond in different ways. Someone sees here the ability to organize a private workspace, teach yourself professional and social discipline, responsible attitude, as much as possible to use the information received during the previous studying of and so on. It is traditional for our educators and, by the way, it is just recommendations, one won't manage without them.

However, some strategic considerations in view of the changed and increasingly continue to change society can be added to this advices of tactical content. Me, from the perspective of my experiences (and not only for personal achievement, but also more life omissions!), see several vectors that could determine, or at least adjust the personal development of a young person.

First, since the early days of independent existence one has to be retrained, more precisely, to complete his education. The knowledge gained while studying (school, high school, university...) - is someone else's knowledge. One should immediately add his own - every profession has mass niches that require specific expertise, these skills need to be mastered quickly. Plus you need to pay attention to increasing and expanding of the professional apparatus, and not to live in the past. This process is not easy, but constant, over time is more and more fascinating and much of the developing personality not only "in depth" of professional knowledge and skills, but also towards the formation of varied interests.

Internet, of course, helps, but it is not necessary to parasitize and think: "At any time, I can use the network and find everything". No, you have to get knowledge from the Web or from life constantly and memorize a lot, making your brain to work, otherwise it will atrophy and will be needed only in barbershop...

It is necessary to make this everyday process a habit - a man creates professional provisions which could help him in a variety of complex situations (loss of job, change of environment, and so on).

Second, today the person owning only one language is actually deaf and dumb. This is no exaggeration - and, in particular, the population of our country had enormous advantages than, for example, residents of Russia. Kyrgyz people in a significant number speak Russian at least at the user level, as the optimum -generation of brilliant bilingual and "multicultural" experts developed.

The potential of our multilingual people hasn't lost yet. So, the young man should know many languages​​: native, state, Russian, and English is highly desirable. And, of course, "the language of culture": the rules of the road - this is the language; computer - this is the language; behavior in the professional team - the language; knowledge of native customs and rules - is the language; but also knowledge of foreign customs, strange ethics and observance of the law - it is also the language!

There are many languages​​, and the large number of them a person knows, the more his social and professional worth and value increases. This is the first two skills that are needed when entering into life. There is many more, but every day they become more necessary for a good man!

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