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March 2017

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New Kurultai- old problems

New Kurultai- old problems

15/03/16 08:03, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency, by Nurzhamal GANYEVA

Spring exacerbation is already a tradition in Kyrgyzstan. Activation of the population begins, citizens tell about discontent with the power and pressing problems, go to rallies and meetings.

 This year was no an exception. Representatives of the opposition will hold a Kurultai (people's assembly) in March in Osh city. 24.kg news agency asked the respondents: What issues will be discussed at the people's assembly and what can ordinary people expect from it?

Kubatbek Boronov, Minister of Emergency Situations:

-Now the government responds to all complaints of citizens, not as it was before. Another point, if these issues are resolved.

 During Kurultai people will raise the current, pressing issues of concern to citizens, and will send an appeal to the authorities, the government will try to solve them. Often we see that ordinary people are used for crowd during some protests, rallies, thus blackmailing thee power. There are plenty of such cases. People participate in it because of kinship, or the promises of money, some positions.

-Do people in Talas region oppose development of gold deposit also because of the money?

-They should be properly told how it will be developed, that there will be no catastrophic environmental damage. If residents are clearly told, they will understand, though there are those who, even without understanding the essence, oppose it.

In addition, the people now much discuss electricity tariffs, the introduction of mandatory motor vehicle insurance and home insurance. It should be understood that we can not get electricity at the old rates, everything gets expensive, technical base is outdated. The authorities have postponed home insurance, this is the right step, because Kyrgyzstan is not ready yet, but it is necessary.

Adakhan Madumarov, former Speaker of Parliament:

 - I support the goals and objectives of Kurultai. Requirements and appeals of the inhabitants of seven regions are the same, and we support them, as they are reasonable.

There is a complete degradation of power in the country, the professional quality of the executive and legislative branches is lost. Therefore, it is time to appoint people not for political reasons, but for skills and experience of a person. It is necessary to stop the game: "I like you - so you will work, and if not, then you are not needed." Today's Parliament in Kyrgyzstan is almost a one-party, factions have only different names, as people say, the parties-clones.

Taking into account increasing external and internal security threats, many countries improve their defense. However, I have a feeling that our government lives by the principle: "Our mountains are high and the problems will not reach us." One should not make "House of Pioneers" out of the government and carry out experiments, special services (SCNS) should be headed by super-professionals. The same situation is with regional leaders.

- Whether such appointments of people according to the principle "I like you" will not urge the people on the protests, or the people will tolerate it?

  - We have such a set of mind that they will quietly neglect it. Yes, people will be angry, but in their kitchen. And when people meet at feasts and celebrations, they sit and giggle at their heads. Such a situation would lead to a loss of respect for state institutions. A man must have the unshakeable authority to be at the lead.

- Whether should we wait for a "funny" spring after such meetings and whether the Kurultai will not turn into a usual blackmailing of the power?

  - It all depends on how the authorities are prepared to listen. I am aware that some of their representatives say that everything is under control, do not worry. Though, it is very much like the recent past, when in 2010 the high-ranking officials spoke from the tribunes and said the same. We all remember how it has ended.

If before the revolution was made by politicians, now it is different. Excitement is growing from the bottom, it is dangerous, even opposition force is behind the desire of the people. Basic requirements of the citizens are apolitical, they ask to solve social issues: electricity, allowances and so on.

Anara Dautalieva, human rights activist:

  - The people are concerned and worried about higher prices, lack of jobs, increase in electricity tariffs. Promises, which the officials gave, as experience has shown, have not been fulfilled.

What can we expect from the upcoming Kurultai in Osh?

  - Those opposition forces that are going to hold Kurultai and discuss pressing issues do not reflect the aspirations of the people. These are the people who could not get into the power and took the "cushy" posts. I think this is an attempt to intimidate and blackmail the authorities, allegedly, by rallies and protests. However, I would note that at the moment the situation in the country has stabilized, there are, of course, unresolved issues, but there are no prerequisites for a revolution.

Kurultai is national assembly, will of citizens, but in this case, the big question is who holds such a meeting, in what format? Personally, I am still thinking about visiting it.

This is just another demonstration of a large fist to the leaders, allegedly, through the aspirations of the people. I personally support the initial Kurultai idea. This is a way to discuss the pressing issues of the whole population and proposals for their solution. But I do not support it in the form in which it is planned to be held. I think these "gentlemen"- loafers, who are planning to hold Kurultai, have nothing to do, so they try to achieve their power and ambitions through cheap populist slogans and criticism of the authorities. In addition, presidential elections are to take place the next year, they want to see the reaction of the leaders to the demands.

Today, the whole world has come to a dead end, look what's going on in Europe, USA, so we need to think what Kyrgyzstan should do in such a situation, what vector of development at the world's largest arena to choose.

 Osmon Kozhokeldiev activist in Talas region:

 - The main question that worries people is illegal and unfair sale of land in Kyrgyzstan: Uzengu-Kuush, Karkyra, Jerooy.

  - Residents of the region not for the first time hold rallies against development of the field, but there are no results,  what are you going to do next?

  - Even if people come from the USA, we will not give our land, we will stand till the last breath. If officials do not care, let them sale the land plots together with the local population. Will they dare?

Erik Kuykeev, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic:

  - Recently I went to the regions where the majority of the people raised questions of allowances and monetary compensation. In particular, the exclusion of pensions from the aggregate income of the family, in order pension not to be taken into account when setting an allowance. A committee is working on the question now. There are many economic issues: to build bridges, roads, schools, build water supply lines, electricity.

Zulfiya Marat, an expert:

 - According to Article 52 of the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan, one has the right to hold Kurultai. Requirements Osh Kurultai were announced in advance and are known to all. These requirements are in accordance with the Constitution, and they are well founded. These politicians have been in power over the last 25 years, and the people of Kyrgyzstan know the value of their words. The whole system of government, which has been built over the years, "is customized to" systemic corruption. All the laws of the country, including the basic law, have undergone numerous changes and under a corrupt government. Political, economic, ideological system in Kyrgyzstan can not be repaired.

It is necessary to build a completely new state. That is why the People's patriotic unity Attan holds on March 26 in Bishkek People's "Kurultai of purification and renewal of the XXI century", which will discuss ways to implement the plans on building a new state. I believe that the Kurultai should not just discuss the problems in the country, but put the question: "What should we do?" and "How to do it?"

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