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March 2017

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20/10/14 07:53, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Darya PODOLSKAYA

The deputy Karganbek Samakov, who recently left Ata Meken faction, made ​​a "surprising" initiative - to lift the moratorium on amendments and changes to the Constitution. Recall, a ban on any editing of the Basic Law before 1 September 2020 was adopted in June referendum of 2010.

 The initiator of extraordinary redrawing of the country's main document explains that this limitation was considered and adopted by voting only the Constitutional Council, which wasn't done.

24.kg news agency asked its respondents of whether it's reasonable to lift a moratorium on changes to the Constitution now.

 Asiya Sasykbayeva, Vice Speaker of the Parliament:

- We have repeatedly changed the constitution in favor of a moratorium in favor of President Akayev and Bakiyev. Now, we will cancel the ban for the sake of Karganbek Samakov? We agreed not to touch the Basic Law till 2020. Especially since decent standards are prescribed there, why should we rewrite them? I think that it is quite impractical, we'll see after 2020.

 Omurbek Abdyrakhmanov, deputy:

- Initiative of Karganbek Samakova is more dangerous than the Constitution itself. I also don't like a lot in it. For example, the fact that all security forces, their personnel movement are controlled by the head of state. But it doesn't mean that it should be amended. Society should be prepared to have a relevant political consciousness. First you need to carry out reforms, and then change the Basic Law. The statement of Samakov is not clear; he doesn't say what he wants to improve in the Constitution. Why doesn't he say it?

 Omurbek Tekebayev, the leader of Ata Meken parliamentary faction:

- I repeat: I think the initiative of Karganbek Samakov is not serious. It's just a personal opinion. Yes, everyone in our country has the right to speak on any subject, but it is not enough to make such thoughts aloud for general discussion. The current Constitution is working efficiently, most importantly, that it has mechanisms of peaceful transfer of power and activity of the president, parliament and government. Basic Law should work not only till 2020, but even before the 2050. There is absolutely no need to shred the Constitution and to make some kind of an amendment.

 Myktybek Abdyldaev, member of Ata-Zhurt parliamentary faction:

- The President has made it clear that the Constitution won't be changed till 2020. And the present convocation is unlikely to support an initiative of Karganbek Samakov. But those who will form the new parliament may approve editing of the Basic Law. Constitution - a living and moving body, and it needs to be changed. Especially now, some of its rules are often violated, are not always enforced, are contradictory in its content. Therefore, I believe that the amendments are necessary, and we should be honest with the Basic Law.

 Daniyar Narymbayev, chief of Presidential Administration:

- Karganbek Samakov is not the first who wants to change the Constitution. The chairman of the parliamentary majority coalition Felix Kulov said in early September that it should be amended. As people say, every heart knows its own bitterness. But there are some conclusions in the Parliament, it is not necessary to wait for 2020. We have been living with the new basic law for five years and practice showed some rough edges, not fundamental, of course, but significant. Samakov - also a deputy with enormous experience, and he feels that it is time to change something. There is reason to raise the issue, another thing - when a decision is made. After all, only parliament can pass a law on the need for a referendum, and only a referendum can cancel or approve the amendments to the Constitution, which makes the parliament itself. Process is global.

-Maybe it is much easier, and Samakov's idea - is no more than a maneuver in the upcoming parliamentary elections?

- Well, we are used to feeling negative side in everything. Maybe we should think about the fact that initiatives of individual politicians are directed just for improvement. Let us listen to what Felix Kulov says. Fractions should not be split into pieces and then exist as separate groups. However, there is a large distance between statements and concrete actions.

 Murat Suyunbaev, a parliamentary expert:

- I do not really understand how lifting of the moratorium and amendments to the Constitution could destabilize the situation. I'm more than sure that 99 percent of Kyrgyzstanis have not read the Basic Law. I myself have thoroughly studied it only two months ago. And I must tell you that it is impossible to declare amendments - aspire to author's infallibility. But the Constitution that we have today is far from perfect. I found out at least two blunders in the first sentence, which says - "The Kyrgyz Republic", then "Kyrgyzstan". But these are two completely different concepts. The Kyrgyz Republic - country, which territory can form different states, including Kyrgyzstan. By the way, if literally translate "Kyrgyzstan", we get "the country of the Kyrgyz people." Generally, there are a lot of such blunders, and, of course, they should be removed. And it can be done only through amendments. However, this is not a reason for people to go "line fight".

 Cholpon Dzhakupova, head of Adilet legal clinic:

-I do not see prerequisites for political instability in the event of cancellation of the moratorium or introduction of changes and amendments to the Constitution. But unedited materials in the electoral legislation cause a serious concern. That's where the mechanism for detonation of possible conflicts should be laid. As for the Constitution, you know, I do not see any sense either in moratorium, or in its cancellation. What is the use of rewriting the law, which does not work anyway, for that matter, most of our regulatory acts? And, deputies and officials of the executive branch destabilize the situation by their careless work and disorderliness.

 Osunbek Zhamansariev, representative of the victims in court on April 7:

- The introduction of moratorium until 2020 on amendments and changes to the Constitution is a mere formality. Therefore, it can be removed, but only by universal suffrage, and before it people need to clarify what rules of the Basic Law need to be revised and why. So far, the initiative of Samakov is unfounded, because it is unclear, for the sake of what changes he wants to lift the moratorium.

 Dmitry Orlov, expert:

- Such an initiative of the deputy is very similar to populism in its sense. I remember there was a question before Samakov faced withdrawing from a mandate under the Constitutional Chamber's decision, where only the Lord, as you know, is more powerful than it. Most likely, the deputy decided to leave at least some memory after him in the current parliament. Well, quite possible that it is his "long-run" for elections in 2015. Opportunity to be able to tell voters: "Do you remember, I proposed to change the Constitution? But these deputies rejected it. Vote for me, I will continue to fight." The current Basic Law has a lot of criticism and weak points, and nobody oppose it. If there is agreement not to change it till 2020, so, it should be observed then.

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